Foundation Beauty Elixir Review – Is This Hair La Vie Supplement Effective?

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By Alexis Massie, MS

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Foundation Beauty Elixir Review

One of the downsides to getting older is that collagen production slows. It also slows with UV exposure and pollution, so wear that sunscreen when going to the beach. Even with proper skin protection, though, collagen production will still slow as you age which is why many are turning to supplements to help.

One such supplement is Foundation Beauty Elixir. This elixir is made up of Foundations BeautyKer Blend that uses a unique combination of beauty promoting collagen, keratin, and prebiotics. These all work together with some plant-based superfoods to provide beauty and wellness from the inside out. Now, what do they mean when they say providing beauty from the inside out? And, more importantly, is this elixir worth the price? We’ll discuss those questions and more in this Foundation Beauty Elixir review. Ready? Let’s get started!

Foundation Collagen Elixir

Foundation Beauty Elixir Benefits

Supports Skin, Hair, and Whole-Body Wellness

Through vitamin C, amino acids, and the proprietary blend, this elixir helps to promote smoother and brighter skin. This product states that it can speed up hair growth with the help of hydrolyzed keratin. When they say it supports whole-body wellness, they mean wellness from the inside out. To break it down even further, they are focusing on the prebiotics that are included in the elixir to help fight that bad bacterium to make sure your insides are top-notch so that it also shows in your skin as well. The video on the website goes over the elixir a little more and is a good refresher of the elixir.  

Foundation Collagen Elixir - Support Whole-Body Wellness

Fuels the Body and Biome with Superfoods

This elixir contains several superfoods that help to fuel the body. One of these so-called superfoods can be found in the form of the amino acids that are included. These amino acids have many different effects on the body, but for this review, we will be focusing on the effects they have on the skin. The other superfood is the spirulina that is included in the “other ingredient” category. As we all know, vitamin C is a superfood. Vitamin C has been proven to have many benefits for the body, and skin health is at the top of that list. Acacia gum also can be considered a superfood due to its antioxidant properties. Since they emphasize ginger on the site, that was added as well. 

Now that we know what this elixir has to offer, we can look at how it plans to make one look young and fabulous. 

Foundation Beauty Elixir Ingredients

Foundation Beauty Elixr’s formula contains a BeautyKer Proprietary Blend as well as Keratin, Oligosaccharides (prebiotics), Acacia Gum, Vitamin C, an Amino Acid Blend, Spirulina, and Ginger. Below, we will take a more thorough look at what each of these ingredients provides.

Foundation Collagen Elixir - Ingredients

BeautyKer Proprietary Blend

This proprietary blend consists of two different collagens, hydrolyzed keratin, fructooligosaccharides, xylooligosaccharides, and acacia gum. The collagens that are included are bovine type I and III collagen, and natural marine type I collagen. Below is the breakdown between the different types of collagens. 

Collagen can provide a wide variety of benefits, from hair growth to gut health and beyond. Type I collagen minimizes those fine lines and wrinkles, improves hydration, and helps with maintaining that skin elasticity. Type II collagen makes up the protein in cartilage, connective tissue on your bones and joints, spinal disks, and eyes. Type III collagen is used with type I collagen to heal the gut and improve elasticity in skin and hydration. 

Bovine type I and III collagen is from, you guessed it, cows. It has been known to improve skin health. If you want to know just a little about how it is made, click here. Let me know if you look at gelatin in a whole new light afterward. Collagen in your skin is made up of mostly types I and III collagen, which is what bovine collagen increases, and can be useful in reducing wrinkles, promoting elasticity, and increasing moisture. In a study on mice who were given a bovine collagen peptide supplement showed that it improves skin health by changing skin collagen quantity and quality. 

The marine collagen type I collagen blend is like the bovine collagen, except it comes from marine animals and increases types I and II collagen. One of the negatives about marine collagen is that you don’t know what one you’re going to get. It’s like putting a quarter in a gumball machine and seeing what color comes out, it’s a surprise. Even though the source of collagen is a mystery, marine collagen is easily absorbed by the body, more so than the bovine collagen. Another benefit is that after marine collagen is consumed, proline and hydroxyproline, needed for collagen formation, are found in the bloodstream. 

Hydrolyzed Keratin

Keratins are a type of protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails. Most keratin supplements are made from keratin extracted from the hooves, feathers, or wool of animals. These proteins make hair smoother, shinier, increase hair growth, and increase nail growth. When we age, keratin production is decreased, making your hair susceptible to breakage, and dryness. Nails also experience the negative effects of decreased keratin as we age. A lack of keratin makes your nails brittle, cracked, and even discolored. Skin can also become dry and cracked with a lack of keratin. 


Oligosaccharides, like those found in this elixir, are prebiotics! They are non-digestible dietary fibers that promote the growth of healthy live bacteria in the colon. The healthy live bacteria are probiotics and, together with the prebiotics, help to inhibit the growth of that harmful bacteria. They protect us from the bad bacteria by producing short-chain fatty acids and metabolites. By maintaining a healthy gut, it helps to maintain the health of the body overall, providing whole-body wellness (see how they add that benefit in there?)

Acacia Gum 

Acacia gum can be used for wound healing due to its chemical make-up. One of the things it contains is flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties. A study in rats showed that a treatment of acacia led to quicker wound healing, possibly because of the increase in collagen synthesis. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a vitamin that impacts the skin in numerous ways. Healthy skin has increased levels of vitamin C and aids in collagen production. As mentioned before, collagen production slows as we age, and vitamin C being the super vitamin that it is, can help the body make that collagen to maintain the integrity of the skin. How does vitamin C do this? One of the ways is by being a cofactor for proline and lysine hydroxylases, which aid in collagen structure.

In a systemic review of 7 studies, they showed that vitamin C increases collagen synthesis and reduces oxidative stress, or damage to the skin cells. Another way that vitamin C aids in skin health is through fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells that are responsible for collagen formation. Other studies have shown that vitamin C can stimulate these fibroblasts to increase the levels of collagen in the skin. Elastin is what keeps the skin smooth, and firm. Vitamin C has been shown to stimulate elastin so your skin can have that youthful look. 

Vitamin C also acts as an antioxidant, which is why it is included in the superfood category for this elixir! As mentioned before, vitamin C helps to reduce oxidative stress. This oxidative stress can come from environmental factors such as pollutants, and UV exposure (wear that sunscreen!). Once the skin is damaged through these environmental factors, vitamin C is decreased in the skin. The dietary intervention of vitamin C has been shown, in a systemic review of numerous studies, to improve skin color, roughness, wrinkles, and elasticity. Even though vitamin C is a powerhouse, the most beneficial skin improvements are seen when it is combined with another antioxidant, vitamin E. This was shown in a double-blind study of a 90-day supplementation of both vitamin C and E. 

Wrinkles. Just another one of nature’s ways of telling us we are not getting any younger. Lucky for us, vitamin C can help to protect us from those pesky things. This is also done through the production of collagen synthesis. There is a catch, (yes, there is always a catch); there have not been many studies that continuously prove this theory. The ones that have proven this, such as a study on smokers and non-smokers, only showed improvement in the smoker group. Why? Healthy skin already has adequate amounts of vitamin C, so when you supplement with vitamin C, the skin is not going to absorb as much as unhealthy skin.

Vitamin C is found in a variety of foods, as well as supplements such as Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, and topical creams. No known serious side effects have been related to very high intakes. Scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C and can cause impaired wound healing and skin instability. This could explain why the pirates had wounds that lasted for days or months, and their skin not looking as healthy when out at sea. We are talking real pirates and not Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Protein (Amino Acid Blend)

When people think about an amino acid blend, they tend to gravitate more towards muscle, and bodybuilding. Well, not this time. Amino acids are building blocks for peptides and proteins that can be made within the body or found in many food sources. As we age, the levels of amino acids decrease in the body, which effects our ability to regenerate skin cells effectively. All amino acids play a role in maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin. One of the ways they do this is through the activation of collagen synthesis and their antioxidant properties. 

Alanine, serine, and threonine are all-natural moisturizing factors. Arginine helps to restore skin damage by speeding up the healing of damaged skin cells and wounds. When applied to frostbitten skin, it has been shown to prevent tissue loss. Arginine also helps to improve skin elasticity. Aspartic acid and glutamine are involved in rebuilding skin cells. Glutamine also prevents tissue breakdown and is the precursor for other amino acids like arginine and glutathione. Histidine is an important one for UV protection and protects against infections.

Leucine works with amino acids glycine and proline to improve those wrinkles and fine lines. Isoleucine is needed for repairing tissue. Lysine also firms up that skin to make it look more youthful, hydrates the skin, and strengthens its surface. Methionine is needed to protect the skin against those harmful substances. As you can see, each amino acid provides benefits for the skin, but they work better with each other than individually. 


Spirulina is considered a superfood because of the amounts of potential nutritional and health benefits that it offers. It is also what gives this supplement its blue color due to the phycocyanin. Spirulina works as an immune booster and assists with gut health. It can increase antibody production and infection-fighting proteins. Animal studies have shown that spirulina can support gut health as they age. A study on mice showed that spirulina could preserve healthy gut bacteria during aging and another study on dogs showed a significant increase in gut microbiota stability in the dogs that consumed the spirulina. 


This ingredient is all the way down in the “other ingredient” category, but the website puts emphasis on it that it is a superfood that can increase collagen production, help protect against environmental factors, and rejuvenate the skin. Ginger contains antioxidants that can increase collagen production and protect skin from free radical damage. It helps to fight signs of aging through the increased collagen production that is lost as we age and improves skin elasticity. 

Does Foundation Beauty Elixir Work?

This elixir has great potential. There is a lot of data that backs up the functions of vitamins, and amino acids, and the ones included in this elixir have the potential for great skin benefits. Keep in mind that most studies have been done on animals, and more research is needed on humans. They break down the effects that you will see in your skin and hair from months 1 to 4. 

This product claims that your skin, hair, and body will be looking more youthful in 1- 4 months. The first month they say your skin starts to look “plumper,” and your hair will be shinier and have bounce. Now, I am not sure how this will work for everyone in four weeks. I guess it would depend on what an individual’s perception of “plump” is and if they think their hair bounces. Month two basically says that your hair will start falling out because your hair is lengthening. I am not sure about you, but my hair falls out for what seems to me, all the time, and I am not taking any collagen elixirs. 

Month three states that those wrinkle lines will start disappearing, and there will be healthy hair growth and hydration. This would be hard to measure out with how hydrated your hair is, but you would be able to see if those fine lines and wrinkles are starting to disappear. Month four is basically the month where all the above benefits continue, and you will be glowing! If you notice these things, then this product is doing what it should do. 

Foundation Collagen Elixir - healthy hair growth and hydration

Who is Foundation Beauty Elixir best for?

Foundation Beauty Elixir is for anyone who would like to jump-start their skincare routine or those that are beginning to see the effects of aging or damage from UV rays or other air pollutants. If one is pregnant or breastfeeding, it would be advisable to consult your doctor just to make sure it is okay. Also, those that have a fish allergy should not consume this product or those who follow a vegan lifestyle. 

Claims vs. Reality

As mentioned above, they do make claims on when an individual should start seeing improvements with Foundation. Beauty Elixir. They say that you will start seeing effects as early as one month. In a randomized, placebo-controlled study on individuals taking a collagen supplement, it took roughly 12 weeks for the skin to become more hydrated and improve elasticity. As far as hair goes, there has not been enough research to confirm a set time frame on hair improvements. The research is there to support the ingredients and what they do. When you start seeing the results may not be as accurate as what they state, but some change is possible. 

Foundation Collagen Elixir - Secret to Clear Skin

Is Foundation Beauty Elixir Safe?

This elixir is generally safe. Most of the ingredients are recognized as safe by the FDA. However, spirulina is not regulated by the FDA but has been seen as well tolerated with no significant side effects. There could be potential side effects if allergic to fish/seafood. Also, we are not sure what the source of marine collagen is used, so if you don’t mind if it is from a shark or jellyfish, I’d say give it a try!

Where to Buy Foundation Beauty Elixir

Foundation Beauty Elixir can be purchased directly from the official Hair La Vie website here. They currently offer free shipping on all orders as well as a variety of sizes, pricing options, and savings which we will detail below.

Foundation Beauty Elixir One-Time Purchase Pricing:

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In addition to their one-time purchase options, Hair La Vie also offers a subscribe and save option for ordering Foundation Beauty Elixir. We will list the subscribe and save pricing below.

Foundation Beauty Elixir Subscribe & Save Pricing:

With the subscription, you also get free shipping, out-of-stock protection, and you can cancel or pause at any time. Keep in mind that this product does state it takes about 4 months to fully work, so they suggest that you order at least four bags. 

Hair La Vie Foundation Collagen Elixir Website

FAQ: Foundation Beauty Elixir Review

Is Foundation Beauty Elixir made in the USA? 

Yes, Foundation Beauty Elixir is made in the USA.

Does Foundation Beauty Elixir contain any hidden sugars?

No, Foundation Beauty Elixir does not contain any added sugars, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Is Foundation Beauty Elixir tasteless?

The Foundation Beauty Elixir powder is flavored with honeydew, so it has a naturally sweet flavor. 

Do I have to put Foundation Beauty Elixir in water? 

No, Foundation Beauty Elixir can be added to water, other beverages, and even smoothies. It is a very versatile powder. 

Can I stop using Foundation Beauty Elixir if I see the results I want?

It is recommended that you continue using Foundation Beauty Elixir as daily maintenance, so your skin continues to be healthy. 

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