Flex Belt Review – Does This Fitness Product REALLY Work?

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By Leslie Waterson

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A main area of the body that many people want to focus on when visiting the gym or a trainer is that of their waist. Being able to have washboard abs is the dream of many individuals. The problem is that getting the body requires intense exercise coupled with a clean diet. Spending hours at the gym daily is not an option for busy individuals so a convenient way to work your abs is required.

There has been a plethora of belts and wraps that have promised results in the abdominal region. The useful nature of these products is apparent but the results differ drastically. The promise of wearing a low-quality belt for an hour a day and the results being incredible abs is a false promise.

Tightening your stomach simply by wearing a belt that contracts the muscles has been shown in studies to work. The Flex Belt is a product that has garnered immense attention due to its popularity and quality. Below will delve into whether The Flex Belt is the perfect solution to help you burn stomach fat and tone your abs!

What is The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt is a belt worn about the abdominal area that helps the user tone their abdominal muscles and core. The belt is approved by the FDA for safety making it the first product of its kind approved by that government body. The belt contracts the abdominal muscles while the user goes on with their daily life. This fitness tool is not only a great way to tone the abs the manufacturer claims but it also saves time.

The product has not only helped people, but it is also widely popular as a best-selling “As Seen On TV” product. The product has been sold for well over a decade. Everyone from those that hate the gym to bodybuilders uses this product on a regular basis. The Flex Belt can be used as a primary workout or a supplemental core workout if desired.

How Does The Flex Belt Work?

The Flex Belt for fitness

The Flex Belt uses electric pulses in order to contract the abdominal muscles. Muscle stimulation is used by doctors daily on those that have injured an area with great results. Treatment of muscular disorders has used this type of technology in the past. The focus has now turned from recovery to fitness in terms of electronic muscle stimulation technology.  

Users will feel as if their muscles are contracting combined with a tingling sensation. The strength of the electronic pulse can be increased or decreased by the user wearing The Flex Belt. The convenience of being able to wear the belt at work or during a commute cannot be understated.

The Flex Belt company website recommends that the user wear the belt for 30 minutes. Being able to boost the contraction rate up to 150 per 30 minutes. The belt also targets hard to tone obliques while doing anything from watching TV to dinner with friends. The ability to get in 150 contractions of all abdominal muscles in 30 minutes, in theory, will produce the superior results to an ab workout at the gym.

Advantages of The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt claims

The 24-month manufacturer’s warranty provides peace of mind to an individual buying The Flex Belt. Skeptical buyers have an insurance policy in the form of a 60-day money-back guarantee if results are not yielded.

The Flex Belt utilizes a far difference tactic than traditional crunches which can strain the neck and back. The strain is no longer on the back as the user can remain sitting or standing. For fragile users and those that are prone to injury, The Flex Belt provides a far safer method of working out the abdominal muscles. Regardless of an individual’s mobility issues, The Flex Belt can provide benefits.

The Flex Belt is FDA approved for safety which quells worries of users.

The ability to conceal The Flex Belt is quite appealing to those that would be embarrassed to wear the product in public. The fact that you can wear a belt and perform any physical activity is just an added bonus! Busy professionals do not have to choose their job over their personal fitness any longer!

Disadvantages of The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt does have some disadvantages overall that will be discussed below:

  • The FDA approval came with some, but not extensive, information on The Flex Belts’ effectiveness. The manufacturer of the belt has done extensive studies where claims are that 100 percent of users saw results after 60 days.
  • The trial period of 60 days requires payment although the full refund is guaranteed.
  • The results differ depending on the diet and exercise regimen the user implements. The stimulation of your muscles will allow for faster results in terms of toning your abs into a work of art. 
  • The price point of The Flex Belt can be high when compared to a monthly gym membership.
  • The gel pads need to be replaced after every 30 sessions. It is recommended to purchase a few extra sets of pads with the initial order of the belt.

What Company Manufactures The Flex Belt?

Bio-Medical Research Ltd is responsible for producing The Flex Belt. The company is known for its expertise in abdominal toning products. The company is located in Galway, Ireland and has a reputation for being a quality fitness product producer. The money-back-guarantee is rare with certain fitness products and this company delivers on their promise. BMR is sure to come out with products like The Flex Belt that deliver even better results!

Where to Buy The Flex Belt

The Flex Belt Website

The Flex Belt: Is It Worth It?

The Flex Belt package

The Flex Belt’s numerous positive features make it very attractive to those wanting a better midsection. For people that are not sure about this investment, the money-back guarantee if no results are produced in 60 days will provide comfort. For anyone that wants an easy way to exercise during the workday or commute without others noticing, The Flex Belt is for you!

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