obé Fitness Review – Is This Fitness App Worth Downloading?

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By Ryan Brennan

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Obé Fitness Review

Do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable when going to a gym packed full of people? Do you have a schedule that makes it difficult to go to the gym in the morning? Do you wish you could just bring your gym home with you?

These are problems most people face when trying to stay on top of their fitness goals. One of the most difficult aspects of working out is actually getting yourself to workout. This is largely because so many different things need to happen before working out. 

First, you need to get into your workout clothes and pack your bag. Then, you need to get in the car or walk to the gym. Once you get to the gym, you have to make sure your machines and weights are free for the workout you want to do. 

Eventually, you get your opportunity to workout, but you’re already irritated, uncomfortable, and can’t wait to get back home so you can move on with your day. For the most part, your workout is already ruined by the time you start. 

In today’s digital world, technology is making it much easier to follow your daily workout routine and chase those fitness goals you’ve set for yourself. Of all the apps and websites available for fitness enthusiasts, the obé Fitness App has gained a lot of attention recently. 

If you were interested in learning more about this live streaming fitness platform, we’re going to break down everything there is to know about it. Let’s get started with this obé Fitness review!

Obe Fitness App Review

Getting Started With obé Fitness

Before we get started with the obé fitness streaming service, it’s important to understand that they currently only offer a web app and an iOS app. This means you can only access the streaming service via an Apple phone or the internet. 

Unfortunately, those with Android devices and limited internet connectivity will have a difficult time utilizing the service. 

With that being said, getting started is rather easy, and they even offer a free one-week trial for anyone interested in trying it. This is similar to the free trial most other fitness apps offer, which is generally a free one-week or two-week trial.

When signing up for your free trial, you’ll first be asked to provide your first name, last name, email address, and a password that contains at least six characters. You’ll also be asked to read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. 

Once you provide that, you’ll be taken to a three-step process to get your free trial started. You’ll have three subscriptions to choose from (which take effect after the trial), and you’ll have to provide your card information to keep on file. The three subscription choices are:

  1. Monthly – $27 per month
  2. Quarterly – $65 per quarter
  3. Annually – $199 per year

The second step in the process involves telling obé a little more about yourself. You can add a photo of yourself, your birthday, city, state, zip code, country, and fitness level. You have five options to choose from when selecting your fitness level:

  1. Beginner – baby steps please!
  2. Intermediate – I move 2-3 times per week.
  3. Advanced – I move 4+ times per week.
  4. Prenatal – keep me and my baby active and safe. 
  5. Postnatal – ready to get that pre-baby body back.

The third step is simple. All you need to do is let obé know how you heard about them and click ‘Continue.’ If you don’t want to provide this information, you can choose to skip it. Once you finish with this step, you’ll be taken to the home page where you get to meet all the different features the obé fitness app provides. 

My Obe

obé Fitness Features

Once you’re officially a part of the obé Fitness app family — or at least until the trial is over — you get full access to the app’s features and capabilities. What you’ll find is just about everything you need when getting in a solid workout at home. 

We’re going to go over all the different features available and what we like — or don’t like — about each one. As you follow through, you’ll get a good glimpse of whether or not this fitness streaming service is right for you. 

Obe Training Programs

Let’s take a look

Live Schedule

One of the great things about going to a gym that offers classes is having a fitness trainer right there to guide you along through the workout. In fact, many people sign up at a gym exclusively for the classes — so much so that gyms across the world have started to focus more on classes and less on open gym time. 

Unlike most fitness apps, the obé fitness app features a live class schedule that runs every single day. The classes are, in fact, live and give you a more personal experience than most apps provide. 

They update the calendar every week, with classes running from 7:00 AM ET until 2:30 PM ET. This means you’ll be able to map out your schedule for the week and make it work with your other responsibilities throughout the week. 

The classes each day give users a wide range of different types to choose from. For example, one of their days currently features a low impact hiit, pilates, cardio boxing, power, hip hop cardio dance, sculpt, side stretch flow, yoga, strength, and barre classes — each one 30 minutes long. 

There’s also an easy integration button to add a workout to your Google, Outlook, or ICAL calendar, so you don’t forget. 

Obe Schedule


Some people might be bummed out if they can’t make the 7a-3p live class schedule work because a lot of people like working out at night. If this sounds like you, the obé fitness app has you covered with an on-demand feature. 

This feature provides each user with an extremely dense list of pre-recorded workout videos to keep you honest when you miss a live class. Better yet, they come in a wide range of difficulties and class lengths, which could range from 5 minutes to one hour. 

When sifting through the hundreds of videos available, you can filter them according to:

  1. Class Type – barre, bounce, cardio boxing, dance, dance hiit, hiit, pilates, power, sculpt, stretch, strength, vinyasa yoga, yoga sculpt, kids, seniors, meditation, and talks.
  2. Fitness Level – beginner, open level, advanced, prenatal, and postnatal.
  3. Class Length – 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 28 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes.
  4. Body Focus – full body, upper body, lower body, and abs.
  5. Impact – no impact, low impact, and high impact. 
  6. Instructors – there are over 30 different instructors to choose from.
  7. Equipment – no equipment, hand weights, ankle weights, barre ball, chair, foam roller, resistance loops, sliders, trampoline, towel, yoga bolster, yoga blocks, and yoga mats. 

With the amount of classes available through their on-demand feature, the obé fitness app gives users everything they need when learning how to work out properly with the right techniques.


If live classes and on-demand classes aren’t quite working for you, there’s something else you might find interesting. Their ‘Programs’ feature allows you to join a training program that gives you even more guidance on which classes to take on what days. 

Obe Programs

When looking at the different programs, you’ll have three categories to choose from, each with several programs inside:

  1. Training Programs – obé for Runners, 7-Day Abs, 7-Day Legs, 7-Day Arms, 30-Day Hard AF Program, 15-Day Low-Impact High-Burn Program, and The 30-Day Endorphins Program.
  2. Partner Programs – The All Burn No BS Program, The Everygirl 10-Day Summer Program, Bumble 7-Day Connection Program, 15-Day Whole30 Program, PureWow 10-Day Program, KERRently Sweating, and more.
  3. Just Getting Started – Beginner Program, Intermediate Program, WW 7-Day Getting Started Program

These programs range from 7 days to 30 days and help give you more stability and confidence when working out. You’ll know what to prepare for, and you’ll know what you’re supposed to be doing that day in order to reach your fitness goals. 


If you wanted to get a better look at the different instructors available when you sign up for the obé fitness app, this feature found on the main menu is everything you’re looking for. You can filter the instructors by class type to see them listed that way. 

When you click on an instructor’s profile, you’ll have access to their brief bio, Instagram account so you can follow them, and then a list of all their workout videos available. 

As you start taking classes, you’ll start to figure out who your favorites are. This is where you can check out all the other videos your favorite instructors have. 

Obe Instructors

My obé 

The ‘My obé’ feature is your dashboard, where you can view a wide range of information regarding your account. You can edit your profile, view how many classes you’ve taken, any classes you’ve completed this week, and a list of the videos you’ve favorited. 

There will also be a widget that shows you upcoming classes for the day, as well as an easy button to add it to your calendar. As you start to take more classes, you can come here to boast about how many you’ve completed.

Obe Live Class


The obé fitness app doesn’t stop at classes, videos, and programs when keeping you on top of your fitness regime. They also offer a blog where you can go to learn more about staying fit, exercising properly, and eating the right foods. 

Their blog isn’t filled with tacky topics that you see blasted everywhere. They allow their fitness instructors and influencers to showcase some of the tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout their fitness journey. 

It’s an excellent way to get inside some of the instructors’ own regime outside of their workouts and see what helps them stay motivated and healthy. 


To make this fitness app that much more beneficial for the user, the obé fitness app features an entire online shop full of products you’ll find useful when working out. This is something most fitness apps don’t have and definitely sets them apart. 

In the shop, you’ll find everything from workout equipment, workout accessories, and workout apparel to give your fitness journey some added pizzazz. Here’s what’s available in each section of the shop:

  1. Equipment – resistance loops, ankle weights, barre ball, floor sliders, and a beginner’s kit.
  2. Accessories – daybook fitness journal, bracelet, and tote bag. 
  3. Apparel – leggings, sweatshirts, and hats. 

All the products available in the shop are equipped with the obé logo, meaning you get to show off your new fitness lifestyle to all your friends as you post your progress on social media! Trust us; everyone will be jealous and eventually start joining in on the fun!

Obe Shop

Is obé Fitness Worth It?

Obé Fitness and its app come with a lot of features that make it extremely easy for anyone to get their workouts in each week. It’s one of my favorite fitness apps in the market today and has only improved over the years. 

Overall, the $27 per month can be a bit expensive to some — especially those looking for an alternative to their $10 gym membership. If you can justify the price, however, this app is extremely valuable. The $200 annual price can help you save some money in the long run. 

Whether you like the feel of being in a live class with a real instructor, doing your workouts with an instructor’s guidance on your own time (sort of like personal training), or a full-on training program to keep you disciplined, the obé fitness app has it all. 

What I really like about this app is the simplicity. From the moment you download the app, there’s no confusion, and everything’s extremely easy to find. When you start a class or workout, they focus on keeping the screen as large as possible to minimize distractions. 

The end result is an experience that truly feels like a one-on-one workout with a true professional. The ability to integrate it to play on your TV helps you turn your entire living room, bedroom, or office into a gym whenever you need it. 

The added blog and shop give you more tools and resources to improve your fitness journey. 

Obe 30 Day Program

The one thing that’s a little disappointing about the app is the lack of Android usage. Without having an app on the Play Store, it makes it hard for people to get a quality experience when the internet isn’t available.

It should also be noted that there won’t be any way of tracking nutrition with this app, just pure fitness. 

obé Fitness Alternatives

The fitness community has become extremely interested in the incorporation of technology into their daily regimes. This has risen to popularity in fitness apps for just about anyone, whether you want a full experience, quick workouts, nutritional tracking, and much more. 

To help you find the right fitness app for you, we’re going to display some of the other quality apps available on the market. We’ll discuss two of them — SworkIt and Aaptiv — that won’t cost as much as the obé fitness app. 


Coming in at $9.99 per month — or $59.99 per year — the SworkIt app is home to a wide range of different workouts and programs. It’s not as simple to use as the obé fitness app, but it has everything you need when putting a good workout routine together. 

The thing I like most about this app is the free version — which is actually much more useful than the paid version. You won’t get to enter any of the classes or programs, but you’ll be able to see which exercises are in each class and how many reps there are. 

The free version also gives you access to their exercise library. Take what you learned from the workout plan they give, look up each exercise, and get a full breakdown of the technique involved — all for free! 


Aaptiv is a fitness app that is a little more interactive than SworkIt, but not quite as good as the obé fitness app. It costs $14.99 per month, which still makes this app more than worth it for anyone looking at workout plan ideas. 

It’s great for beginners and has a “Coach” feature available to help guide you through your week. It’s also designed to appeal to the more advanced fitness enthusiasts by providing more of a tracking software. 

If you’re looking for something similar to the obé fitness app, but not as expensive, the Aaptiv app is a quality choice. I like their trainers, and it’s easier to navigate through than SworkIt. 

Final Verdict: obé Fitness

I really like the obé fitness app if you’re looking for more of a one-on-one experience when working out at home. You can also use it in the gym, but it’s best-suited for larger screens like a TV. Either way, you can make it work on a phone as well. 

When you enter a class, the instructor is in a neon-like gradient-lit room — if you’ve seen the video to Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling,’ you’ll know what I’m talking about. It provides an uplifting and exciting environment, while limiting distractions.

The instructors are also extremely talented at keeping you motivated. They truly make the class fun and do a great job of detailing how to do each exercise. If you join in Live, they might even shout you out. 

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There are a wide range of workouts available. If you can get over the hump of not being available on Android, this is definitely one of the better fitness apps out there. 

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