VitaPost CLA 2000 Review – A Supplement For Gaining Weight

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By Leslie Waterson

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VitaPost CLA 2000 Review

Despite what you might think, not all fats are bad for you. In the past, fats were the dietary industries number one boogeyman, but the general consensus now is that fat is actually an extremely healthy part of a balanced diet. Fats are necessary for energy and for healthy brain functioning. 

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a type of fat that is present in high amounts in dairy, beef, and other animal by-products. CLA is a polyunsaturated fat, meaning that it has multiple unbonded hydroxide chains in its molecular structure. There is evidence that CLA may have beneficial effects on human health. 

CLA 2000 is a specific CLA supplement designed to give you the daily allotment and more of CLA. “Fat pills” sound a bit odd so we are going to take a look at CLA 2000 and see if it really can do what it says in this review.

VitaPost CLA 2000 bottle

What Is VitaPost CLA 2000?

VitaPost CLA 2000

The idea of taking fat supplements is actually not as weird as it might initially sound. Several people take omega-3 supplements, which are a type of unsaturated fatty acids like CLA is. These kinds of fatty acids may have health benefits when taken regularly over the long term. 

CLA 2000 consists of soft gel capsules that you can directly ingest. Each capsule contains over 2000mg of CLA isomers and only contains about 20 calories. A single CLA 2000 contains about 2g of fat, or about 4% of the daily recommended amount. 

CLA 2000 claims that it can help support a healthy body composition and supports exercise and dieting. The creators recommend taking 2 soft gels per servings, once a day. Simply wash the capsule down with a glass of water, and feel the benefits. 

CLA 2000 Advantages

  • Convenient soft gel design
  • CLA possibly has health benefits
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Bundle package available


  • Ingredients list is very small
  • Effectiveness is not proven
  • Non-vegan

Who Makes CLA 2000?

CLA 2000 is made by Vita Balance, a nutritional supplement company based out of Richmond, VA. Vita Balance currently owns 30+ different nutritional brands, including Keto Fit and Cilexin. All Vita Balance products are created in the US and are manufactured in an FDA-complaint facility. Vita Balance claims to subject each product to a rigorous research phase and that they take into account the latest science when designing their products. Vita Balance’s mission statement is “To source and manufacture the finest quality natural supplements while inspiring our customers to invest in their wellbeing.”

How Does CLA 2000 Work?

CLA 2000 is a fat supplement, similar to fish oil supplements that have Omega-3 fatty acids. CLA is derived from the muscle tissue and by-products of ruminant animals (i.e. cows, sheep, goats, deer, etc.). Ruminants have a special digestive enzyme in their stomachs that converts fatty acids in green plants into CLA. The CLA is then stored in their muscle tissues and by-products. 

CLA has about 28 different known isomers—substances that have the same chemical formula but a different molecular structure. The two most important kinds of CLA determined by experiments are c9, t11 and c10, t12. In general, t10, c12 is the type that is found in CLA supplements

Despite the fact that CLA is technically a trans fat, it is very unlike artificial trans fats that make processed foods unhealthy, Naturally produced trans fats like CLA might actually have health benefits. CLA is not an essential nutrient, so the body does not actually need it to function. 

VitaPost CLA 2000 tablets

Do CLA Supplements Help You Lose Weight?

That answer: Probably not, or at the very least, it’s not any more effective than other methods. Scientists have done a lot of CLA supplement studies and concluded that it is very effective for weight loss in various species of non-human animals. Studies in rats and pigs have shown that CLA can greatly reduce body fat compared to placebos. 

However, the story is different with humans. Studies of CLA supplements in humans show that it is not very effective for weight loss. Moreover, there is some evidence that CLA can be harmful in larger doses. CLA has been linked with inflammation and increased liver enzymes. 

The findings are not the same for naturally derived CLA sources. Naturally synthesized CLA has not been shown to have the detrimental effects that artificial CLA has. In fact, naturally derived CLA consumption is linked to lower risk of heart disease and cancers. 

VitaPost CLA 2000 Ingredients

CLA 2000 has one active ingredient:

  • 2,000mg CLA

The CLA is derived from Safflower oil.

It also contains gelatin, glycerin, and water, but these make up the soft gel part and are inert. 

VitaPost CLA 2000 Supplement Facts

Is VitaPost CLA 2000 Safe?

CLA supplements are generally regarded as safe. That said, large doses may have some adverse side effects.

CLA supplements have been linked to inflammation and increase liver enzyme count. Some customers also report nausea, upset stomach, and constipation when taking CLA 2000., though these cases were in the minority. 

Where To Buy CLA 2000

You can buy CLA from the product’s website or from Amazon. A 60-capsule bottle (1 month’s supply) costs $24.95.

VitaPost CLA 2000 website

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Final Verdict: VitaPost CLA 2000

Is CLA 2000 worth it? It depends. As a CLA supplement, CLA 2000 is well-priced and well-dosed. If you are considering trying a CLA supplement, CLA 2000 may be a good choice. Just make sure to have realistic expectations. CLA has its benefits, but it is not a magic weight loss pill.

If you want to get the benefits of CLA, you can also incorporate more CLA-rich foods into your diet instead of taking a supplement. Foods like butter, lamb, cheese, yogurt, and beef are high in CLA. 

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