Monster Test Review – Does This Angry Supplements Testosterone Booster Work?

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By Scot Mills

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Monster Test Review

Not only is Angry Supplements mad at the world, but they also make every effort to get back at it by producing top-quality supplements they know you’ll truly love. Okay, so that’s not really getting back at anyone. For guys, though, you can join in on the aggression by using their testosterone booster, Monster Test, to get your angry androgens up. 

Angry Supplements says Monster Test is a safe and natural testosterone booster designed to help you up your T-levels without the side effects of steroids or precursors. The question is, does it really work? That’s what we’re here to find out! In this Monster Test review, we’ll take a deep dive into this testosterone booster‘s ingredients, claims. benefits, pricing, and more so you can finally know if it is worth adding to your supplement routine.

Let’s get started!

Angry Supplements

About Monster Test 

Monster Test combines vitamins, minerals, and nearly every T-boosting plant compound, amino acid, and adaptogen known so that your body can produce its own androgens safely & naturally. Though Angry Supplements claims maximum potency of their product, this doesn’t mean these are Popeye pills with massive, instant results. Unfortunately, anything that does deliver massive, instant results is also likely to deliver some poor side effects as well.

Angry Supplements Monster Test

Monster Test helps your body’s androgen production reach its peak for your age so that you can enjoy better energy, attitude, and muscle growth, though not at the expense of your health. 

Monster Test Benefits

Maximum Potency

Though Monster Test doesn’t produce extreme results—you know, the kind where you gain 40lbs of muscle over the weekend—it will help your body produce androgens at its highest level. This is done using natural ingredients such as maca and L-carnitine L-tartrate to not only boost your body’s testosterone production, but growth hormone and other androgens as well. 

These and other ingredients are delivered via a massive 6000 mg dose of compounds that are all designed to balance your body’s hormone production so that androgens are predominant in your system. 

Promotes Muscle Mass

Not only do compounds like Tribulus Terrestris boost your body’s ability to produce testosterone, compounds like L-citrulline also boost nitric oxide for greater exercise capacity. This means you get to work out harder and longer while recovering more quickly, which of course, means greater muscle growth. 

Monster Test-Promotes Muscle Mass

Boosts Sex Drive

As we age, one of the biggest bummers can be our decreased desire for activity in the bedroom. This is most often related to our diminishing T-production, which typically loses about 1% starting around age-30. 

But the ingredients in Monster Test are not only meant to bring your lost T-levels back to their optimum; many of its ingredients, such as the aptly named horny goat weed, also help increase blood flow to Mr. Woody via extra nitric oxide. 

And extra blood flow translates to stiffness, longevity, and a happy wife. 

Monster Test Ingredients

Monster Test starts with a round of vitamins and minerals that have a positive influence on your hormone balance, which includes vitamin A (2000 IU), vitamin C (100 mg), vitamin B6 (25 mg), magnesium (500 mg), and zinc (15 mg). 

For instance, among magnesium’s many functions in the body is its ability to raise levels of post-exercise free and total testosterone. Many of us are also commonly depleted of magnesium with all our sweating and caffeine consumption, both of which rinse this water-soluble mineral through us, making the nice, big, 500 mg dose of it reason enough alone to use this supplement. 

Monster Test-Supplement Facts

Add in zinc, which may affect the cells responsible for boosting testosterone, though it’s not for certain. What is for certain, though, is that zinc deficiency is related to low T along with poor immune health, which can also lead to elevated inflammation, fat accumulation, and high estrogen levels. This makes the large 15 mg dose (about 136% of your daily needs) an essential component that can help you in many ways. 

Then there’s the good stuff in the 5452 mg Propriety Blend, which consists of adaptogens, plant compounds, and amino acids that can not only boost your test levels, but growth hormone and nitric oxide as well. This includes eleuthero and Rhodiola Rosea, both of which are potent adaptogens that can balance your adrenal hormones to make way for more androgens. 

L-carnitine and citrulline are also amino acids that team up to boost growth hormone, testosterone, and nitric oxide, and boron is a mineral with the ability to boost your body’s free testosterone by as much as 25%. Saw palmetto is also included in the formula to keep your prostate healthy and happy. The only downside is that, with a blend, we don’t know the exact dosages of each of these ingredients. This leaves just a little less transparency to Monster Test’s formula in comparison to other testosterone boosters, such as TestoFuel and TestoGen, whose formulas do not include any proprietary blends or complexes.

There’s even more included in this proprietary blend, though you get the idea. As with many natural T-boosters, Angry Supplements tosses whatever has a positive effect on the desired result into the mix to ensure nothing is missed. Of course, even though one compound may boost testosterone by, say, 25%, while another may boost it by 15% doesn’t mean taking both will get you a 40% gain in manly hormones. Instead, these ingredients all work at optimizing what your body can produce, though likely only to certain levels. 

Again, these aren’t Popeye pills, and if Popeye pills are what you’re looking for, expect some health problems to go along with them. 

Does Monster Test Work?

If you’re looking to optimize the androgens, your own body can produce, yes, this product can help. It contains healthy, natural ingredients that have proven effects on androgen and nitric oxide production in the body. 

And of course, if you’re looking for man-boobs, shrunken nuts, and a crappy attitude to go along with something that can help you gain 40lbs over the weekend, look elsewhere, such as the back alley behind the gym. 

Monster Test-Testosterone Booster

Who is Monster Test Best for?

If you’re a man over the age of 18 who’s feeling the effects of age-related or another androgen decline, this product can help. Barring any allergies or sensitivities to any of its ingredients, it’s safe, natural, and contains many essential vitamins and minerals that can help your immune and overall health along the way. 

But while we’re not seeing ingredients women can’t use, the product is meant exclusively for men, which may have something to do with the dose. That or we’re missing something, which may be entirely true too. 

Even still, let’s not find out that the product can turn Petite Nancy into Raging Roger and stick with the company’s recommendation of men only

Other than that, the product is great for field and endurance athletes, older men seeking their lost youth, and any of us seeking a safe, healthy, balanced hormone supply. 

Claims vs. Reality

The company may be pissed, though this doesn’t mean they’re going to take it out on us by making false claims. Doing so would only diminish their sales, which would then make them really angry!

Monster Test collection

Is Monster Test Safe?

Per the angry folks at Angry Supplements, the product is not for use by youngsters (under 18), pregnant or nursing women, or any women at all for that matter. You should also check with your doctor first before using this product, especially if you have any health conditions or are on any medications. You also need to mind the dosage and NOT exceed it on any given day. 

The good news is that if you do experience rare side effects, allergic reactions, or sensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients, you can simply take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee—cheers!

Where to Buy Monster Test

Now for the really good news: at $11.49 for about a month’s worth, this stuff is priced RIGHT! Not only does it have an amazing array of ingredients for such a low cost, but it also delivers high doses of them. You can also reduce your cost to less than $10 per month by ordering in volume, so kudos on value to Angry Supplements. 

Angry Supplements Monster Test Website

Along with the Angry Supplements website, you can purchase Monster Test through many retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, GNC, and independent retailers both online and off that sell quality workout supplements.

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