RoxyLean Review – Is This BPI Sports Fat Burner Effective?

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By Leslie Waterson

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RoxyLean Review

One of the more desired types of supplements available on the market is fat burners, which can be very hit or miss when it comes to long term results vs. short term. RoxyLean from BPI Sports is one of these cost-effective fat burners that may work for you.

Fat burners are widely popular supplements today, though. And with so many choices out there, from Performance Lab Burn to Instant Knockout, how are you supposed to know if RoxyLean is truly the right pick? That’s why we’re going to take a closer look at this fat burner. We’ll go over its ingredients, its benefits, and whether or not it is worth the cost in this RoxyLean review.

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RoxyLean Benefits

The overall benefits from RoxyLean are weight loss and fat loss in order to assist with making your body the desired appearance you wish to have. This is accomplished through ingredients that work together to create a proper foundation for your body to lean out and drop weight.

RoxyLean Benefits

Appetite Suppression

It is hard to lose body fat when you have issues with dieting, which is why RoxyLean was designed to help curve your appetite. This will reduce the chances of consuming too many calories that are not necessary.

A fat burner like this is supposed to work by simply causing you to not want food for longer durations. Sometimes this can be negative for a user due to lack of eating for too long of periods. Always assess how many calories are needed for your diet, and ensure to consume them accordingly.

Natural Diuretic

A diuretic causes your body to release fluids often to allow flushing of toxins and excessive water storages, causing bloating. Natural ingredients have been shown to have successful results with eliminating the toxins causing fat to be retained and other possible serious medical conditions.

Lasting Fat Burning Potential

Fat burning should be taking place the entire day through nutrients promoting healthy metabolism, and possibly from ingredients that help keep it continuous. RoxyLean contains such ingredients that will help burn fat even after your workout has taken place.

Improved Energy Production

RoxyLean has caffeine content similar to a pre-workout supplement, and should be consumed prior to exercise on training days. This stimulant will give you the edge on your training to complete both muscle building and cardio, which will result in the best outcome for fat loss.

RoxyLean Ingredients

RoxyLean’s formula contains multiple ingredients for fat burning overall, and others that support the reduction of body weight through different methods. The ingredient profile is a proprietary blend, which means that the actual amount for each ingredient is hidden.

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Understand that this does not necessarily make a product bad for supplementing with, but can leave some wondering what they are really consuming in larger amounts. The total blend is 510mg, with caffeine listed as the first one.

BPI RoxyLean Supplement Facts

Caffeine Anhydrous

Anhydrous is the most common form used for caffeine and the most studied for proven effects as well. Caffeine improves energy production for short periods and possibly increases your strength and endurance. Mental focus is also improved by the use of caffeine, enhancing the ability to complete your training.

Being listed as the first ingredient for a high stimulant supplement, you can plan on there being over 300mg worth of caffeine per capsule, but again this is just an assumption due to the proprietary blend.


This ingredient is the one that acts as the natural diuretic. Goldenseal is a dried herb often used for respiratory infections and even the common cold. The intent is to release water from your body that may contain toxins, causing fat retention and possible illnesses.


Yohimbine derives from this ingredient, which is an alkaloid that essentially causes adrenaline output. This causes your metabolism to operate at a higher rate than normal, causing potentially more fat loss over an extended period.

The best effects of yohimbe are from using the supplement prior to training. That makes this product primarily a type of pre-workout with fat-burning effects. This ingredient can be toxic for the body when consumed excessively, so follow the instructions and consume only what is stated on the label.

Citrus Lemon

Not the most common ingredient seen in a fat burning supplement since the simplicity may deter some from desiring the product. However, this ingredient assists as a natural diuretic as well as working alongside the goldenseal.

A main benefit from citrus lemon is more geared towards reducing bloating and water weight, which is desired by those overweight seeking fast appearance changes at the start. Remember, reducing water weight is not fat loss, and these numbers dropping drastically will decrease over several weeks.

White Willow

White willow bark found in RoxyLean contains salicin that has similar properties to aspirin. The plant also has anti-inflammatory properties that will stimulate your metabolism and promote prolonged fat burning – especially when mixed with other similar ingredients such as yohimbe.

Being anti-inflammatory, you will also experience better muscle recovery and reduced soreness from use following a workout.

Does RoxyLean Work?

Supplements are never guaranteed to work for every person. The human body differs between each individual, and results discussed in consumer reviews are highly mixed. Many experienced weight loss after consuming for two months, but several experienced no change at all, aside from energy for training.

The reason possibly for this mix in reviews is due to the current physical shape a person is in. Those overweight and new to fitness will see drastic weight loss due to water retained in the body being drained.

Intermediate and advanced users with this supplement do not see the same results because their water weight is less with more muscle already developed. Overall, RoxyLean seems to work great for those overweight and lacking in physical activities prior to use.

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Claims vs. Reality

The biggest claim from BPI for RoxyLean is that it is an extreme weight loss supplement. This is a realistic claim due to the natural diuretics found within the product, which work well with the willow bar and yohimbe.

However, weight loss does not mean fat loss only. Weight is a number that equates to the loss of water, fat, and muscle also. Ensure to consume enough calories to protect your muscle development. This will make it only drop fat and water from the body.

Who Is RoxyLean Best For?

As mentioned previously, RoxyLean seems to work best for those just starting their fitness journey, or simply overweight. A person who has retained a lot of water due to “bulking” may see results as well by reducing the water that was retained.

Simply put, an advanced person in physical training may want to find a more effective product to use based on consumer reviews and ratings.

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Is RoxyLean Safe?

Although the intent is to drop water weight, you still need to consume plenty of water to prevent severe dehydration from occurring. Excessive water loss without drinking water will also cause your metabolism to not work properly.

This may also cause an increase in your heart rate from the caffeine with extra stimulants. Do not consume if you have had previous medical conditions without first consulting your primary physician.

Where To Buy RoxyLean

The BPI official website plus many other supplement retailers have RoxyLean available at an affordable price. This supplement requires only one daily capsule to be consumed, and is sold in a 60 serving bottle.

60 servings means you are buying a bottle that will last for 2 months, which can be found on the BPI website for $26.99. This really is one of the most affordable fat burners available today.

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