Nite Burn Review – Is This BPI Sports Supplement Worth It?

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By Scot Mills

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Nite Burn Review

Fitness is an ongoing journey, and BPI Sports has a vision of helping you with yours by producing the best supplements, standing behind what they make, and above all, making a difference. They’re passionate about health and fitness, and by achieving their own fitness goals, they feel they can help you achieve yours.

This includes helping you become a lean, ripped, fat-burning machine even while you sleep with their Nite Burn formula. It’s formulated to not only help your body burn fat, but help you get a good night’s sleep while you’re at it. 

Lose weight and get a great night’s sleep? It sounds too good to be true! So, let’s take a closer look at this weight loss and sleep support supplement. In this Nite Burn review, we’ll find out if this supplement is really all it claims to be. Ready? Let’s dive in!

BPI Sports-Passionate about health and fitness

About Nite Burn

Nite Burn is a weight loss, appetite management, and bedtime relaxation supplement from well-known company, BPI Sports. BPI aims to produce only the top when it comes to their supplements, which includes options such as RoxyLean, Best BCAA Shredded, and – of course – Nite Burn.

Nite Burn combines amino acids and plant compounds along with sleep-inducing compounds to help you fall asleep quickly, burn fat, and stay asleep through the night—or at least until it’s time to pee. Though it contains the extract of green coffee beans, BPI Sports claims the product has no stimulants—and let’s hope not since it’d be kind of hard for them to sell a sleep product that keeps you awake. 

BPI Sports Nite Burn

What Nite Burn does purportedly do is increase your metabolism and body temperature while you sleep so that you burn off more fat while you snooze. 

Let’s hope that doesn’t mean it’ll also cause you to wake up in a pool of sweat. 

Nite Burn Benefits

Burns Fat

Just because you’re asleep doesn’t mean you stop burning calories, and this product is meant to help you increase what you’ve already got going. For instance, white kidney bean extract may help inhibit the activity of the enzyme lipase to help block carbohydrates from becoming stored fat. 

There are also the controversial raspberry ketones, which likely don’t actually come from raspberries, and won’t make your keys produce any tones either. 

But what they will do is boost your metabolism without stimulants, making them ideal for sleepy-time weight loss. 

Nite Burn Benefits-Burns Fat

Boosts Metabolism

The raspberry ketones in Nite Burn may share some of the same structure as the stimulant synephrine, just not the part that keeps you wide-eyed into the wee hours. It does, however, share the part that raises your metabolism. They allegedly do this by stimulating the release of hormones responsible for regulating blood sugar and metabolism so that you get hormones doing a much better job than stimulants ever can. 


Helps You Sleep

With compounds like lemon balm and l-tryptophan to relax you, and melatonin to zonk you out, you should be in for a good night’s sleep with this formula. 

But speaking of melatonin, one thing we would like to see is just how much is in here, rather than just including it as part of the 640 mg Weight Loss Blend. Remember that we’re all different sizes and have different tolerances, so how about some indication so that some don’t fall into a 12-hour sleep-coma, while others curse the makers of this stuff as they lay wide-eyed at 3 am? 

Other than that, this, along with a healthy sleep environment and good sleep habits, will make for nightly hibernation—enjoy!

Sleep Aid Contains Non-Stimulant Ingredients

Like many other sleep aids, Nite Burn contains no stimulants. 

Nite Burn Ingredients

Nite Burn’s formula contains Vitamin D3 and a Nighttime Weight Management Blend. Below, we will discuss each of these in further detail.

Nite Burn Ingredients

Vitamin D3 1200 IU

We know it as the sunshine vitamin, and we also know that it has many functions in the body, and with more being seemingly discovered all the time. 

But along with its association with our mood, bone health, and hormone balance, low levels of vitamin D may also be an indication of obesity. In fact, studies show that high body fat is associated with low vitamin D, which may have something to do with body size itself, since the larger a person is, the more vitamin D they may need. 

And, science also shows us that those who supplemented with vitamin D along with a low calory diet and exercise experienced greater weight than those who were on a calory restricted diet and exercise program alone. 

Nighttime Weight Management Blend 640 mg

  • Raspberry Ketones
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Dandelion
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Saffron
  • Melatonin
  • Lemon Balm

For BPI Sports’ formula to do its thing, it needs compounds that not only work at helping you process fewer carbs, increase your metabolism, and burn more calories, but ones that help you fall asleep fast and stay asleep all night. 

For the former needs, there are raspberry ketones, which may rev up your resting metabolism; white kidney bean extract, which blocks carbs so that fewer are converted to fat; green coffee extract, which Dr. Oz seems to think makes a difference in weight loss; and dandelion, which contains chlorogenic acid that may inhibit hormones that encourage fat storage. 

And for the latter, this means getting into a relaxed-and-groovy mood with lemon balm before nodding with the help of tryptophan and melatonin. Kind of like Thanksgiving without all the over-eating (let’s hope), and with your hippy aunt’s special relaxing tea to help chill you out. 

Does Nite Burn Work?

Stir it all up, and what have you got? A supplement that, like so many others, works if you do. No, you can’t expect to pop a couple of Nite Burn, crash like a log, and wake up looking like a Greek statue, though it will enhance your healthy diet, sleep habits, and exercise program. 

With the ability of lemon balm to calm and destress you, along with melatonin to signal your brain that it’s time to nod for the night, the getting to sleep part shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember to do your part in maintaining a quiet, dark, clean, comfortable sleep environment and consistent sleep schedule rather than popping some pills, flopping on the couch, and hoping for the best. 

And yes, the same thing with fat burn—a healthy diet, daily exercise, and balanced hormones lead to a healthy metabolism (and sleep too, while we’re at it), which Nite Burn can help enhance the effects of. 

Who is Nite Burn Best For?

Stressed out? Tossing-and-turning into the wee hours before waking up feeling squishy and sluggish? BPI Sports may have just the thing for you. This is especially true if you’re looking for lean muscle gain and regularly put the time in at the gym only to slow your recovery with poor sleep (hint: go with stim-free fat burners and pre-workout formulas—it helps). 

Nite Burn is also good for time zone travelers and others looking for a good night’s sleep in a natural formula that can help burn a few extra calories while you’re at it. 

Nite Burn-Non-Stimulant Nighttime formula

Claims vs. Reality

While there’s no disputing the science behind most of Nite Burn’s ingredients, don’t expect it to light up fat at astronomical rates while you snooze away. What it will do is enhance your body’s ability to keep the fat from accumulating, though not to any dramatic levels. 

And of course, this is true of any safe, natural fat burner, since chances are good that a fat burner that does produce dramatic results isn’t going to be so healthy, safe, or natural. 

Is Nite Burn Safe?

You definitely need to avoid taking a few of these before a long drive or anything else you need all your motor skills in top shape for. Melatonin also has different effects for different people, so stay within the recommended dose and make sure you have a full 8+ hours available for sleep after. If you’re one of those it affects strongly, you may experience a sleep hangover, though if this is the case, the company does offer a full 60-day 100% money-back guarantee for you to take advantage of. 

Pregnant or nursing women should also check with their doctor first, as should anyone on medication.

Where to Buy Nite Burn

Nite Burn is available for purchase directly from the BPI Sports official website here.

BPI Sports Nite Burn Website

At $23.80 for about a month’s worth, Nite Burn is priced quite reasonably, which is good since they don’t seem to offer any discounts—something we have NO problem with. After all, what’s wrong with a high-quality product at a good value in the first place? Other companies seem to feel the need to start at an astronomical price point before offering various levels of discounts, which usually involves you ordering a 6-month supply to get the best cost. 

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So, better than having to trip over 6-months’ worth of something for the next 6-months, wouldn’t you rather just get a good price in the first place? Yes, we would too—thank you, BPI Sports.


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