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ASEA Redox Review – Is This Nutritional Supplement Beverage Legit?

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What Is ASEA Redox?

There are many supplement beverages out there, from Huel to TruBRAIN, and then there’s ASEA Redox. ASEA Redox water is manufactured by ASEA Global. It is a nutritional supplement beverage. According to a study filled on with the US National Library of Medicine, ASEA Redox is listed as salt water. ASEA Global markets their product as a panacea for whatever ails you. The first sentence on their “About Us” page boasts that they are a growing direct-sales company rather than a nutritional supplement manufacturer. ASEA Global is set up as a multi-level marketing company with every salesperson operating as their own business.

Benefits Of ASEA Redox

The ASEA Redox product page mention that the product helps with redox signaling. As a result, they list that ASEA may benefit the following:

Immune System

Our immune cells communicate through a complex collection of signals. Many of these signals are generated through redox reactions and/or with redox molecules. As we age, redox processes in the body may decline and, as a result, impair the immune system.

Hormone Modulation

Hormone receptors and hormones are created through various redox reactions. Aging appears to cause an impaired redox system. ASEA is said to supply redox molecules that rebalance the redox system in cells.

Inflammatory Response

Inflammation is the response to cellular damage. This damage often creates redox molecules that, if left unchecked, can cause further damage.

Digestive Function

Redox molecules are heavily involved in the chemical breakdown of our food. Once food enters our mouth, enzymes and other chemicals begin to break down food to its basic nutrients.

Only sodium, chloride, and water (salt water) are listed on the label, so there really is no way to assess precisely “how” ASEA Redox water can support these areas of health.

ASEA Redox Ingredients

Salt Water

ASEA claims to be the only supplement on the market that contains active redox signaling molecules. They go on to state the powerful compounds are the result of a unique manufacturing process that restructures chloride and other elements at the molecular level.

Much of the website refers to studies that show ASEA Redox water can enhance cell function by facilitating positive gene expression. There is only one study, involving 15 people, that was filed with the National Library of Medicine. Unfortunately, the results were never published.

If you venture over to the “Science” page at the ASEA Global website, you’ll notice there are no peer-reviewed science articles referenced. Instead, it appears to be more marketing about the benefits and functions of redox signaling molecules. While it is undeniable that redox signaling molecules are a keystone to life, there appears to be a significant amount of extrapolation going on. Just because redox signals are important does not mean a supplement containing redox molecules are important. Additionally, ASEA Global does little to present the science behind their manufacturing and how their molecularly reconstructed salt water can do anything they claim.

Does ASEA Redox Work?

Simply based on the likelihood of a “cure-all” chemical existing, odds are ASEA Redox is nothing more than a placebo effect. ASEA claims that their product can impact everything from the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, digestive system, and every other biological system. They provide little, to zero, evidence about how their product works. They do discuss how redox works but not how their product can impact redox and how that then impacts health. ASEA Redox Water

Claims Vs. Reality

ASEA bases all their claims off of the power of redox. Redox is the reduction and oxidation of molecules. These redox reactions work as signals for our cells, organelles, and DNA. It is important to have a balanced redox system. However, nothing on their website provides evidence that ASEA Redox Water can beneficially impact our redox systems.

The thing about balance is, it means too little or too much can be a bad thing. In the case of ASEA Redox, all they do is talk about the benefits of supplying MORE redox molecules. Too many redox molecules can also be an issue. Inflammation itself is a collection of redox molecules. Who’s to say that introducing more redox molecules to the system won’t make inflammation worse? The company doesn’t give us enough information or science behind the product to explain how ASEA Redox will only be beneficial and doesn’t pose any risks.

Correlation does not equal causation. Just because ASEA contains redox molecules and redox molecules support normal health, does not mean that ASEA Redox can improve health.


Where To Buy ASEA Redox + Price

2 Bottles for $70-80

4 Bottles for $160

ASEA Redox Review
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ASEA Redox is a cell signaling supplement that helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response. It also claims to help modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness, as well as improve gut health and digestive enzyme production. Is ASEA Redox legit? Read our in-depth review of ASEA Redox and learn the truth about this supplement drink.

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