NO2 Black Review – Can This MRI Performance Supplement Help You Build Muscle?

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NO2 Black Review

MRI—AKA Medical Research Institute–has a team of experts tasked solely with researching sports nutrition. Through careful study and ingredient selection, they “create a line of products that meet their brand’s high standards so they can meet yours.”

This includes their NO2 Black muscle pump supplement. This supplement powder is an all-natural herbal nitric oxide booster designed for stim-free performance. So, you may be wondering, is it really worth the price?

To find out, take a closer look at this nitric oxide booster. We’ll go into detail on NO2 Black’s ingredients, its benefits, its claims, and more. Ready to find out if this is the supplement powder you’ve been searching for? Let’s dive into this No2 Black review!

About NO2 Black

NO2 Black is a nitric oxide booster powder from supplement company MRI. Their product line focuses on quality supplements designed for a variety of needs. In addition to NO2 Black, MRI also produces the well-known pre-workout MRI Black Powder as well as a Hydro Isolate Protein powder and Immuni-V immune support powder.

NO2 Black combines amino acids, plant compounds, and potent antioxidant support, all designed to give you the benefits of extreme nitric oxide (NO2) loading. These include stim-free energy, increased exercise capacity, more endurance, and vascularity like nothing else—shredded ‘n ripped, here you come!

As MRI says, “If it isn’t Black, put it back!”

MRI Performance NO2 Black

NO2 Black Benefits

Helps Build Muscle

When your blood’s NO concentration is amped up, it relaxes and dilates your blood vessels so that your heart doesn’t have to work so hard at getting blood through them. This also makes it easier for more energizing oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to your hard-working muscles, which then allows them to work harder with less perceived exertion. 

That, and more blood pumping through your muscles also means speedier recovery from your intense workout so that you can get back at it again sooner. 

The result?

Big muscles and vascularity to show ‘em off. 

MRI Performance NO2 Black Help Build Muscle

Boosts Stamina & Performance

When your heart delivers more blood to your muscles with less work, you can go longer and harder without it feeling any harder. That’s because NO helps your cardiovascular system run at its most efficient, which means you get a higher lactic threshold—AKA lower perceived exertion—and better performance. 

And remember, this not only works in the gym, but on the playing fields and endurance courses where having a safe, healthy, and LEGAL performance booster can put you ahead of the competition. 

Stim-Free Energy

Let’s face it: even back in the day when ephedra was legal, it only did you so much good. Yes, you’d get that hair-tingling, ultra-intense workout the first few times you used it, though this quickly gave way to the effects of adaptation. This meant using more for the same effect along with sleeping less, constantly having to whiz, and that sense that everything and everyone around you was there with the sole intent of pissing you off. 

And of course, with caffeine now being one of the only legal stims left, and therefore the main ingredient in most fat burners and energizers, all we can say is, who cares?  Nearly all of us drink coffee or tea so that our tolerances are already built up, and just loading on more only makes us feel scattered, irritable, and crappy. At least with ephedra we got a righteous buzz for a few workouts, and you could also use it occasionally—say once per month—so that you could look forward to an exceptional workout from time to time. 

Or better yet, you can avoid all the sleeplessness, irritability, increased tolerance, and pissing like a racehorse that stims bring in favor of the healthy, long-term energy NO provides. 

It’s a pretty easy decision to make once you see the advantages!

NO2 Black Ingredients

NO2 Black’s supplement formula includes a variety of ingredients. Below, we will detail each of the main ingredients found in NO2 Black and the benefits they provide.

MRI Performance NO2 Black Supplement Facts

L-Citrulline 7850 mg

It’s used to help obese asthmatics breathe easier and to help reduce complications in type-2 diabetics, which is something the NO it helps manufacture does. It does this by raising L-arginine levels, which is an amino acid (whoops—L-citrulline is also an amino acid by the way…forgot to start with that) that converts to NO. 

And for you, this means increased exercise capacity, lower blood pressure, and a healthy cardiovascular system. 

Glycerol Powder 1500 mg

Though glycerol won’t boost your body’s NO production, it will increase fluid retention in your muscles for greater pumps—hell yeah!

Arginine Silicate Inositol 1000 mg

Sold under the brand name Nitrosigine®, arginine silicate inositol not only boosts NO production, but also increases mental acuity and focus. 

Hear that? This stuff not only makes you stronger, but smarter too! Remember, you have a MENSA meeting after your workout. 

Ornithine HCI 750 mg

It’s not only a precursor to artery widening, energizing NO production; it also destroys fatigue-causing metabolites while helping detox your system. This allows you to go longer and harder with less fat-promoting inflammation and greater vascularity. 

That, and removing toxins also promotes speedier recovery so that you can get into the gym again sooner and grow your muscles larger. 

Agmatine Sulfate 500 mg

This metabolite of L-arginine not only helps deliver greater pumps through increased NO production, but it also helps protect your nerves, enhances endorphin production, and boosts insulin sensitivity while promoting glucose metabolism. 

S7 N1284 (green coffee extract, green tea extract, turmeric, tart cherry, blueberry, broccoli, kale) 100 mg

The low-dose S7 blend in this formula is a combination of plants that have been clinically shown to boost NO production, and they also act as potent antioxidants in your system. 

This means that along with the increased energy, stamina, and pumps, your risk of obesity, chronic disease, and brain fog are reduced by their antioxidant activity. 

Activated Charcoal 100 mg

The accumulation of toxins in your system not only increases your risk for chronic disease, but also reduces your performance and can get in the way of a speedy recovery. 

But the activated charcoal in this product does what activated charcoal does: it absorbs toxins to rid your body of them, which is why it’s such a valuable addition to this formula. 

Artificial Flavors

Though MRI doesn’t add sugar or artificial coloring, they do seem to think that artificial flavoring is fine. 

We say otherwise—how about a truly clean products MRI?

Does NO2 Black Work?

Ready to take your workouts to the next level in a safe and healthy manner? NO2 Black can help. It’s stim-free, which also means jitter-free, insomnia-free, and adaptation-free for smoother, longer-term energy than any speedy compound can ever deliver. 

It also helps protect your brain’s neurons while detoxing you and reducing inflammation. Along the way, it improves your stress response while increasing your supply of muscle-building androgens.

So yes, in so many ways, NO2 Black works, which is good since they have one of the crappiest return policies in the industry. Frankly, when we see that you can only return an unopened product within 30-days of purchase while being held to all shipping charges and a 20% restocking fee, our shackles go up. 

But, so long as you’re not allergic or sensitive to any of NO2 Black’s ingredients, it should work for you, horrid return policy-or-not. Just make sure before you spend your hard-earned $55 on it. 

NO2 Black For Exercise Performance

Who is NO2 Black Best For?

Though it’s probably best to keep this product out of reach of children, it mostly contains either naturally occurring or essential amino acids along with healthy plant compounds. This means that it’s about as safe as eating your favorite food—assuming your favorite food comes in the artificial flavor of your choice. 

This makes it not only a good product for gym rats, but endurance and field athletes too. 

Claims vs. Reality

Fortunately, MRI doesn’t claim to have a fully clean product or decent return policy, so everything they say has scientific backing. 

This includes the product’s ability to deliver more energizing NO to your system for greater stamina, power, and pumps. 

Is NO2 Black Safe?

Being stim-free also means few—if any—negative side effects. It contains mostly compounds that your body produces or you get in your diet, so that other than the possibility of you being sensitive or allergic to, say, artificial flavoring, you should only experience positive side effects. 

These include more energy, more endurance, less perceived exertion, and PUMPS like you’ve been seeking!

Remember, though, that while most supplement producers in the industry want your business badly enough to offer some VERY generous return policies, MRI makes you pay to return only unopened items, and they only give you 30-days to do so. Keep this in mind before plopping down more than half-a-C-note for this product. 

Where to Buy NO2 Black

NO2 Black is available directly from the official MRI Performance website. At $54.99 for about 2-months’ worth, NO2 Black doesn’t break the bank.

MRI Performance NO2 Black Website


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