PrebioThrive Review – A Closer Look at This Prebiotic Supplement

Gundry MD is one of the most well-known companies in the world of gut health supplements. We’ve reviewed a lot of Gundry MD supplements already and now we are going to dive into our Prebiothrive review. 

Prebiothrive is a prebiotic supplement that combines five key prebiotic ingredients. The goal of the supplement is to help your body better absorb probiotics, which can lead to improved digestion, increased energy, and better overall health.

Our product reviews are somewhat distinctive (we hope!). We research and report on the companies behind these products. Whenever possible, we provide insights into the people who founded the company and its leadership. We want to make sure that the supplements we review are effective, clean, and produced by credible companies. Keep reading our Prebiothrive review to see if this supplement is worthwhile.

PrebioThrive By Gundry MD Supplement

About Gundry MD

Before we review any supplement, we like to research the company that creates the supplement. A trustworthy company can make the difference between a good and a bad supplement. The supplement industry is not well-regulated so it’s important to purchase products from companies that adhere to the highest standards. With that said, let’s take a closer look at Gundry MD, the manufacturer of Prebiothrive.

Creator of PrebioThrive Dr. Steven Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry is the man behind Gundry MD supplements. For more than thirty years, Dr. Gundry was one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in heart surgery. He graduated cum laude from Yale, with special honors in Human Biological and Social Evolution.

Dr. Gundry was an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and did his residency in General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Michigan. He and his colleagues performed more infant and pediatric heart transplants than anyone else in the world. Dr. Gundry has operated in more than thirty countries, holds patents for some incredibly complex instruments used in heart surgery, and is the author of several New York Times best-selling books. His published works focus on nutrition and diet, including The Plant Paradox, and Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution.

The mission statement of Gundry MD is :

To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through a unique vision of diet and nutrition.”

Dr. Gundry’s philosophy, which he refers to as Holobiotics, is that the key to sustainable health is our beneficial microbes, which he refers to as our “gut buddies.” This may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. Dr. Gundry believes that the best approach to health is a proactive approach, and one of the most effective ways to take care of your overall health is by focusing on your gut health. This is the very reason Dr. Gundry founded a supplement company.

Dr. Gundry spent years as a surgeon, exposed to individuals with all types of health ailments. Eventually, he decided that he wanted to help people avoid getting sick in the first place. Thus, he created Gundry MD to provide healthy supplements that help people stay healthy and avoid health complications down the line.

The company markets a variety of supplements, skin and hair care products, foods, and books. We have looked at supplements like Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore in the past. Today, we will take a closer look at PrebioThrive to see how it stacks up.

In this article, we will provide a brief discussion of the role of prebiotics and probiotics and will define lectins and their impact on gut health. We’ll review the PrebioThrive product formulation and its key ingredients. We’ll discuss the product’s features and benefits and investigate to determine if the product is meeting its marketing claims. We’ll inform you where you can find the product, review the cost-value relationship, and as always provide you our rating in terms of effectiveness and value.

Our reviews are designed to be as comprehensive as possible for individuals who want to absorb as much information as possible before buying a supplement. You are welcome to read through the entire review or skip around to the sections that you are most interested in.

The Synbiotic Nature of Prebiotics and Probiotics

No, we didn’t misspell “symbiotic”, which relates to the interaction between two different organisms located in close proximity in a mutually beneficial relationship. The term “synbiotics” refers to a mixture of prebiotics and probiotics that improve the survival rate and activity of beneficial microorganisms in the gut. 

First things first, it’s important to understand the differentiation between probiotics and prebiotics.

  • Probiotics are living organisms, the healthy bacteria that protect against digestive issues (as Dr. Gundry says, your “gut buddies”).
  • Prebiotics are microorganisms that support the healthy balance of good bacteria, the probiotics, in your gut.

To summarize, probiotics are healthy bacteria in your gut, and prebiotics are ingredients that help you better absorb probiotics. Most people who research gut health are familiar with probiotics, but fewer are aware of the importance of prebiotics.

Prebiotics ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the probiotics you consume. A prebiotic supplement can help you get the best results from the probiotics you consume (either through your diet or as supplements).

More and more research is being released on the importance of gut health. Having a healthy gut is beneficial for more than just digestive health. The bacteria in your gut can impact more than just digestion. These bacteria are referred to as your “gut microbiome” and they affect a variety of different processes in the body. While improved gut health can lead to improved digestive health, it also has a lot of other benefits such as improved mood, increased energy, and improved overall health.

Importance of Gut Health

We could write all day about the importance of a healthy gut, but we want to shift our focus back to Prebiothrive. Prebiothrive is a prebiotic supplement that contains prebiotic ingredients that can help support the growth of probiotics. Let’s take a closer look at the product.

About Prebiothrive Prebiotic Supplement

PrebioThrive is an unflavored powder prebiotic supplement that contains fiber to support the growth of probiotics. The product is manufactured in the U.S. in a cGMP (Certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, always something we look for and recommend in supplements you may be considering. The product is also soy-free and sugar-free, with no artificial sweeteners or lectins.

The company recommends taking PrebioThrive with eight fluid ounces of water; however, it works well in other drinks such as a smoothie or protein shake. For optimum results, the company suggests your prebiotic be taken in conjunction with a probiotic supplement. We recommend Gundry MD’s 24-Strain Probiotic as a great probiotic supplement.

Let’s take a closer look at the Prebiothrive ingredients to see how the supplement lives up to its claims.

PrebioThrive Key Ingredients

When you first look at the PrebioThrive supplement facts, it seems very simple. There are no vitamins, minerals, or proprietary blends listed. All we see is a high-fiber supplement. You can see the ingredient label below.

PrebioThrive by Gundry MD Supplement Facts

The power of the supplement comes from the ingredients that contribute to the fiber count on the supplement label. The PrebioThrive ingredients list includes five fiber-rich prebiotics that can help improve your gut health.

PrebioThrive by Gundry MD Ingredients

The prebiotic ingredients include:

  • Organic Acacia Gum
  • Organic agave inulin
  • Organic flaxseed
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides
  • Organic guar gum

All of these ingredients are 100% natural and organic. Let’s take a closer look at what they do.

Organic acacia gum comes from the sap from the acacia tree. It is a fiber-dense prebiotic ingredient.

Organic agave inulin comes from the blue agave plant and serves as an excellent source of dietary fiber. Agave adds a sweet flavor to the product while having minimal impact on blood sugar levels

Organic flaxseed is an excellent addition to PrebioThrive’s ingredients. Flaxseed is a source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant properties in addition to fiber

Organic guar gum comes from guar beans and can increase the fiber content in foods. This ingredient can help with digestive health and support regular bowel movements.

Galacto-oligosaccharides are a type of carbohydrate that can improve bowel function and digestive health. The addition of galactooligosaccharides (GOS)can improve mineral absorption and support your immune health.

Overall, the ingredients are simple and effective. We consider PrebioThrive to be a well-researched formula of prebiotics, transparent in their origins and applications.

PrebioThrive Recommended Dosage

The company’s recommended dosage is one scoop of PrebioThrive (10 grams) in eight fluid ounces of water every morning. This dosage, which delivers seven grams of organic fiber, supports regularity and digestive health. The supplement becomes even more effective when combined with a probiotic supplement (contributing to the “synbiotic” effect we discussed earlier).

Benefits of PrebioThrive 

The most significant benefit of PrebioThrive is to protect and support healthy probiotics in the stomach. Of course, that benefit leads to a list of even more benefits. PrebioThrive is designed to support a healthy gut microbiome. Key benefits include:

  • Improved digestion
  • Increased natural energy
  • Improved mood
  • Weight management
  • Improved overall health

Does PrebioThrive Work?

By this point in our PrebioThrive review, you should be aware of PrebioThrive’s ingredients, benefits, and the importance of maintaining a healthy gut. Now, we get to the million-dollar question: does PrebioThrive actually deliver results?

PrebioThrive gets high marks for efficacy when used in conjunction with probiotics. The fiber performs its function in aiding in digestion and relieving abdominal distress. We also noted increased energy and vitality. We recommend this regimen for anyone with stomach issues or those taking a course of antibiotics. 

If you are serious about your gut health, PrebioThrive is a great supplement to add to your regimen. As noted throughout the review, it will be most effective when combined with a healthy diet and a probiotic supplement.

Where to Buy Gundry MD PrebioThrive

PrebioThrive by Gundry MD Supplement Website

PrebioThrive generally sells for $79 per jar. At the moment, the company is running a sale and you can get a jar for $49 using this link.

You can save even more by stocking up. You can purchase three jars for $132 ($44/jar) or six jars for $199 ($33.16/jar). If you’ve yet to try the product, we recommend starting with a single jar. If you find that PrebioThrive improves your health, it definitely makes sense to stock up and take advantage of the savings.

Gundry MD has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so if you have unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Based on our PrebioThrive review, we think you will like the product, however it is nice to have some peace of mind when making a purchase.

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Additional Information on PrebioThrive

Since our initial PrebioThrive review, we’ve received a handful of questions from readers. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we received.

Is it better to take prebiotics or probiotics?

Prebiotics and probiotics should not be thought of as alternatives to each other. The two supplements work together to support healthy bacteria in your gut. Probiotic supplements contain actual healthy bacteria and prebiotic supplements help your body better absorb these bacteria. You can think of probiotics as a gut health booster and prebiotics as a multiplier that makes probiotics more effective.

If you were only taking one of the two supplements, probiotics are likely to be more effective. That said, you will get the best results by combining the two.

How long does it take for PrebioThrive to work?

If you are trying to improve your gut health, don’t expect to see results overnight. Rebalancing your gut bacteria can take time. You need to introduce good gut bacteria and stick with the regimen for some time. Furthermore, you should combine your prebiotic supplementation with a healthy diet and a probiotic to make sure you are taking a holistic approach. We recommend sticking with your regimen for at least 60 days to get the best results. PrebioThrive has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so that still leaves plenty of time to get a refund if you find that it is ineffective.

Who should take Gundry MD PrebioThrive?

PrebioThrive is designed to support good bacteria in the gut, and gut health is important for everyone. Years ago, probiotics and prebiotics were primarily used by individuals looking to improve digestion or deal with other stomach-issues. Now, research shows that these types of supplements are beneficial to everyone.

PrebioThrive is ideal for anyone who is looking to promote beneficial gut bacteria. If you are not getting enough prebiotic fiber in your diet, the ingredients in PrebioThrive will help you fill in the gaps. The supplement can support digestive health and improve overall energy levels (benefits most of us would appreciate).

What are the PrebioThrive side effects?

The ingredients in PrebioThrive are 100% natural and are not known to have serious side effects. Side effects are not common but, as is true with any digestive supplement, some users may experience slight stomach discomfort when taking the product (very few customers cite side effects in their Prebiothrive reviews). Often times, when side effects do occur, they subside over time as your body adjusts to the product. 

Of course, you should always consult with your physician before trying any new supplement.

How Does PrebioThrive Compare to Other Gundry MD Products?

We have reviewed many of the top Gundry MD products and most of them have scored favorably. The company creates well-researched supplements that use high-quality ingredients. The product line offers a range of health solutions that can work well to support your digestive system, immune system, and overall wellbeing. 

PrebioThrive is the company’s prebiotic solution. If you are looking to get your probiotics and prebiotics in the same supplement, you can check out Gundry MD Bio-Complete 3. If you are looking to add some other healthy products to your diet you may consider a few of the options listed below.

  • Vital Reds – Vital Reds is a blend of polyphenol-rich superfoods. The blend contains 34 superfruits with a range of benefits. You can read the full review here.
  • ProPlant Complete Shake – ProPlant is a meal shake that can help you minimize cravings, improve your digestive system, and increase your energy. You can read the full review here.
  • Primal Plants – Primal Plants is a green superfood supplement that contains 25 different “super greens.” The product also contains a probiotic belnd and a metabolic enhancing blend. You can read the full review here.

In Summary

We are favorably impressed with Gundry MD and its PrebioThrive prebiotic. They are very transparent in their ownership, marketing, labeling, and packaging. They use an independent third-party facility for testing of all products and stand behind their product with a 90-day, money-back guarantee. PrebioThrive contains only natural, organic ingredients, all identified on the package, with no proprietary blends. We give PrebioThrive excellent grades for efficacy, supported by a plethora of favorable customer reviews on the company website in line with our findings.

PrebioThrive Supplement Review
  • Efficacy
  • Value


PrebioThrive is a prebiotic dietary supplement that contains fiber to help support the growth of prebiotics. It can also be used every day as a daily source of fiber. Learn more about PrebioThrive by reading this in-depth review of this product.

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