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Flyby Recovery Review – Can This Supplement Fix Your Hangover?

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If you have ever had a wild night out on the town, odds are you’ve woken up the next morning with your head pounding from the hangover. You can drink as much water and coffee as you want, but sometimes you just can’t escape that hangover. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you do something to prevent hangovers in the future?

That is where Flyby Hangover Recovery Capsules come into the picture. Flyby Recovery capsules are designed to rid the body of the hangover-causing toxins resulting from drinking alcohol. Take them before a night of drinking, and you won’t experience a hangover in the morning.

The idea of a hangover pill sounds too good to be true, to be honest. So we looked into it and put together this Flyby Recovery review. We will talk about the pros, cons, costs, and any relevant side effects. We will then give our verdict for whether or not you should buy Flyby Recovery.

Flyby Hangover Recovery Capsule bottle

What Is Flyby Recovery?

Flyby Recover Hangover Recovery Capsules are a pill that is meant to fix your hangover. Sounds simple, right? Flyby pills help process toxins caused by your body breaking down alcohol, which are the things that cause hangovers. Flyby also claims it can help promote healthy liver function and replenish any lost vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Is it basically the equivalent of eating a large greasy breakfast after a night of drinking.

You are supposed to take 3 capsules with food and water before drinking. You can then take another 2 before you go to bed later that night. Then you can wake up feeling refreshed and alert in the morning, rather than in a painful haze.

Flyby capsules contain a large dose of basic vitamins and minerals like B vitamins and zinc, as well as essential amino acids. It also contains a blend of herbs to support liver function. Also, Flyby capsules claim they can help reduce antioxidant damage and protect the body’s tissues against alcohol-produced toxins.

Flyby Recovery sachet

Flyby Recovery Advantages

  • Prevents hangovers from occurring by giving the body a super dose of vitamins and minerals
  • Easy and convenient, take with water
  • Antioxidant benefits
  • 100% vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free
  • Good customer reviews


  • Claims are stretched
  • Good food and water can probably do a similar job of preventing a hangover
  • Effectiveness is not completely clear

Who Makes Flyby Recovery?

Flyby Recovery Capsules are made by Flyby. Flyby is a supplement company founded by current CEO Eddie Huai. Huai was inspired to create Flyby Recovery capsules after a particularly rough night out in Tokyo, Japan. He took an OTC hangover supplement and felt great the next morning. After returning to the US, he started researching hangover cures.

It is an interesting story, that is for sure. Flyby has worked with Ph.D. researchers to perfect its formula. Currently, Flyby makes their recovery capsules and a handful of other supplements. It is not clear if they are going to branch out and create more products in the future.

Flyby company logo

How Does Flyby Recovery Work?

Let’s talk about hangovers. Hangovers are caused by the breakdown of alcohol in the body. The body processes alcohol and all those waste products are what cause the headaches, stomach pains, and more. Normally, these toxins are processed by the body as normal the next day.

Flyby gives your body a super dose of the nutrient that your liver and organs use to process these toxins. The idea is that if you can ‘supercharge’ your liver, it can process the alcohol and byproducts more efficiently. The result is that you will feel less hungover.

According to customers, Flyby works like a charm. The majority of reviews are positive. However, most people report that it’s not a miracle cure but definitely helps them feel better in the morning. Most people report a significant reduction in hangover symptoms after taking the supplement.

Which makes us wonder just how effective Flyby is compared to eating some food and drinking plenty of water before you go to sleep. There are no scientific studies of Flyby around, so we just don’t know exactly how effective it is.

Flyby Sachets

Flyby Recovery Ingredients

Flyby contains high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The most relevant vitamin is B vitamins. Flyby has a high amount of B vitamins and a substantial dose of folic acid, zinc, and magnesium.

The proprietary blend contains a large number of ingredients, including:

  • Milk thistle
  • Prickly pear extract
  • L-theanine
  • Lotus leaf  extract
  • Spirulina
  • Taurine
  • DHM

That is a lot of ingredients, and we won’t cover all of them in-depth. Suffice to say; most ingredients are regulators that help process alcohol-related molecules and antioxidants that help the liver function more efficiently.

The L-theanine is an interesting ingredient meant to help you sleep more restful after a night out. Interestingly, the capsules leave out ginger and turmeric, two ingredients that are commonly seen in hangover supplements.

Flyby Hangover Recovery Capsule powder

Is Flyby Recovery Safe?

We could not find any evidence of negative side effects. To be clear, the pill does not completely prevent a hangover but makes the symptoms much more manageable. It has natural ingredients that are not connected with negative side effects.

Where To Buy Flyby Recovery

You can buy Flyby from the product website or from a third-party retailer like Amazon. A single 90-capsule bottle costs $35.99, which is very cheap, all things considered. The 90-day supply will last you a long time, assuming you don’t go out drinking literally every day.

Flyby Website
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Final Verdict: Is Flyby Recovery Worth It?

Although it is not a miracle hangover cure, Flyby Recovery seems to work well enough and can significantly reduce the severity of hangover symptoms. We say that Flyby is worth it. It also probably helps if you eat some food and drink plenty of water in addition to taking this supplement.

Flyby Recovery Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients
  • Cost
  • Brand Reputation


Flyby Recovery is a multivitamin and herbal supplement whose aim is to rid the body of hangover-causing toxins. This supplement harnesses the best-known ingredients which guarantee healthy liver function, antioxidants, good digestibility, and maximum absorption. It also claims to help people in reducing the impact of the Keto Flu and muscle cramps caused by low-carb dieting. Want to know more about this product? Check out our review of Flyby Recovery and see if this is the supplement you need.

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