Anadrox Pump & Burn Review – Can This MHP Strong Pre-Workout Help Burn Fat?

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By Scot Mills

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Anadrox Pump and Burn Review

As their name implies, MHP Strong helps you Maximize Human Performance and has been doing so for over 20-years now. They know what it takes to drive athletic results from lab to playing field and have done so for everyone, from the pros to weekend warriors. 

So, is MHP Strong’s pre-workout supplement, Anadrox Pump & Burn, worth buying? Let’s take a closer look at this pre-workout formula, which they say will boost your nitric oxide and metabolism to turn you into a fat-burning inferno.

We’ll discuss this pre-workout’s ingredients, benefits, and whether or not it’s truly worth the purchase in this Anadrox Pump & Burn review! 

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About Anadrox Pump & Burn 

Anadrox Pump & Burn combines amino acids, plant compounds, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, stimulants, and more caffeine and stimulants into an artificially flavored pre-workout formula (get the Wild Cherry Fireblast flavor with the red dye #40 and REALLY light it up!) meant to get you pumped and vascular. It uses compounds known to boost nitric oxide so that your vessels relax, your endurance goes up, and you get PUMPED! 

It also revs you up for the gym to light up the fat with its thermogenic blend, and vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are also there to keep you healthy, replenished, and free of oxidative stress. 

Pump & Burn Supplement

Anadrox Pump & Burn Benefits

Ignites Fat

Not only do the heaps of stimulants in this product give you the energy of a squirrel, but it also contains compounds that help release fat and heat your body up to burn it. This is the thermogenic boost that helps you burn away the donuts even while at rest. The increased nitric oxide levels will also give you an increased exercise capacity so that between it and all the caffeine, etc., resting is the last thing you’ll even think of. 

Pump & Burn Benefits Weight Loss

Enhances Energy

Why stop at enough caffeine to make an elephant bounce? Pump & Burn starts there and then adds norepinephrine (you may know it better as “adrenaline”) along with bitter orange and all its scalp-tingling similarities to the now-banned ephedra (sorry, the FDA found out it got people wired…).

Add in the natural uppity-ness of the amino acid phenylalanine, and you’ve got energy-on-top-of-energy to light up the gym, leaving a trail of abused, smoking equipment in your wake. 

Turns up the Nitric Oxide

When your blood vessels are relaxed, dilated, and elastic, your heart can more efficiently deliver the goods to hard-working muscles so they can work even harder— ‘the goods’ being the oxygen and nutrients they burn during an intense workout. 

With its variety of amino acids and plant compounds specifically designed to boost blood levels of nitric oxide (NO), Pump & Burn also lives up to its name by delivering another benefit of these boosted levels: big pumps!

That, and being a vasodilator that lowers blood pressure, counters all the stimulants in the product to keep your blood pressure down under the stratosphere. 

Anadrox Pump & Burn Ingredients

Anadrox Pump & Burn includes a wide variety of ingredients. We’ll go over each of these using three categories: The Pump, The Burn, and The Rest.

Pump & Burn Supplement Facts

The Pump 2028 mg

With its hearty dose of L-arginine, L-citrulline malate, NAC, NADH, and banaba leaf extract all working together to keep your blood nitric levels sky high and your blood sugar low; you’ll have the stamina and vascularity to get you PUMPED! 

This not only gives you the relaxed capillaries that allow your heart to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, but it also turns up the fat burn by reducing the available sugar energy in your bloodstream. 

Ready to have the stamina of an ox and the energy of a hummingbird? Pump & Burn may be right for you. 

The Burn 930 mg

Speaking of the energy of a hummingbird, MPH Strong adds a boatload of caffeine to go along with norepinephrine, bitter orange extract containing 6% synephrine, phenylalanine, and possibly other uppity-ness lost in all the fine print that is this product’s ingredients. It includes caffeine from guarana, green tea, and green coffee, and adds up to around 250 mg of the world’s most popular stimulant. 

This helps you not only have the energy to churn away like the Tasmanian Devil, but it also comes in handy if you’ve been having trouble staying awake at night. It does this by not only acting as the ceiling-tile-counting stimulants they are, but by causing you to get up and piss like a weasel every hour-or-so even when you can sleep. 

But along with the NO boosting ingredients of this product, the energy of The Burn blend will deliver the kind of workout you get absolutely LOST in until it’s time to look up and find that you’ve left it all on the gym floor. 

And just to sweeten the deal, Pump & Strong allows you to fuel the effort with a tire fire—as in, the spare one around your middle. 

The Rest

MHP Strong also adds some potent antioxidants, including turmeric extract and quercetin, and some electrolytes to the mix. This sets Anadrox Pump & Burn apart from many other pre-workouts; you won’t find turmeric extract and quercetin in Ignite Pre-Workout, Pre Lab Pro, or Gorilla Mode.

These antioxidants and electrolytes help reduce exercise-induced (and other) oxidative stress so that you can recover faster while replacing vital minerals lost during your sweat session. 

This, along with the increased NO levels delivered by Pump & Burn, means you can get back in the gym sooner for more gains, and you’ll certainly have the energy to do it thanks to the product’s stimulant mix.   

Plus, you’ll have less risk of cramping due to low electrolytes so that you can concentrate on what you need to concentrate on: working out like a fiend. 

Does Anadrox Pump & Burn Work?

Are your workouts lacking vitality? Feeling in the doldrums like you just want to get each workout over with like it’s just a task to complete? MHP Strong can not only help relight the fires within you; it can fuel them with fat. 

The energizing compounds in the product not only get you burning more fat through harder workouts, but other compounds help your body release more fat to burn as well. This leaves you a lean, mean, fat-burning machine that hasn’t slept in a week. 

Who is Anadrox Pump & Burn Best For?

If you have a tolerance for stimulants, fat to lose, and don’t mind a little FD&C Red #40 in your “natural” product, Pump & Burn is for you. It contains energizing compounds to pep you WAY up along with NO boosting compounds for stamina, lowered blood pressure, and even greater fat burn. 

But as stated, the product does contain a hearty dose of caffeine and other stimulating compounds, making it only for those not sensitive to stimulants. It should also not be used by those under 18, and the recommended dose should be minded along with your other caffeine and stimulant use.

But gym rats, field athletes, endurance athletes, and nearly anyone else who can benefit from the sky-high lactic threshold NO provides, and tons of energy to go along with it. 

Pump & Burn Benefits Body Builders

Claims vs. Reality

No, this product won’t make you look like the ridiculously pumped dude grinning away and tugging at a triceps rope on their website, though MHP Strong doesn’t tell you it will either. 

Instead, they let you know that this product will boost NO levels, energize you, and help you burn more fat, and if you want to look like the Mr. Pumped ‘n Happy, you have your work cut out for you—and LOTS of it. 

But Pump & Burn can give you the energy and stamina to perform lots of work in the gym while helping you torch away the love handles, just as MHP Strong says it will. 

Is Anadrox Pump & Burn Safe?

In case you don’t know, stimulants–especially lots of ‘em—can have side effects, especially when it comes to arguably the most important part of making gains: getting enough quality sleep for proper recovery. 

That, and they can make you irritable and send your blood pressure through the roof—not to mention the jitters and lots of other fun stuff. Fortunately, the increased NO this product delivers helps lower blood pressure and maybe even gives you the stamina to work out long and hard enough to burn off the stimulants and get some sleep. However, we recommend minding your overall stimulant use and staying within your limits instead. 

And of course, if you are sensitive to stimulants or other ingredients in Anadrox Pump & Burn, it may be best that you avoid it altogether; and if you’re pregnant, nursing, or on medication, be sure to check with your doctor first before using this product. 

Where to Buy Anadrox Pump & Burn

At $49.99 for about a month’s worth and no discounts in sight, the cost of scalp-tingling stimulants and veins full of NO is steep. No, you don’t have to use it every day—nor should you—which extends the value in a sense, and other than the absolute crap they use to color and flavor it, there appear to be mostly decent ingredients in it. 

MHP Pump & Burn Website

Still, the fact that they feel the need to include garbage eats into their credibility, and for what, to cut costs? If so, how about passing the savings along by not charging so much for the product?


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