Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Review

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By Alexis Massie, MS

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Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Review

Nature Fuel Power Beets takes those hard-to-choke-down beets and turns them into something so tolerable, even kids will eat it.

Beets are a superfood and contain essential vitamins and minerals to keep our bodies going. It has also been shown to benefit athletic performance for all those athletes out there. Beets have been used around the world throughout history because of their health benefits. They have been used as a natural medicine dating back to Roman times. This supplement claims to have several benefits that could benefit everyone.   

Is this supplement worth using? Keep reading our Nature Fuel Power Beets review to find out.

Nature Fuel Power Beets

Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Benefits

Beets have many health benefits and Nature Fuel’s Power Beets supplements can help you harness those health benefits without having to eat fresh beets every day.

Supports Healthy Blood Circulation and Blood Pressure Levels

Our blood needs to be circulated throughout our bodies to function properly. The blood transports oxygen to our brains for us to think, our muscles for us to move, our hearts to beat, and our organs to continue to work.

Along with healthy blood circulation, we need to keep our blood pressure in check. Half of the American population over 20 years old has high blood pressure and most people don’t even know it. If one has high blood pressure, they are at an increased risk for heart attack and strokes. Beets can help to aid in good blood circulation and healthy blood pressure. 

Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder

Supports Improved Natural Energy and Boosts Stamina

If you are like me and are sensitive to caffeine and look for ways to improve your energy levels naturally, this could be a good option for you.

Whether it be the energy you need to run after your kids, get the errands done, or energy to keep that run going, beets play a role in giving the body what it needs to let us do that. Or you could be that endurance runner who is looking to go run that Ultramarathon and needs the extra energy to run longer. Beetroot powder could be the solution for you!

Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Ingredients

Power Beets Blend

This blend is made from non-GMO beetroot powder and non-GMO organic fermented beet root powder. Beets can provide the body with numerous health benefits. One way that beets aid the body is through nitrates. 

Nature Fuel Power Beets Supplement Facts

Ready for the science behind the health benefits of beets? Let’s get to it.

Beets are rich in nitrates. Nitrates aid in numerous roles in the body from increasing blood flow, strengthening muscle contractions, and mitochondrial efficiency. In terms of mitochondrial efficiency, beet root powder supports the function of mitochondria. The mitochondria are responsible for producing cellular energy throughout our bodies. They do this by making ATP so that it can be converted to energy. 

These nitrates are converted into nitrites by bacteria and other enzymes. Nitrites are then swallowed and then absorbed in the intestines and nitric oxide is processed in the blood. Nitric oxide can protect our cells from damage and relax our blood vessels. This can help to decrease blood pressure in those individuals that have hypertension or high blood pressure and improve circulation.

A meta-analysis of 7 studies concluded that daily dosages of beet root juice contributed to significant changes in systolic blood pressure levels in those with arterial hypertension. By increasing blood flow, it puts less stress on our hearts to pump oxygen and nutrients through our bodies. 

Nitric oxide also helps to utilize oxygen when the skeletal muscles are contracting. Nitric oxide will be produced in the parts of the muscle that are in need or consuming more oxygen. It is a vasodilator that increases the blood flow to the muscles and improves oxygen transfer in those muscles.

Think of it as a continuous supply of oxygen that is being delivered to the muscles when they are in use or need more oxygen. The increased oxygen to the muscles helps the body decrease the time it takes to take ATP and convert it to energy. This helps the body to get oxygen faster and slow fatigue that makes us feel like we are hitting a brick wall. This is how beet root powder can help to boost stamina, especially in athletes or those performing aerobic or anaerobic exercises. 

As previously stated, beet root powder can increase blood flow this is also beneficial for athletes because it could improve the way our muscles contract and relax. This effect is seen at rest and during the duration of exercise. The level of blood nitrate levels peaks in about 2-3 hours after consuming beets. It is recommended that one consume the bet root supplement a couple of hours before training to see the maximum benefits. 

Not only does beet root powder provide all the benefits stated above, but it is also a good source of calcium, iron, and potassium. All those minerals are important for everyday functions. 


Magnesium is responsible for numerous functions in our bodies. From helping the body to produce energy to creating proteins for the body to utilize.

Another benefit of magnesium is that it has the potential to improve performance during exercise. Not only has it been shown to dispose of lactate that can build up during exercise causing us to feel tired, but it has also been shown to protect our muscles against damage.

Again, this mineral is not only for athletes. Magnesium benefits older adults who are deficient in the mineral. Bone health is also supported with magnesium. A meta-analysis of 12 studies has linked increased magnesium intake to increased bone mineral density in the hips and femoral neck. Both of those are areas that are vulnerable to fracture. 

Vitamin C

This supplement also contains vitamin C which is essential for the synthesis of collagen to help us get that smooth, elastic skin we see in the commercials.

Vitamin C is also vital for wound healing and protein metabolism. Vitamin C has also been shown in studies to help lower blood pressure in individuals with and without high blood pressure. In an analysis of 29 studies on humans, vitamin C supplementation reduced systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in healthy adults. 

Nature Fuel Powder Beets Powder Scoop

Does Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Work?

Beet root powder delivers more oxygen to the muscle and to the rest of the body and it has been shown in numerous studies that it is beneficial to those looking to increase their stamina.

As far as decreasing blood pressure goes, it is worth a shot, but I wouldn’t count on that altogether. Many studies showed significant improvements in those who already had high blood pressure, not healthy individuals.

Due to the mechanisms of nitrates in the body and what they do, it is a good bet that this supplement will provide the body with better blood circulation. If you’re an athlete, or an individual looking to increase their mileage, or duration of workouts, this would be a great supplement to try especially since it can be easily mixed in with a protein shake or pre-workout drink. 

Who is it Best For?

This product is ideal for anyone looking to improve energy and boost circulation.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who is looking to take a healthier approach to life, beet root powder can help you achieve your health goals.

Beet root powder contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and magnesium that can assist with everyday nutrition. Children can even benefit from beet root powder.

This product is versatile and can be added to smoothies, cakes, and frostings, providing a great flavor, and burst of color. This is a good way to trick kids into eating their vegetables, without the hassle of eating the actual vegetable. 

Nature Fuel Power Beets And Bottle

Claims vs. Reality

This supplement claims to support improved energy, boost stamina, and support healthy blood pressure levels. The reality is that none of these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (however that shouldn’t alarm you as the FDA does not regulate vitamins and supplements).

The claims stem from research that has been done on beet root juice and beet root powders. Most of the research has been done on humans and has shown to be very beneficial, especially when it comes to benefits for athletes. However, this may not work for everyone.

This product is not intended to replace blood pressure medications. It is designed to promote overall health. As always, you should consult with your physician before taking any new supplement.

Beet Root Powder vs. Beet Root Juice

At this point, you may be considering whether you want to take a powdered beet supplement or just make (or buy) beet juice on your own). So, which is better?

Most beet root juice might lack some beneficial compounds that are found in beets and contain more sugar. It is best to make your own beet root juice at home to get the maximum benefits. When you juice beets, you do lose fiber, but if you make your own you are able to retain most of the vitamins and minerals. 

Beet root powders also often include more than beets. Other ingredients like collagen peptides, fiber, or other fruits and vegetables are added. Some studies have shown that there could be less nitric oxide levels in powder supplements than in beet juice.

Overall, health-wise, fresh beet juice wins since it contains more of a variety of nutrients, phenolic compounds, and nitric oxide. However, beet root powder is more convenient and easier to add to pre-workout drinks, smoothies, and other liquids.

Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder Safety and Side Effects

Beet root powder is safe to consume and any known side effects are mild.

Where to Buy Nature Fuel Power Beets Powder

Nature Fuel Power Beets can be purchased from Amazon for $24.98 for 60 servings, Walmart for $36.32 for 60 servings and Sam’s Club for $24.98 for 60 servings.

nature fuel power beets powder where to buy

This is cheaper than other popular beets supplements like HumanN Super Beets and KaraMD Ultra Beets.


Does this taste like beets ground up?

No, this product is naturally flavored with acai berry pomegranate. 

Is this product gluten free?

Yes! This supplement is gluten free with no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. It is also plant based, non-GMO, Paleo and Keto friendly. 

Do I need to take this supplement every day? 

To continue to see improvements, this supplement would need to be taken every day. It is also important to note that more research is needed for the safety of long-term use. 

How many beets are in this supplement? 

This supplement contains the concentration of six whole beets. This would make the serving size relatively small compared to eating a whole beet in one sitting.

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