Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Review – What Does Sinetrol-XPur Do For Your Health?

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By Scot Mills

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Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Review

Life Extension aims to have supplements for everything, from ensuring you get enough daily vitamins and minerals, to managing your energy and hormone balance in a healthy manner. You may be familiar with some of Life Extension’s supplements, such as Life Extension Magnesium Caps, Life Extension Forskolin, or Life Extension Optimized Saffron, among many others. 

Now comes Life Extension Mediterranean Trim. Life Extension not only wants you to chew the fat, but burn it as well. That’s why they use inspiration from the Mediterranean diet to help you look great, feel great, and get lean. 

So, in this review, we’ll take a look at Life Extension Mediterranean Trim, which they claim will help your beach bod come out from behind all that fat hiding it. 

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About Life Extension Mediterranean Trim

So, age, stress, pizza, and chocolate have all taken their toll on your physique, which is why you’re looking for easy ways to fit back into your high school clothes. But while “easy” and “lose weight” are 2-different things, there is hope in making your weight loss a little easier with the help of some wise, scientifically proven supplements. 

Enter Life Extension Mediterranean Trim, which uses “inspiration from the Mediterranean diet” in the form of their Sinetrol-XPur Mediterranean citrus blend, which combines citrus fruit extracts along with a little natural caffeine to support the healthy breakdown and ignition of your body’s fat stores. 

This, along with a healthy eating and exercise program, may just be the key to you FINALLY being able to rid yourself of that persistently annoying belly flab. 

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Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Benefits

Supports Healthy Weight Management

Sure, you can lose weight using harsh stimulants, surgery, or lab-inspired magic pills that allow the pounds to melt away at the cost of your health, though what good is a lean body that is more ill than well? This is why using safe, all-natural-yet-effective components such as those in Life Extension’s formula is the way to go. Yes, it does contain stimulants, though in the form of guarana, which contains a type of natural caffeine. This gives you the stimulation your metabolism needs without the risk of the negative side effects often associated with stimulants, and it also capitalizes on citrus flavonoids that stimulate cellular enzymes that break down and release stored fat.

That, and it’s about as safe as a cup of coffee.  

Altogether, this means you get the fat-burning benefits without damaging your health along the way. 

Encourages The Breakdown Of Stored Fat

For your cells to break down and release fat, they need lipase—a hormone-sensitive enzyme that your cells are often depleted of, which is why fat is also hard to get rid of. 

But Life Extension claims the citrus flavonoids in Mediterranean trim support the healthy function of lipase and protect it against hormone damage so that you can enjoy all its fat-burning benefits. The product also energizes you with just enough guarana seed extract, which also has potent antioxidant effects to help reduce fat-inducing inflammation in your body. 

Promotes A Healthy Conversion Of Fat To Energy

Fat isn’t just there to show the world that you have the greatest food supply ever; it’s there as an emergency fuel supply—kind of like a reserve tank of an off-road vehicle. 

The problem is that in our modern world, we do have the greatest food supply ever, which also means we have no need for our “reserve tank.” Instead, our emergency fuel supply rides along like a billionaire’s rainy-day fund–there “just-in-case,” though not likely to be used anytime soon. 

But by boosting your body’s ability to produce a healthy supply of fat-releasing, fat-burning enzymes, you can encourage it to switch over to your reserve tank. Once it does this, all you need to do is your part in exercising and eating right so as not to refill it, which isn’t as hard when your body is burning fat the way it was meant to. 

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Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Ingredients

Sinetrol-XPur Mediterranean Citrus Blend 450 mg – Grapefruit (Fruit), Sweet Orange (Fruit), Blood Orange (Fruit)

While citrus fruit is known as a rich source of vitamin C, fiber, and pH balance, one thing most of us don’t realize is that most citrus fruits contain compounds that are beneficial for the release and burning of fat. This is in addition to their antioxidant properties, which help reduce inflammation in the body, reducing further fat accumulation. 

But this is where things get confusing, since Life Extensions claims citrus enhances your body’s production of lipase—a pancreatic enzyme necessary for digestion and absorption of nutrients such as fat. This contradicts at least one study, which tells us that citrus inhibits pancreatic lipase so that your body doesn’t store fat in the first place. 

But whether it’s by promoting or inhibiting them, there is strong evidence that citrus flavonoids do help your body light up fat stores with the assistance of lipase. 

Guarana (Seed) Extracts [std. To 20% Total Flavanones (90 mg)]

Guarana is a climbing plant native to South America that produces berries similar to coffee beans. Along with having potent antioxidant properties, guarana contains stimulants, including caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine.

This helps it reduce the cellular damage caused by free radicals, which lead to obesity since your body reacts to inflammation with increased resistance to leptin, which is the hormone that signals when you’ve eaten enough. Even worse, while inflammation leads to fat-accumulation, fat-accumulation also leads to inflammation, so it’s a double-edged sword/vicious circle you’re dealing with. 

But guarana can help by not only reducing your body’s inflammation and fat stores, but by energizing you in a way that makes getting up and exercising seem less like work and more like…just the thing to do!

Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Supplement Facts

Does Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Work?

If you’ve got the love handles to lose and are willing to exercise and eat right on a regular basis, Mediterranean Trim can help. No, it won’t work on its own while you sit around eating out of the sugar bowl, though it is an excellent addition to healthy eating and exercise program, and can give you that extra little push you need to eliminate the pounds. 

But again, there is no such thing as magic diet pills, which means it works only if you do. 

Who Is Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Best For?

Anyone with some frustrating pounds to get rid of can benefit from Mediterranean Trim. It has few—if any—side effects so long as you stay within the recommended dosage, and Life Extension claims that rigorous testing indicates very little—if any—concern for the safety of using this product alongside most prescription drugs. 

Even so, lawyers strongly advise us to strongly advise you to consult with your physician first before using this product, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or using prescription drugs. 

Life Extension Mediterranean Trim For Athletes

Other than that, it can help most who are willing to put in their fair share of the work, including bodybuilders and other athletes hoping to put body fat to good use in fueling their efforts. 

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Claims vs. Reality

Life Extension is smart enough not to shoot themselves in the foot with claims they can’t meet. Not only would doing so hurt their credibility, but it would also probably discourage you and others from continuing to purchase their products. 

That said, as pointed out above, there is some confusion over just HOW citrus flavonoids induce enzymes to help you burn fat. However, the bottom line is that they do, so whether or not Life Extension can tell you why this is so, you can still expect results so long as you do your part by eating right, getting enough sleep, reducing your stress, and exercising (which helps you sleep better and have fewer symptoms of stress, by the way). 

Is Life Extension Mediterranean Trim Safe?

One of the nice things about citrus fruits is that other than canker sores from their overconsumption, they’re mostly very good for you. 

But Mediterranean Trim contains only the blended extracts of grapefruit, sweet orange, and blood orange so that unless you REALLY go for it and take this stuff by the handful, the chances of canker sores are minimal at best. Seriously, don’t take this stuff by the handful. Stick with heart-healthy nuts instead…

Of course, some may be allergic to the product’s ingredients, and there’s also guarana in it, which contains caffeine. Since many are sensitive to the effects of caffeine, those who are should be aware of how much of this product they use, as well as outside sources of caffeine they may need to cut back on to reduce the chance of jitters, sleeplessness, and crabbiness. 

Where To Buy Life Extension Mediterranean Trim

The product sells for a VERY reasonable $13.50 for a month’s supply, and ordering 4-or-more bottles at a time will knock another $1.50 off that price. While it’s easy to point out that the ingredients in Mediterranean Trim are readily available and inexpensive to put together, Life Extension could nonetheless still charge an arm-and-a-leg for it to appeal to those who feel spending more produces better results (hint: it doesn’t). 

life extension mediterranean trim with sinetrol website

Along with Life Extension’s website, the product is widely available through corporate and independent retailers, both online and traditional, including Amazon, Walmart, Fred Meyers, and many independent retailers who need your dollars more than Amazon, Fred Meyers, or Walmart do. 

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