Vitauthority Vs. Vital Proteins – Which Collagen Peptides Is Better?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Vitauthority Vs Vital Proteins

Collagen is perhaps the trendiest buzzword in the health and wellness space these days. 

After all, people are using collagen supplements for their hair, skin, nails, joints, and even gut health!

The question is, do these supplements work? And if so, which ones are actually worth buying?

Well, two collagen supplements that often come to mind are those from Vitauthority and Vital Proteins. 

While both supplements are pretty solid overall, this article will help discover which one is best. So, if you’re stuck deciding between Vitauthrority and Vital Proteins collagen, continue reading this comparison of Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins. 

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Overview

  • Vitauthority Multi-Collagen Powder and Vital Proteins are powdered collagen supplements that can improve skin, hair, nail, and joint health.
  • Both products contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to further support the purported benefits.
  • Vitauthority Multi-Collagen contains 5 types of collagen from 4 sources, whereas Vital Proteins contains 2 types of collagen from 1 source.
  • Vitauthority Multi-Collagen is the cheaper product at $0.87/serving (compared to $0.96/serving for Vital Proteins).
  • Overall, Vitauthority is our winner due to the use of different types of collagen and better pricing, however, both products are good.

About Vitauthority and Vital Proteins

Before we get into the comparisons between Vitauthority and Vital Proteins, let’s first go over the general details of each. 


vitauthority multi collagen peptides

Vitauthority Multi Collagen Protein is a total collagen support supplement designed for many health benefits. 

Not only does it include 5 of the most popular types of collagen, but this collagen powder also has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for additional collagen support. 

In turn, Vitauthority designed this product to give you more youthful, vibrant skin, stronger joints and bones, lean muscle, healthier hair and nails, and even better gut health

Vital Proteins

vital proteins collagen peptides

A very similar product to Vitauthority is Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins. This Vital Proteins supplement comes in a powdered form. 

It features hydrolyzed collagen as well as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for additional collagen support. 

Vital Proteins is advertised to help support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. And you are supposed to get added benefits for youthfulness from vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Comparison: Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins

From the above descriptions, it seems that Vitauthority and Vital Proteins are very similar collagen supplements. However, there are a few differences that we’ll want to note to help you determine which product is best.

In the following parts of this article, we’ll compare many important features of Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins to determine which one is best. 

We’ll go over the specific ingredients and formulation, dosages, aspects of safety and quality, pricing/value, and other factors. 

We have a table below if you want to get a quick idea of these comparisons. But for the most information, be sure to continue reading the rest of this Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins comparison!

Comparison Table

Product:VitauthorityVital Proteins
Collagen (per scoop)7.8g10g
Types of Collagen52
Collagen Sources41
Vitamin CYes (50mg per scoop)Yes (45mg per scoop)
Hyaluronic AcidYes (50mg per scoop)Yes (40mg per scoop)
Money-Back Guarantee60 Days30 Days
Price per Scoop**$0.87$0.96

*Based on the smallest size at no discounted price for each product. There are many other product prices available depending on size and discount. 

** We went with price per scoop because it’s the most practical. Keep in mind that Vital Proteins has 10g of collagen per scoop, but Vitauthority has 7.8g, so pricing is relatively similar. 

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Supplement Formulation

Vitauthority and Vital Proteins are very similar since they both have collagen, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. But there are some key differences to note too. 


Vitauthority has four different sources of collagen, whereas Vital Proteins only has one. 

Collagen is an important protein found in abundance in the body, especially in connective tissue such as in joints, bones, skin, and nails. In fact, it makes up about 30% of all protein in the body.

vitauthority supplement facts

Vitauthority gets their collagen from hydrolyzed grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, hydrolyzed fish collagen, chicken bone broth collagen concentrate, and water-soluble eggshell membrane collagen. 

On the other hand, Vital Proteins just has hydrolyzed collagen from bovine hide. 

vital proteins supplement facts

In practice, this means that Vitauthority has five of the most common types of collagen: I, II, II, V, and X, whereas Vital Proteins likely only has two types: I and III. 

In general, collagen peptides deliver similar benefits, but there are some differences. 

  • Types I and III are generally best for skin, hair, and nails
  • Type II is better for joints and cartilage
  • Type V is important for cell membranes and even eye health
  • And type X is most involved in bone health and strength

In terms of dosage, Vital Proteins actually has quite a bit more per serving, with 20g compared to 7.8g in Vitauthority. 

However, the serving size of Vital Proteins is 2 scoops, whereas it’s just 1 scoop in Vitauthority. So, if you go by each scoop, it’s 10g compared to 7.8g.

Hyaluronic Acid

Both Vitauthority and Vital Proteins contain hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the eyes and acts as a cushion and lubricant in the joints.

Vitauthority contains 50mg per serving, whereas Vital Proteins has 80mg. But again, per scoop, this would be 50mg for Vitauthority and 40mg for Vital Proteins.

Hyaluronic acid is generally beneficial for skin hydration and elasticity, and it also may stimulate the production of collagen even further.

Vitamin C

The final ingredient in both Vitauthority and Vital Proteins is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant and has also been shown to stimulate collagen synthesis. 

In Vitauthority, there is 50mg of vitamin C per serving, while Vital Proteins has 90mg. But once again, based on a “per-scoop” dosage, there’s 50mg in Vitauthority vs 45mg in Vital Proteins.

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Benefits

When looking at the potential benefits of Vitauthority and Vital Proteins, it seems that Vitauthority may deliver more benefits, at least in theory.

vitauthority vs vital proteins supports youthful look

However, both supplements may provide the following benefits:

  • More youthful, vibrant, and elastic skin
  • Decreased wrinkles
  • Improved skin hydration
  • Stronger nails
  • Healthier hair

But Vitauthority may also offer some unique benefits given its more diverse collagen profile. In general, Vitauthority may be better for:

  • Joint support/strength
  • Bone health/strength

This isn’t to say that Vital Proteins won’t offer joint or bone health benefits, but the type of collagen they use is less likely to deliver those benefits.

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Customer Feedback and Reviews

Vitauthority and Vital Proteins have good ratings and reviews as a whole.

On their website, Vitauthority has a 4.8 out of 5 rating based on over 9.000 reviews. 

vitauthority reviews

And Vital Proteins has a 4.6 out of 5 rating stemming from over 8,000 reviews. 

vital proteins reviews

Customers of Vitauthority generally note improved skin and joint health, with other improvements in hair and nails. 

And customers of Vital Proteins generally talk about improved skin, hair, and nails, with some saying that it also helped their joints.

On Amazon, there are multiple sellers. 

But regarding the most popular for each, it looks like Vitauthority has a 4.5 out of 5 based on over 7,000 reviews, while Vital Proteins has an average of 4.6 out of 5 based on a crazy 179,000+ reviews. 

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Other Considerations

We’ve gone over quite a bit so far, but listed below are a few other important features worth comparing between Vitauthority and Vital Proteins. 

Company Reputation

Overall, both companies have a high reputation and good standing in the fitness market.

Vitauthority was founded in 2018. While relatively recent, their commitment to research, safety, and overall quality has made them one of the top health and wellness brands out there.

Vital Proteins was founded in 2013 and, based on a recent poll listed on their website, they are advertised as America’s #1 collagen supplement. 

Now, this can be subjective, but it is safe to say that Vital Proteins is definitely a reputable brand. They take care to ensure product quality, safety, and efficacy.

Return Policies

Vitauthority has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. You have to return the unused portion within 60 days of the order date. You’ll get a refund minus 15% for a return processing fee.

Vital Proteins has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Just return the product within 30 days of purchase. Sometimes, returns are subject to restocking fees.

Flavor Variety and Taste

Vitauthority comes in unflavored but also many different flavor varieties. It is available in:

  • Peach Mango
  • Tropical Punch 
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pina Colada
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
vitauthority flavors

Vital Proteins comes in unflavored and also the following flavors:

  • Lemon
  • Chocolate
  • Matcha
vital proteins flavors

Dietary Restrictions

Vitauthority is gluten-free and dairy-free, but it does contain fish/seafood and egg. 

Vital Proteins is also gluten-free and dairy-free, Whole30 approved, and paleo-friendly.

Other Safety Aspects

Also, Vitauthority is non-GMO and is free from artificial colors and additives. 

Vital Proteins is also free from artificial sweeteners. 

Also, both products are made in cGMP-certified facilities in the USA and are 3rd party tested for purity, potency, quality, and safety. 

Benefit Preferences

If you’re looking for a collagen supplement mainly for hair, skin, and nails, you could go with either. 

But if you want additional benefits for joints and bones, Vitauthority is probably better. 

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Price and Value

Next, we’ll look at some pricing info and overall value.

Vitauthority comes in either 40- or 80-serving containers (1 scoop serving size). 

vitauthority cost

The regular prices for these options are $34.99 ($0.87/serving) and $64.99 ($0.81/serving), respectively. 

But you can save a pretty significant 25% by choosing the Subscribe & Save option, which brings the prices down to $26.24 ($0.66/serving) and $48.74 ($0.61/serving)

Vital Proteins comes in either 14- or 28-serving containers (2 scoop serving size).

vital proteins cost

The regular prices for these options are $27.00 ($1.93/serving) and $47.00 ($1.68/serving) respectively. Keep in mind, a serving is 2 scoops and contains 20g of collagen, meaning the cost per true serving of collagen in each supplement is much closer (however, Vitauthority is still cheaper).

But you can save 25% off your first order and 15% off consecutive orders by choosing the Subscribe & Save option. This lowers the prices to $20.25 ($1.45/serving) and $35.25 ($1.26/serving) for the first order, and then $22.95 ($1.64/serving) and $39.95 ($1.43/serving) thereafter.

Vitauthority vs. Vital Proteins: Which is Better?

After reviewing the details for Vitauthority and Vital Proteins, we’re confident in saying that Vitauthority has the better collagen supplement. 

It has 5 different types of collagen to deliver the widest range of benefits.

This is really the only thing that sets one apart from the other.

Everything else is basically the same: other ingredients, dosages, company reputation, pricing (relative to serving size), and so on.

So, since Vitauthority simply contains more varieties, it is best for most people who want to experience the widest range of benefits.

We certainly aren’t discrediting Vital Proteins because they certainly make a great collagen supplement too.

But this is about what’s BEST, and Vitauthority seems to take the top spot.

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Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.