EyePromise Restore Review – What Can This Supplement Do For Your Eyes?

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EyePromise Restore Review

Want to maintain your eye health and restore it as much as possible? EyePromise Restore may be perfect for you!

EyePromise is a nutraceutical supplement designed to improve your eye health. EyePromise contains a selective blend of ingredients to improve and maintain eye health. EyePromise says it can help prevent developing vision problems later in life.

Vision is important, so EyePromise sounds like a great option for a lot of people. There are a lot of vision supplements out there, though, such as Lutenol, so how do you know if you should choose EyePromise Restore? That why we’ve done the research for this EyePromise Restore review. We will cover its pros, cons, potential side effects, and whether it is worth the purchase.

EyePromise Restore Supplement

What Is EyePromise Restore?

EyePromise Restore is a nutraceutical designed specifically to promote eye health. EyePromise promotes healthy eyes through its blend of dietary nutrients and antioxidant protection. EyePomise’s blend of ingredients is meant to prevent eye decay going into old age by giving them everything they need to stay healthy.

EyePromise comes in the form of small gel capsules. You are supposed to take 1 gel capsule with each meal up to two times a day or as directed by your optometrist. EyePromise is designed under the guidance of eye-professionals, so the people creating the supplement really understand the issues they are trying to address.

EyePromise Restore has a large list of ingredients that include some common and uncommon ingredients. According to the company, all EyePromise supplements are made in accordance with FDA standards and made from the highest quality ingredients.

EyePromise Restore Supplement Tablets

EyePromise Restore Advantages

  • Contains an expertly crafted blend of ingredients
  • Prevents eye problems later in life and improve eye issues
  • Contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for other things
  • Convenient
  • Good clinical support and evidence


  • Somewhat pricey

Who Makes EyePromise Restore?

EyePromise Restore is created by EyePromise; a nutraceutical company focused on eye health. EyePromise was founded by Dennis Gierhart, Ph.D., in 2001. Giuerhart found his calling researching the compound zeaxanthin. Through his research, Dr. Gierhart discovered that zeaxanthin has regenerative properties and could be used to promote healthy eyes and eyesight. Gierhart co-founded EyePromise in 2001 with the goal of helping people retain and improve their sight so they can function better in everyday life.

EyePromise claims that all of its products are made with the latest scientific data in mind. They also claim that their products are independently tested for veracity and composition. It was actually hard to find non-branded content about the company online. The company has a large blog where they write articles related to sight and sight-related medical advances.

WE found a BBB page for the company too. They currently have an A+ rating and are accredited, but they only have 1 customer review. We were, unfortunately, unable to find a Trustpilot page.

However, most reviews on their products are extremely positive, almost too positive, we would say. EyePromise also offers products specifically for gamers and athletes, as well as resources for doctors looking to recommend products. A number of reviewers mention that their doctors recommend the product, which is a good sign.

EyePromise Company Logo

How Does EyePromise Restore Work?

EyePromise works to prevent eye degeneration and improve eye health. It does this through its blend of specialized nutrients and vitamins. Macular degeneration is one of the most common eye conditions in the US. Although scientists are not sure, it is believed that macular degeneration could be linked to certain vitamin nutrient deficiencies. It is well known that certain substances, such as vitamin C are important for eye health.

EyePromise contains a high concentration of lipids and other molecules that stimulate the production of physical structures in the eye. Just as the different parts of your body need specific nutrients, the individual parts of your eyes need specific nutrients. EyePromise puts all of those nutrients in a single place in the right proportions.

EyePromise Restore Supplement powder

EyePromise Restore Ingredients

EyePromise Restore has several ingredients, but some are more important than others. The key ingredients are:

Zeaxanthin is the most important ingredient. Zeaxanthin works by protecting the eye from the harms of UV and other kinds of radiation. It is like a molecular form of sunglasses or sunscreen specifically for your eyes.

Lutein is a material found in the photoreceptors of the eyes. The cells need this material to react correctly to the incoming wavelengths of light.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish and are very important for neuronal and brain development. Vitamin C is another important vitamin that holds eye structures together. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Zinc assist with maintaining healthy eye structures.

EyePromise Restore Supplement facts

Is EyePromise Restore Safe?

EyePromise does not list any side effects on its website. We could not find any regular indication of side effects, though a small handful of people say that the product did not work for them. Otherwise, EyePromise does not have known side effects.

Where To Buy EyePromise Restore

EyePromise can be bought from the company’s website or from a third-party retailer like Amazon. A single bottle of EyePromise costs $35.95 though you can purchase 3 bottles at once for $103.35 and 6 bottles for $200.70. Each bottle contains a month’s supply.

Final Verdict: Is EyePromise Restore Worth It?

We say yes, EyePromise Restore is worth it. It has a good pedigree, and the science behind its design is solid. Moreover, it has several popular reviews, and many optometrists actually recommend it to their patients. That is a lot more than we can say for a lot of supplement products out there. EyePromise is also not known to have any negative side effects. So, if you want a convenient and simple way to help your eyesight, give EyePromise Restore a try.

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