Celarity Electrolytes Review – Can This Powder Help Your Hydration Levels?

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Celarity Electrolytes Review

Celarity Electrolytes, also known as Electrolyte +, is a naturally flavored electrolyte powder containing electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, taurine, and carnosine. This electrolyte powder helps keep you hydrated, boosts athletic performance, supports muscle contraction, and improves cellular functioning. Electrolyte + is packed with antioxidants, is naturally sweetened, gluten-free, vegetarian, and contains no caffeine.

Let’s take a closer look at the nutrition behind this supplement and see if it’s really all that healthy with this review of Celarity Electrolytes.

Celarity Electrolyte Plus Review

Celarity Electrolytes Benefits

Supports Hydration

This electrolyte powder contains essential electrolytes and nutrients known to help improve the proper fluid balance in your body. Electrolytes are basically essential minerals found in your blood, sweat, and urine. When we lose fluids through things like exercise (sweating), our fluid levels in our bodies decrease, and we are at risk of dehydration. Replenishing your electrolyte levels through sources like calcium, magnesium, and sodium helps keep you hydrated and your bodily fluid levels properly balanced.

Boosts Athletic Performance

Electrolytes are especially important when it comes to physical exercise. When we sweat during exercise, our fluid levels become imbalanced, which can result in serious issues like dehydration, muscle cramping, poor muscle endurance, thirst, and shallow/rapid breathing. Balancing and replenishing our electrolytes helps to counteract these issues that may otherwise result from sweating and exercising. This also helps to promote our endurance, our ability to contract our muscles, and our overall fitness performance. Taurine and L-carnosine also help support exercise performance and reduce exercise-related oxidative stress.

Packed With Antioxidants

This electrolyte powder contains bioavailable forms of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These vitamins have powerful antioxidant capacities, which largely benefits your immune system and proper cellular functioning. Antioxidant vitamins like these also help reduce exercise-related oxidative stress, which can help boost athletic performance and endurance.

Other electrolyte supplements like LMNT focus solely on pure electrolytes.

Celarity Electrolytes Bottle

Celarity Electrolyte + Ingredients

The main ingredients in Celarity Electrolyte + are electrolytes. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chromium are included in the formula.

Calcium helps promote muscle contraction, cell signaling, cell division, and proper bone density health. Phosphorus also supports bone density and muscular contraction. It also plays a role in ATP (cellular energy) production.

Magnesium is crucial for muscular contraction, neurotransmission, cardiovascular health, digestion, and healthy fluid balance.

Sodium is important as it helps to regulate the amount of water in the body and controls cell-to-cell signaling.

Potassium is also crucial for cell-to-cell signaling functions and plays a large roll in skeletal muscle contraction.

Finally, chromium is important for carbohydrate metabolism, healthy serotonin levels, and helps regulate cortisol (stress) levels in the body.

Celarity Electrolyte Powder

These electrolytes help the body maintain a proper fluid balance at all times. We naturally lose these electrolytes and minerals through sweat, urine, and blood, so replenishing them is essential. Without a proper electrolyte balance, we face issues like dehydration, confusion, muscle weakness/soreness, shallow/rapid breathing, and excessive thirst.

Electrolyte + also contains a hydrating vitamin complex consisting of B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These vitamins are highly bioavailable and work alongside electrolytes and minerals to support healthy cellular functioning. These vitamins also contribute antioxidants that reduce exercise-related oxidative stress, which in turn supports better athletic performance.

Taurine is also included. This amino acid supports athletic performance by reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress. L-carnosine is a dipeptide that helps reduce fatigue that results from lactic acid buildup in the muscles (which typically results from exercise). Carnosine also has great antioxidant potential.

Celarity Electrolyte + Supplement Facts

Does Celarity Electrolyte + Really Work?

Celarity Electrolytes definitely has the ingredients required for an electrolyte supplement. It’s also quite beneficial that they include tyrosine, B vitamins, and L-carnosine in the formula. These are great additions that can help support hydration, cellular health, and antioxidant capacity within the body.

It’s also great that this powder does not contain artificial flavors or colors. It is also only sweetened with stevia, which largely sets it apart from other typical electrolyte supplements (Gatorade, Powerade). The added sugars in these other products are counterintuitive to supporting healthy fluid levels in the body. Users seem to really like this product, and it’s a great price for all the different vitamins, nutrients, and minerals you are getting.

Celarity Electrolytes Guarantee

Who Should Use Celarity Electrolytes?

Electrolyte + can be a great supplement to incorporate into your routine, especially if you are frequently losing electrolytes through sweat. This supplement would be ideal for someone who regularly works out, especially at high-intensity levels. It’s a great supplement to include if you suffer from dehydration or typical signs of fluid imbalances in the body. This could include cramping, excessive thirst, confusion, and fatigue.

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Is Celarity Electrolyte + Safe?

This electrolyte supplement is generally safe for use, but you should always proceed with caution when it comes to electrolyte supplements. We don’t always need to regulate electrolyte levels, and when it is not necessary, it can sometimes do more harm than good. You should always consult with your doctor before taking electrolytes to see if you really need them. You can also get a blood panel done to see what your electrolyte and mineral levels are and see what you may or may not be deficient in.

The following are some potential side effects of electrolyte supplements:

  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Convulsions
  • Irritability
  • Fast heartbeat
  • High blood pressure
  • Swelling of legs or feet
  • Twitches
  • Restlessness

This supplement is also sweetened with stevia, which is a great sweetener option. However, be cautious of consuming this zero-calorie sweetener as high doses can often cause gastrointestinal distress.

Alternatives To Celarity Electrolytes

These electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals can be achieved through dietary sources. For instance, eggs contain B vitamins, salt contains sodium, dairy, and green leafy vegetables contain calcium, and fish, nuts, and beans are all great sources of phosphorus. Additionally, there are quite a few other electrolyte products on the market that are worth noting. The following are some other great, healthy, and affordable electrolyte products:

Where To Buy Celarity Electrolyte +

Celarity Electrolyte + is available directly from the Celarity website for a price of $24.95-$29.85. The product comes in three flavors – Grape, Orange, and Blue Raspberry.

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