JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Review – Is It Worth The Purchase?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Review

If you’ve ever wandered down the supplement section of your local supermarket, you’ll notice there’s a supplement for just about everything. While it’s great to have options, this can be very overwhelming, especially if you are looking for a combination of things. 

Because of this, many have started reaching for combination powders such as JUCE SG7 Sport Greens which includes greens, protein, fiber, antioxidants, mushrooms, adaptogens, and probiotics all in one powdered supplement. But is this supplement as well-rounded as it claims?

Read our complete JUCE SG7 Sport Greens review to learn everything you need to know about this supplement!

About JUCE SG7 Sport Greens

Terra Kai Organics reports their mission is all about inspiring and empowering families and individuals to make healthier food choices. They claim to be passionate about organic, plant-based nutrition, and making it simple and affordable for healthier generations.

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens

Terra Kai Organics JUCE SG7 Sport Greens is an all-in-one greens supplement with 7 essential organic ingredients, proven to fuel performance and accelerate recovery. Their powder contains greens, protein, fiber, antioxidants, mushrooms, adaptogens, and probiotics and is USDA Certified Organic, vegan, and non-GMO. This product is free of caffeine, soy, gluten, and dairy as well as added sugars. It comes in a mixed berry flavor and can easily be mixed into foods or beverages.

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Benefits

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens provides 7 essential organic ingredients, proven to fuel performance and accelerate recovery. 

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Benefits

Their product contains multiple proprietary blends including an organic superfood blend, an organic amino-rich veggie blend, an organic nutrient-dense prebiotic and digestive blend, and an organic immune antioxidant and mushroom blend. 

Terra Kai Organics claims JUCE SG7 Sport Greens proprietary blends aid in providing energy, cellular repair, mental recovery, immune support, digestive support, and gut health made with the healthiest ingredients on the planet.

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Ingredients

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens contains 4 proprietary blends plus probiotics in their supplement: an organic superfood blend, an organic amino-rich veggie blend, an organic nutrient-dense prebiotic and digestive blend, and an organic immune antioxidant and mushroom blend. 

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Supplement Facts

Organic Superfood Blend

JUCE SG7 Sport Green contains a superfood blend of a variety of ingredients including spirulina, wheatgrass, apple, pineapple, chlorella, barley grass, alfalfa leaf, carrot, broccoli, and rosemary leaf. These ingredients, like many others in this product, were freeze-dried into a concentrated powder. 

Because of the wide range of nutrient-rich ingredients, this blend likely provides a good dose of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients however, because it is a proprietary blend, the amount of each ingredient is not listed. 

Their website claims this blend helps to provide energy, detox, and cleansing properties. While these ingredients are wholesome in their whole form, as a supplement there is limited research to support the use of this blend of ingredients to provide those benefits. If this ingredient list contained items like green tea extract, the energy claims may be justified however, there is no research available to support any improvement in energy, detox, or cleansing properties from these foods alone or mixed. 

Organic Amino-Rich Veggie Blend

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens supplement amino-rich veggie blend includes pea protein isolate for protein along with spinach leaf, Laminaria kelp, and black bean. 

Pea protein isolate is a great, low-allergen vegan protein option for active individuals that is closely comparable to whey protein. Both contain all essential amino acids and have been associated with improvements in both muscle growth and exercise recovery. 

As far as the other ingredients in this blend, they do contain some essential amino acids and the combination may help to boost the protein content slightly but aside from that there is no evidence that this is a necessary or helpful additive along with pea protein.

Organic Nutrient Dense Prebiotic and Digestive Blend

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens powder contains a prebiotic digestive blend that provides ingredients such as Jerusalem artichoke root, blue agave, inulin, and more. These ingredients are rich in prebiotics which research has found can help to contribute to a flourishing microbiome by providing a food source to the microbes in our gastrointestinal tract.

Prebiotics are also fibers that help to contribute to gut regularity and avoid common gastrointestinal challenges such as constipation, bloating, and gas. These prebiotics combined with probiotics do support gut health in multiple ways. However, again these ingredients are included in a proprietary blend that does not list the exact dosages of each ingredient so it’s tough to determine if it contains a good source of these to inflict any significant benefit.

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens does include 500 million colony-forming units (CFUs) of probiotics to complement their prebiotic blend. While this is a good dose, it is recommended to get probiotics with CFUs closer to the billions to get maximum benefits from them in supplement form. 

Organic Immune Antioxidant and Mushroom Blend

Lastly, JUCE SG7 Sport Greens contains an immune antioxidant blend that includes adaptogenic mushrooms such as Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane. While these ingredients are claimed to provide mental recovery and immune support, this may only be partly true.

Several small research studies support the health benefits of specific adaptogens such as those provided in this product, particularly on stress. Some studies also support that mushrooms may help with modulating our immune system. While the research on this is promising, it is still limited, and further studies are warranted. Additionally, there are no studies available on mixtures of adaptogenic mushrooms and how they may interact with each other as well as other ingredients within the product.

Does JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Work?

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens likely provides some benefits mentioned however, as with any supplement individual results will vary. There are many nutrient-dense, wholesome ingredients in this green supplement along with a good dose of protein and fiber to support exercise recovery, muscle growth, and gut health. While some may find it helps to contribute to higher energy levels, the research on this is low and may be partially inflicted by the placebo effect. All in all, this product does provide some useful benefits for many.

Who is JUCE SG7 Best For?

Because this is a combination supplement that includes additional herbal ingredients, such as adaptogens, this product works best for healthy adults who may be looking to help fill in nutritional gaps and increase their protein and fiber intake. 

This product is not suitable for pregnant or nursing women or children. Always speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before taking a supplement such as JUCE SG7 Sport Greens, especially if you are taking any medications for a chronic condition as some of the ingredients in this product may cause medication interactions or affect current conditions.

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Supplement

Claims vs. Reality

Based on the ingredients listed and the subsequent research available, this product does provide some benefits towards health that they claimed including improving exercise recovery and providing support for gut health. 

While the other claims may have small research studies to back them up, overall, they are limited in their research and their claims cannot be fully backed by science. This product also contains a mixture of herbal ingredients which further limits research as there are no studies that investigate the effects of taking this combination of ingredients.

Is JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Safe?

The ingredients in JUCE SG7 Sport Greens are generally considered safe for most of the population. Some ingredients, such as the adaptogenic mushrooms may have interactions for some, including allergic reactions, dizziness, headache, or upset stomach. Additionally, these may interact with certain medications. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking a supplement such as this one.

Where to Buy JUCE SG7 Sport Greens

You can purchase JUCE SG7 Sport Greens directly from their website

JUCE SG7 Sport Greens Website

A 30-serving container of JUCE SG7 Sport Greens costs $49.99 however, you can subscribe to save 10% on your order. You can also find this product at select online retailers such as, priced at $44.96.

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