Testro-X Review – Can This Umzu Supplement Help Balance Your Hormones?

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By Scot Mills

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Testro-X Review

Testro-X is a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs created to boost your body’s testosterone production so you can experience increased energy and stamina.

Umzu’s motto is that you deserve to thrive, and they believe that the body is a self-healing organism—so long as it’s supported correctly.

One of their methods of correctly supporting the male body is with Testro-X, their answer to your body’s need for healthy male hormone balance. No, it isn’t another blend of precursors, bug steroids, or other unnatural T-boosters that may or may not be legal or safe, but then again, none of Umzu’s products are.

There are quite a few testosterone supplements on the market, like Performance Lab T-Booster and Testo-Max. So, how does Umzu’s Testro-X really measure up?

Our Testro-X review today discusses this supplement’s ingredients, benefits, mechanism of action, side effects, and more. We’ll tell you what we think about Testro-X and if it’s worth buying.

Find out more in this Testro-X review.

testro x review

About Testro-X 

Testro-X is created by UMZU nutrition, a company with a broad line of specialty supplements, including Umzu Redwood and Umzu zuPoo.

Umzu Testro-X formulated to stimulate your body’s natural ability to produce testosterone. It does this using a blend of all-natural ingredients that optimize your hormone function so that you enjoy the benefits of healthy androgen production without any dangerous side effects or need to cycle.

It uses a combination of plant compounds, amino acids, minerals, and adaptogens to help your body naturally balance and boost its androgen output. This gives you more energy, confidence, and workout stamina—not to mention stamina in the bedroom if you get our drift.

Testro-X Benefits

Improved Strength

Testosterone helps your muscles recover faster, so they become stronger in less time. It also plays a critical role in developing muscle mass, which plays a role in muscle strength.

Improved Energy

You have more energy to work out when your muscles are lean and supple. This means more aggression in the gym and improved energy in other aspects of your life—including the bedroom.

Better Stamina

Testosterone gives you the stamina to work out daily and in other areas. With its ability to allow your muscles to quickly bounce back from intense workouts, testosterone also gives you the endurance to get back in there and continuously add muscle while depleting fat.

Easy To Use, Safe, And Legal

With its safe, all-natural, once-daily formula, all you need to do to enjoy the benefits of more T is take three capsules daily—that’s it! No cycling, no side effects, no worrying about testing positive for an illegal substance before a big competition.

Plus, many of Testro-X’s ingredients help you in other areas, such as bone health, mental well-being, and reduced inflammation.

Umzu Testro-X Benefits

Umzu Testro-X Ingredients

Testro-X includes ten critical ingredients in its formula. Below we will take a closer look at each component and their dosages.

testro x ingredients

Magnesium 150 mg

Though magnesium is the 11th most abundant mineral in your body, many of us are deficient in it. This isn’t good so far as your T production since magnesium helps boost levels of free testosterone in your blood along with its many other benefits.

Magnesium does this by binding to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, resulting in increased availability of free testosterone.

While Testro-X doesn’t deliver a whopping dose of magnesium, it does offer enough to supplement a balanced diet that includes green leafy veggies, avocados, nuts, and other sources of this vital mineral.

Zinc 15 mg

Another essential mineral with many health benefits is zinc, which many of us know as an immune booster. It also has a positive effect on free testosterone production, as well as cell division and protein synthesis. Studies have shown zinc supplementation to increase testosterone production in normal healthy males.

By delivering over 130% of your daily needs of this essential mineral, Umzu ensures that there is plenty of zinc in its formula to keep you healthy, active, and manly.

Boron 10 mg 

Another mineral that can increase your free and total testosterone levels and lower inflammation and estrogen in your body is boron—aka, one of the most underrated ways to boost T.

Science shows us that a daily 6 mg boron supplementation can boost androgens significantly while converting more total testosterone to free testosterone (the kind that counts), and Testro-X includes a healthy 10 mg for you.

Ashwagandha 400 mg

Ashwagandha is a herb known as an “adaptogen,” which has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its positive effects on male hormone production and other areas of human health.

Though the reasons aren’t yet fully understood, it has shown promise in raising T levels by as much as 22% in men suffering hypogonadism, or low T.

Forskohlii Root Extract 250 mg

Forskohlii is a plant in the mint family that has been used for centuries in traditional medicines and is commonly used in natural weight loss products for its ability to stimulate the body to burn fat.

And it can also significantly increase your body’s T production, which may be why it helps you burn fat since that’s one of the many things testosterone does.

Inositol 200 mg

Similar in makeup to glucose molecules, inositol plays a vital role in cell signaling. This includes the male reproductive tract, where boosting its levels can improve sperm quality, decrease symptoms of impotence, and help regulate hormones such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), thyroid-stimulating hormone, and insulin.

While inositol doesn’t necessarily boost T levels, at least so far as science knows to date, it does help balance hormones, which, for men, means more testosterone and less estrogen.

Glycine 200 mg

Glycine is an amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter to help cells communicate. It is also a component of creatine, known for producing short, powerful bursts of muscle energy and increasing muscle size.

L-theanine 100 mg

While L-theanine doesn’t directly boost testosterone levels, it is an amino acid that improves relaxation and focus. By doing this, it also reduces your body’s production of the stress hormone—and testosterone inhibiting—cortisol while promoting better overall hormone balance.

Plus, you’ll love its calming effects, which, along with a bump in your T-levels, will have you feeling focused, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

L-leucine 70 mg

An essential amino acid that is also a building block of protein, L-leucine is a potent anabolic activator in the body. It also serves as a key activator of the mTOR, which is critical for muscle growth and is the pathway testosterone acts through.

Black Pepper Fruit Extract 10 mg

While it may not directly affect your body’s anabolic hormone production, black pepper extract does help your body absorb the other components of Testro-X more completely, so you get better results.

Does Testro-X Work?

With its combination of all-natural hormone-balancing ingredients, Testro-X has the capacity to restore and boost t-levels safely and effectively. Since it contains primarily ingredients common in your daily nutrition, there is no need to cycle it or to expect the adverse effects of illegal androgen use.

Testro-X Capsules

How Long Does It Take For Testro-X To Work?

Users claim to see benefits from Testro-X from the eighth week of consistent use. This may be the case for you or not, as individual biologies differ.

Who Is Testro-X Best For?

Testro-X is perfect for anyone looking for more energy, stamina, and strength but wants to avoid risking their health to get it. This includes older men experiencing age-related hormone decline and women needing their natural hormone production to be restored and balanced.

Remember, this product doesn’t necessarily add androgens to your system so much as it balances your hormone output for healthy androgen production.

How To Take Testro-X

Take 3 Testro-X capsules in the evening before you go to sleep.

When Is The Best Time To Take Testro-X?

The best time to take Testro-X is in the evening before you go to sleep.

Claims vs. Reality

With science backing their claims, the reality is that Umzu has created a high-quality product that works as well as a natural supplement can for the purpose. Granted, you can’t expect to go from 98lb weakling to Barry Bonds overnight using this stuff, nor should you want to.

Remember that even though BB had muscle-upon-muscle from his illegal supplementation (what, flax seed oil is illegal??!!!), his head also grew a few hat sizes while his “other” head (you know, the one our girlfriends accuse us of keeping our brains in) shrunk.

And no, you don’t want that, so stick with the natural stuff.

Is Testro-X Safe?

One of the best parts about ingredients commonly found in the foods you eat is that they cause few—if any—dangerous side effects.

In fact, there aren’t even any warning labels on the product, and so long as you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients, the only side effects you’ll feel are the ones from a healthy hormone balance.

Where To Buy Testro-X

Like most high-quality, science-backed products, this stuff isn’t cheap at $63 for a month’s supply.

But, when you sign up for a monthly subscription, your cost goes down to $47.39, and there’s another 10% off available to you if you give them your email address to help them sell you more things.

Shipping is also free, and there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee to boost the product’s value further.

testro x where to buy & price

Along with their site, Umzu’s Testro-X can be purchased through major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, Testro-X is a safe, natural alternative to boost testosterone levels without binging on steroids or harmful chemicals. Its ingredients have multiple benefits, including increasing testosterone production, immune support, and improved sleep.

Although we would be happier if Testro-X were cheaper, its string of positive customer reviews, well-researched ingredients, and low adverse effect rate make it worth the purchase. 

Overall, we give this one a thumbs-up!

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