ProPlant Complete Shake Review – Is This Gundry MD Plant Protein Healthy?

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By Thomas Youngerman

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ProPlant Complete Shake Review

The founder of Gundry MD, Dr. Steven Gundry. was one of the world’s pre-eminent experts in heart surgery for more than thirty years. His resume is most impressive; he graduated cum laude from Yale, with special honors, was an Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and did his residency in General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery at the University of Michigan. He and his colleagues performed more infant and pediatric heart transplants than anyone else in the world. Dr. Gundry has operated in more than thirty countries, holds patents for some incredibly complex instruments used in heart surgery, and is the author of several New York Times best-selling books. His published works focus on nutrition and diet, including Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution, The Plant Paradox, and The Plant Paradox Cookbook.

In 2002 Dr. Gundry founded the Center for Restorative Medicine in Loma Linda, CA, and has spent the ensuing years studying the human microbiome. The mission statement of GUNDRY MD is “To dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through a unique vision of diet and nutrition.” 

Dr. Gundry’s philosophy, which he refers to as Holobiotics, is that the key to sustainable health is our beneficial microbes, what he refers to as our “gut buddies.”

Gundry MD markets a variety of nutritional supplements, skin and hair care products, foods, and books on their website. Their supplement line includes Total Restore, Lectin Shield, Primal Plants, Vital Reds, and the product we’ll look at today – ProPlant Complete Shake.


ProPlant Complete Shake is manufactured by Gundry MD and designed to support muscle growth, recovery, digestion, and more. So, now let’s see if this supplement powder is really up to par. In this review of ProPlant Complete Shake, we’ll delve into Holobiotics, the microbiome, and we’ll decide if this product is truly worth using.

Ready to see if this supplement powder should be your next purchase? Let’s dive into this thorough ProPlant Complete Shake review!

ProPlant Complete Shake Review: Key Facts
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💊 Ingredients Plant Proteins, Fiber, Spirulina, and more
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The Microbiome & Dr. Gundry’s Holobiotics

Industry-wide gut health, the microbiome, and immunity are among the hottest topics in the natural products space. Your stomach, large intestine, and small intestine, together with your digestive system, is home to some 100 trillion bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for digesting our food, regulating hormones, eliminating toxins, and producing vital nutrients.  The beneficial bacteria in our gut represent some 80% of our immune cells, which protect us against colds, pathogens, viruses, and other “bugs.”

Dr. Gundry was a pioneer in discovering that the digestive system plays an essential role in the healthy function of your immune system. His theory, Holobiotics, is based on the belief that true health only happens when you’re living in a state of cooperation with the trillions of tiny microbes that live everywhere in, on, and around your body. If you want to stay healthy, taking care of your gut health to power up your natural defenses is paramount. When your immune system is compromised, you are at an increased risk for autoimmune diseases, colds, cases of flu, allergies, and a myriad of other conditions.

Dr. Gundry

Defining The Microbiome

Defining the microbiome can be a bit complicated. Many people use microbiota and microbiome interchangeably. The microbiota refers to the 10-100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells harbored by each person, primarily bacteria in the gut; the human microbiome consists of the genes these cells harbor.  Although these terms apply to cells that live in or on the body, in supplementation, the term microbiome typically refers only to the cells and genes, the bacteria which reside within the digestive tract.

Understanding Holobiotics

In Holobiotics, Dr. Gundry explains that the entire body is dominated by different microbes, both good and bad. Unfortunately, most people choose a diet and lifestyle that kills off their good bacteria and increases the growth and multiplication of harmful microbes. This loss of microbe balance eventually throws off the wellness balance of your whole body.

Holobiotics is the name Dr. Gundry created for the diet and lifestyle choices required to bring their microbe ratio back into balance. The good gut microbes stimulate the immune system to get into gear when needed, creating an inextricable link between gut health and immune health.

What About Those Harmful Microbes

There are three primary types of harmful microbes:

  • Lectins – plant-based proteins that interrupt proper cell function and play a role in obesity, chronic inflammation, and autoimmune diseases
  • Pathogens – bacteria and viruses that cause illness and infection to their host
  • Gut yeasts – which harm healthy digestion, cause infections and help make you overweight

Each product Gundry MD markets is designed to support the objective of improving human health, happiness, and longevity through diet and nutrition. The ProPlant Complete Shake is an excellent example.


What Is ProPlant Complete Shake?

The ProPlant Complete Shake is a nutritional protein supplement in powdered form. As the name implies, the formula is made entirely from plant-based ingredients, including protein from Flaxseed, Hemp, and Spirulina, for a natural vegan-friendly option. Each 30-gram scoop (Vanilla) contains100 calories, 3 grams Fat, 12 grams of Carbohydrates (7 grams Dietary Fiber and 1 gm Sugar), and 10 grams of Protein.

ProPlant comes in only two flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.

ProPlant Complete Shake Ingredients

ProPlant is a blend of plant proteins and fiber including, flaxseed, hemp, and spirulina, sweetened with Stevia – the chocolate flavor also includes cocoa. The product is made in the U.S. in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility and contains no artificial sweeteners.

  • Flaxseed – rich in the omega-3 fatty acid ALA, lignans, fiber, and protein – all have significant potential health benefits.
  • Hemp – a high-quality, complete plant-based protein that contains all twenty amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids
  • Spirulina – one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, this superfood is 60% protein, and contain18 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids
  • Cocoa powder – rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which have amazing health properties

Overall, ProPlant is a well-researched plant-based complete protein formula. The single scoop serving size seems a bit underdosed at only ten grams of protein. Due to the Supplement Panel, we cannot discern the precise dosage per ingredient.


ProPlant Complete Shake Recommended Dosage

During our research, other reviews of ProPlant consistently referred to a two-scoop serving size. The Gundry MD website states – “Add one scoop (30g) once per day to 8-12 fluid ounces of water or unsweetened coconut milk.”

We’re pretty confident that the one scoop recommendation is a function of the jar size, 22 ounces, twenty servings. At two scoops per serving, a jar would represent only ten servings, which would drive the cost per serving to an exorbitant $6.99 at regular retail price.


ProPlant Complete Shake Benefits

Protein is an essential macronutrient (a type of food required in large amounts in the human diet) that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and make enzymes and hormones. Macronutrients provide calories (energy) for bodily functions, growth, and metabolism.  Proteins are complex molecules, made up of amino acids that aid in building stronger bones and muscles, and may aid in weight loss. Other benefits of protein supplementation:

  • Higher protein intake and more muscle can boost your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories
  • Protein promotes satiety, a feeling of fullness, and decreases cravings and snacking
  • Protein can aid in the reduction of chronic inflammation, a contributor to the aging process and a precursor to catastrophic diseases
  • Additional protein aids in recovery from surgery
  • In the elderly, it can help to preserve muscle and avoid the onset of sarcopenia
  • Supports heart and brain health

How Does ProPlant Complete Shake Perform – The Claims vs. The Reality

The amount of protein thought to be adequate for most healthy people, is set at 0.8 grams per kilogram. For someone who weighs 150 pounds, this translates to roughly 55 grams of protein; a 200-pound person requires about 70 grams. Athletes undergoing intense training may consume more than double the RDA. Ordinary people access most of their required protein intake through diet. For non-athletes, ProPlant’s single scoop recommended serving size is adequate to supplement their needs. Athletes will need to dramatically exceed the ProPlant serving size or resort to a different source, such as whey protein.


As with other Gundry MD items we have reviewed, consistency and clumping can be an issue. Some people also have an issue with taste and the limited flavors available.

Is ProPlant Complete Shake Safe?

Most protein supplements are generally regarded as safe. Protein powders may cause digestive distress, and excessive intake can cause headaches, nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea. Those who are lactose intolerant should avoid whey and other milk-based products.

We suggest you check with your medical professional before adding any new supplement to your regimen.

ProPlant Complete Shake Pricing

The Gundry MD website lists a twenty-serving jar, 22 oz. at $69.95, but it is currently on sale for $49.95 when you use this link. You can also save more money by buying in bulk. They offer a three-pack at $134.85 ($44.95/unit) and six-pack at $254.70 ($42.45/unit).

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Additionally, Gundry MD backs all of their products with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it and receive a full refund.


In Summary: ProPlant Complete Shake

We are favorably impressed with Gundry MD and their ProPlant Complete Shake. They are very transparent in their ownership, marketing, labeling, and packaging. They use an independent third-party facility to test all products and stand behind their brand with a 90-day, money-back guarantee.

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