Swoly Creatine Gummies Review – Is It Worth Using?

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By Meghan Stoops, RDN

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Swoly Creatine Gummies

Creatine monohydrate is a wildly popular supplement for boosting muscle mass and improving exercise performance. However, like many supplements of its kind, most creatine monohydrate comes in a powdered form. Although powders can be convenient for some, not everyone wants to have to mix their supplement into liquids every day. 

Because of this, products such as Swoly Creatine Mono Gummies (also simply known as Swoly Creatine Gummies) were created. Tasty, easy to take, and far more convenient, these gummies have become a big hit with many consumers but how do they measure up to traditional powders?

Let’s find out in this Swoly Creatine Gummies review!

About Swoly Creatine Gummies

According to their webpage, Swoly was created by fitness freaks, gym rats, and perfectionists dedicated to making the best supplements in the universe, starting with better-tasting products. Because no one likes chugging down clumpy powders.

Swoly Creatine Gummies contain 4 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving (about 5 gummies). This product is low sugar, gluten-free, and gelatin-free and comes in a tasty strawberry flavor. Swoly claims their Creatine Mono Gummies are easy to digest, bloat-free, and powerfully convenient. 

Swoly Creatine Gummies

Swoly Creatine Gummies Benefits

Swoly Creatine Gummies are advertised as convenient and provide a full dose of creatine monohydrate with amplified absorption and no bloat. According to their webpage, Swoly states their gummies provide “all the muscle-building benefits of creatine without having to choke down powder. Insanely tasty, convenient AF, high-grade, and clinically dosed creatine monohydrate gummies designed to help you pack on muscle mass, power your performance, and dominate your next workout.” 

Swoly Creatine Gummies Supplement

Swoly Creatine Gummies Ingredients

Swoly Creatine Mono Gummies contain 4 grams of creatine monohydrate. Creatine is one of the most researched performance supplements on the market and is well-known for its ability to improve exercise performance and boost muscle mass. 

Swoly Creatine Gummies Supplement Facts

Creatine is naturally found in our muscle tissue. Our body makes creatine, and we can also obtain it from our diet by consuming animal proteins or supplements. Creatine helps to boost exercise performance and muscle mass by increasing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the muscle tissue. ATP is a molecule that our body uses for energy.

During exercise, our body uses ATP for muscle contraction. However, this energy source runs out quickly. Research has found supplemental creatine may help to increase ATP for more energy during exercise. More energy means better performance and better performance means better gains.

Does Swoly Creatine Gummies Work?

Based on current available research on creatine monohydrate and exercise performance, this supplement will likely provide benefits to most individuals. Some research suggests creatine may be better absorbed in the presence of carbohydrates and protein, therefore taking this supplement with food may enhance its benefits. 

According to customer reviews available on Swoly’s website, this product received 4.96 out of 5 stars. Customers mainly commented on the flavor and convenience of the product but with some stating noticeable changes in performance. There were some mild complaints regarding the price. 

Swoly Creatine Gummies Container

How Does Swoly Creatine Gummies Measure Up to Others?

When comparing Swoly Creatine Gummies to similar products, such as Bear Balanced Creatine Gummies and Create Creatine Monohydrate Gummies, Swoly’s Creatine Mono Gummies is the best budget-friendly option at $36.99 for a 30-day supply compared to Bear Balanced at $45 and Create at a whopping $60. 

All products contain creatine monohydrate however Bear Balanced contains only 3 grams per serving while Create has 5 grams per serving. Bear Balanced Creatine Gummies contain additional ingredients such as L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, B12, and Huperzine A while Create and Swoly only contain Creatine. 

When it comes down to it, Swoly provides the best price point for the dose. It also contains a research-backed amount of creatine per serving.

Who is Swoly Creatine Gummies Best For?

Swoly Creatine Gummies are likely best for healthy adults who are looking to improve strength and exercise performance without taking powder, capsule, or liquid supplements. This product might work best for those who have already gone through a loading phase of creatine to maximize muscle stores. Although it would be difficult to do a loading phase of creatine with these supplements, it is also not a requirement but should be considered for those looking to take this product.

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Swoly Creatine Gummies

  • Formula includes 4 grams of creatine monohydrate per serving
  • Comes in a strawberry flavor
  • Benefits muscle mass, performance, and more

Claims vs. Reality

There is a myriad of studies available that support the safety and efficacy of creatine monohydrate. Based on the claims made by Swoly, this product matches its advertised benefits. However, as with any supplement, individual results will vary. 

Swoly Creatine Gummies In Hand

Is Swoly Creatine Gummies Safe?

Creatine is considered a safe and effective supplement with hundreds of research studies available to back it up. Common side effects associated with creatine supplementation are mild and include weight gain/bloating, muscle cramps, upset stomach, and diarrhea. Serious side effects are rare but can include high blood pressure, liver dysfunction, and kidney damage.

Creatine can interact with some medications including NSAIDs, caffeine, diuretics, and more. Always consult your doctor or healthcare provider before adding a supplement to your routine, especially if you are taking any medication for a chronic condition. 

Where to Buy Swoly Creatine Gummies

You can purchase Swoly Creatine Gummies directly from Swoly’s official website here.

Swoly Creatine Gummies Website

A 30-serving container of Swoly Creatine Gummies costs $36.99 and is available in strawberry flavor.

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