Legion Phoenix Review – Is This All-Natural Fat Burner Worth Using?

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By Scot Mills

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Legion Phoenix Review

Legion Phoenix is an all-natural fat burner that curbs appetite and cravings and speeds up your metabolism to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Michael Mathews, or Mike, as he prefers, believes that everyone can have the body of their dreams, and his mission is to allow everyone to achieve such. Though he’s been weightlifting for over a decade, he didn’t know much about what he was doing when he started.

After turning to fitness magazines, expensive trainers, and hundreds of dollars worth of pills for answers and getting no results, he realized he needed to go a new route. For Mathews, this meant turning to science and the physiology of muscle growth and fat loss.

He tossed the magazines, fired his trainers, and said “goodbye” to ineffective supplements in favor of a more simplified and direct approach where he spent less time in the gym, ate the foods he enjoyed, and got results. Now, he wants you to get those same results with his company, Legion Athletics.

Our review today looks at Legion Phoenix, one of Mathews’ stim-free fat burners he claims can help you get the desired results. We’ll examine Legion Phoenix’s ingredient profile, benefits, side effects, and cost. At the end of the review, we’ll rate Legion Phoenix and help you decide if it’s worth it.

Is this fat burner up to the task? Find out in this Legion Phoenix review!

About Legion Phoenix

Legion Phoenix combines B vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, plant compounds, and caffeine (if you want it or none if you don’t) in a formula designed to torch your fat reserves. It’s safe and all-natural and other than caffeine—which, again, you have the option of ordering a caffeine-free version—contains no stimulants. 

Legion Athletics Phoenix

According to Legion Athletics, Legion Phoenix speeds up your metabolism, enhances fat burning, and reduces your appetite and cravings. 

Legion Phoenix Benefits

More Fat Loss

When you work out and limit carbs, you will lose fat. However, to what extent? Many of us go through all the right motions, eating right and exercising, only to find something that seems to limit how much fat we can burn. Though you may have no trouble getting down to the 13% – 10% body fat range, going any lower tends to be challenging. 

Legion Phoenix can energize you and help your body release fat stores more readily to fuel itself while balancing your hormones and increasing your metabolic rate. This, along with your careful eating program, regular (and intense!) exercise, and adequate recovery, can help you get your body fat down to the coveted 5% realm.

And that, my friend, is where you’re looking REALLY ripped, cut, and vascular. 

Legion Phoenix For Fat Burn

Faster Metabolism

With adaptogens and other plant compounds to help lower cortisol levels, boost thermogenesis and pep you up so that you’ve got the zeal to burn the sludge, Legion Phoenix can raise your metabolism through the roof. 

Even better is that this effect continues long after you’ve left the gym—as in, when you’re doing the opposite of being in the gym, which is sitting on the couch. Not only does this mean better fat burn around the clock, but you’ll probably also experience greater mental clarity—something cortisol and other stress hormones get in the way of. 

In other words, using Legion Phoenix can turn you into a lean, mean, thinkin’ machine!

Less Hunger and Cravings

With plant compounds like Caralluma fimbriata (a type of edible cactus) in the formula and stress hormone-lowering adaptogens, Legion Phoenix can make a plate of cookies seem no more appetizing than over-boiled broccoli. 

This is important since no matter how fast your metabolism is if you overeat—and especially if you overeat the wrong kinds of foods—you will pack on the lard. This is especially true of high-glycemic foods, which typically break down too quickly for your body to use immediately, causing it to store the excess energy as fat.

Since cortisol buildup leads to sugar cravings, reducing it with adaptogens like Thai Ginseng is a great place to start, and following up with the other appetite-suppressing ingredients like caffeine, grains of paradise, and Caralluma fimbriata makes ignoring donuts a piece of cake

Legion Phoenix Ingredients

Legion Phoenix contains a variety of ingredients, including Thai Ginseng, 5-HTP, Grains of Paradise, Forskolin, Fucoxanthin, Caralluma Fimbriata, and L-DOPA. There is a caffeinated option with 200mg per serving and a caffeine-free alternative.

what does legion phoenix contain

Caffeine (200 mg per serving)

Though we all know of caffeine’s ability to help you burn more fat via increased energy output (there may be a bit more to it than that, but let’s not get too boring and technical here), it ain’t for everyone. Some of us are sensitive to it and would like to limit it or even avoid it altogether. 

The beautiful thing about Legion Phoenix is that it offers a caffeine-free formula and omits other stimulants that can keep you awake and make you every bit as twitchy as caffeine can. That way, you don’t have to give up your other sources of caffeine to avoid “going over the edge,” and if stimulants are something for you to avoid, no problem! There’s still plenty of clean, natural energy to be generated through improved hormone balance and higher metabolism. 

KaempMax Thai Ginseng (100 mg per serving)

Thai Ginseng improves insulin signaling, helps burn fat, and improves blood flow, sperm production, and mounting time in lab rats, so it’s GOTTA be good stuff. It is, after all, all about mounting time, and the rest is just details!

However, beyond possibly improving your mounting time, Thai Ginseng is effective in doing what adaptogens do: energize you, balance your adrenals, and help ignite the fat-burning furnace.

Plus, since stress hormones and testosterone don’t mix too well, this means your body will likely produce more of the manliest fat-igniting hormones in the absence of cortisol and other stress hormone buildup. 

Grains of Paradise (30 mg per serving)

This is one ingredient that sets Legion Phoenix apart from many other fat burners. While you won’t find Grains of Paradise in Skald, Vintage Burn, or Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries, Legion Phoenix makes sure to include this ingredient due to the health benefits it can provide for your body.

This member of the ginger family is an outstanding culinary spice and is also known to influence receptors in fat cells involved in energy production. By doing this, it increases your metabolic rate so that, yes, you guessed it, you burn more fat.

Light it up!

Forskolin (50 mg per serving)

Okay, stop giggling like school children over what “forskolin” almost says (it’s an ‘o’ and an ‘l’ away!), and focus on what it can do for your physique, which is to make it lean. 

One of the ways it may do this is by boosting your body’s testosterone production, which leaves you feeling energetic, confident, and stiff in the forskolin. 

Fucoxanthin (8 mg per serving)

Speaking of names that are easily mispronounced, fucoxanthin is one that comes to mind. But not only can a slip of the tongue get your mouth washed out with soap should it happen in the presence of the wrong spinster aunt, this seaweed pigment can also help you lose fat. 

It does this by inhibiting glucose storage in fat cells and instead sends it to work, powering your muscles, which is where it should go. So there. 

Caralluma Fimbriata (1,000 mg per serving)

In older times, this cactus was noshed as an appetite suppressant when food was scarce, and it still works today—though more in the interest of turning your attention away from a glut of food rather than its scarcity. 

The bottom line is that it does work and works well. Caralluma also reduces stress hormones, which may have something to do with its effectiveness in curbing cravings. This leaves room for your body to produce more favorable hormones, such as testosterone. 

5-HTP (150 mg per serving)

Just in case losing fat in itself doesn’t make you burst out in giggles and grins, 5-HTP is included in the formula to support your mood via elevated serotonin levels. 

If you didn’t know, serotonin is the stuff that keeps you happy, lets you know that everything is alright, and makes a spring day more sunny and warm. 

L-DOPA (150 mg per serving)

Another hormone connected to your sense of satisfaction is dopamine, which, alongside adrenaline, are hormones L-dopa helps produce. This process is vital for your mental function since these hormones promote mental clarity and focus and help increase your energy output, and burn fat. 

Also, dopamine is known as the “reward chemical” and produces that sense of satisfaction you get when you’ve done well. For example, watching that spare tire melt away with a combination of hard work and Legion Phoenix should put your dopamine levels on “high” and you on cloud 9 with a sense of accomplishment. 

Iodine (240 mcg per serving)

For balanced thyroid hormones, you need a healthy thyroid which requires (amongst other things) the correct amount of iodine. Too much or too little, and you end up looking more like Pillsbury Dough Boy than Brawny the lumberjack. You may be getting less iodine when you’re on a diet due to reduced salt intake; Just as eating less reduces the calories you consume, it also reduces the nutrients you take in. 

Now that we’ve moved on to the higher mathematics of cutting note that an intake of more than 500 mcg of iodine can suppress thyroid activity, and Legion Athletics keeps it down to around half that. 

Nevertheless, you should watch what you’re eating when using Legion Phoenix since we can’t assume that everyone’s diet—and therefore iodine intake–is the same. 

Vitamins B6 (1.7 mg per serving) and B12 (2.4 mcg per serving)

B-complex vitamins play many vital functions in human health, with B6 & B12’s role in energy metabolism being our primary focus. B12 helps produce red blood cells to deliver oxygen to muscles so that you can work out really hard and burn fat. 

And since, much like iodine, you may not get enough while restricting calories and cutting, Legion Athletics adds just enough to give your pee some color without it going full-on neon yellow. 

Or, in other words, you’re whizzing less cash down the drain. 

NO Synthetic Colorings or Dyes

Finally, a bodybuilding supplement that’s truly “all-natural,” including the capsule! This means no artificial petroleum-derived ingredients or red-dye-#-whatever to muddy the gene pool and save the company pennies. 

This scores Legion Athletics’ major points when it comes to credibility—something that’s often sorely lacking in the world of bodybuilding supplements. 

Does Legion Phoenix Have Synephrine?

No, Legion Phoenix is synephrine and stimulant-free. There is a version that includes caffeine if you prefer one with a stimulant.

Does Legion Phoenix Work?

Yes, Legion Phoenix works so long as you do, though, as with any dieting supplement, it misses out on the American dream of being a pill that can be popped for instant results without you lifting a finger. 

However, adding this to your workout and diet routine may be just the thing you need to surpass your cutting goals and get REALLY ripped! 

You healthy animal you. 

Legion Phoenix Fat Burner

Who is Legion Phoenix Best For?

If you do all the right things and still can’t manage to shake that last bit of body fat, this product may be for you. It contains compounds that can accelerate fat burn and make the fat in your cells more readily available for use as fuel. 

Along the way, it can also help balance your hormone output so that you get a healthy supply of naturally produced androgens without cycling, shooting, acne, or shrunken nuts. 

It also gives those not interested in too much caffeine a break from the usual boatload that goes into fat burners. It skips out on other stimulating compounds too, which you are more than welcome to consume along with Legion Phoenix if you prefer. 

For those who prefer relying on their body’s energy production, Legion Phoenix is for you. Whether you’re a gym rat, runner, cyclist, field athlete, or anyone who would like to use their spare tire as fuel, Legion Phoenix can help you light it up, with or without caffeine. 

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Claims vs. Reality

Legion Athletics is a reputable company that likes staying in business, and as such, they only stick to claims that can be verified by science and results. 

Again, these aren’t Popeye pills that work on their own, and the results you see will probably only happen with your balanced diet and hard efforts in the gym or on the playing field. 

Is Legion Phoenix Safe?

Legion Phoenix contains vitamins, plant compounds, and compounds produced naturally in you from amino acids, so there’s little chance that you’ll have side effects. 

Still, this doesn’t guarantee that some won’t be sensitive or allergic to any of Legion Phoenix’s ingredients, in which case there’s the option of taking advantage of one of the most generous guarantees in ANY industry.

If the product doesn’t suit you for any reason within 90 days of purchase, you have the option of simply letting Legion Athletics know, and they’ll return your money, no questions asked. 

Notice we didn’t say you can send it back for a full refund? That’s because you don’t have to send it back, they’ll just refund your money. 

And that, my friends, is as good a guarantee as you’ll find anywhere!

What Are The Side Effects of Legion Phoenix?

Because Legion Phoenix is all-natural and stimulant-free, there are minimal side effects associated with using it. However, you should consult your doctor if you take SSRIs, SNRIs, or other medication that may increase serotonin levels. Excess serotonin intake may cause flushing, shivering, diarrhea, or seizures.

Also, if you take thyroid hormone replacement or thyroid medication, you should get a physician’s consult before using Legion Phoenix.

How Long Can I Take Legion Phoenix For?

A bottle of Legion Phoenix lasts a month, so you can watch out for side effects while taking it and decide afterward if you want to continue.

However, we don’t recommend staying on hormone-boosting medication or ingredients for too long.

Where to Buy Legion Phoenix

Legion Phoenix is available on the official Legion website. Legion Phoenix comes in both caffeinated and non-caffeinated (stim-free) options. With both options, a one-bottle purchase is $44.99. If you subscribe, though, the cost comes down to $34.19 (10% savings).

Right now, you can save an additional 10% by using code “LEGION10” at this link.

legion phoenix where to buy & cost

Legion also offers a 100% money-back guarantee as well as more deals if you choose to stack with some of its other supplements.

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