Lean Joe Bean Review – Can This Coffee Really Help You Lose Weight?

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By Scot Mills

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Lean Joe Bean is an instant coffee mix that speeds up your metabolism and supports weight loss.

Founded by a team of health and wellness experts with the premise of providing simple, all-natural ways for you to take care of your body and your mind, Lean Joe Bean believes they can provide you with many health benefits, including weight loss, detox, and improved mental outlook. 

Lean Joe Bean contains ingredients that impact metabolism, especially fat metabolism. However, does it work for weight loss? Are these ingredients as effective as they’re claimed to be? Should you give Lean Joe Bean a try?

Let’s answer these questions and see if this coffee can really help you shed pounds in this review of Lean Joe Bean.


About Lean Joe Bean

Lean Joe Bean is the world’s first functional weight-loss coffee. It’s made with a propriety blend of dark roast coffee beans, minerals, plant compounds, and amino acids formulated to turn your morning cup of Joe into fat-burning rocket fuel. 

And why not? You probably already enjoy coffee and its rich, soothing flavor, energizing properties, and potent antioxidants each day, so rather than trying to remember to take handfuls of pills, all you need to do is brew your regular cup—simple!

This is also helpful when it comes to monitoring your caffeine intake, which can go rapidly north of what’s good for you with many diet pills—or, more accurately, caffeine pills, since that’s what most diet pills are these days. 

But along with caffeine naturally occurring in the coffee beans themselves, Lean Joe adds green coffee beans, green tea, chromium picolinate, garcinia cambogia, ginseng, and other fat-burning, energizing ingredients. This takes your already-healthy morning cup to a whole new level of “lean-and-mean.”

Lean Joe Bean Benefits

Curb Cravings

When stress hormones are in command, so are your cravings. This leads to you diving into that bag of chips like no tomorrow, whether you’ve just knocked out a 7-course dinner or not. 

But certain herbs and compounds in Lean Joe’s blend help balance your hormones so that less of them tell you to overeat while others tell your body to burn fat in the absence of cake. 

This, of course, means that those nagging hunger pangs are replaced by a healthy stress response, more energy, and less of you to go around. 

Boost Energy

Not only does the caffeine in coffee rev you up (duh!), but there’s also green tea extract, green coffee beans, and ginseng (we assume that’s what it is anyway, though it’s misspelled on their ingredient list) in Mean Joe’s brew. 

This not only gives you caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine to keep you perked up like a buzzing bumblebee, but ginseng has energizing, crash-free properties and green tea contains L-theanine—an amino acid that counters caffeine’s “uppity-ness.” 

This leaves you with smooth, clean energy throughout the day, so you have plenty of oomph for the gym, work, and whatever else you need to concentrate on and get done. 

Improve Concentration

Stress hormones not only cause you to want to eat whatever’s not nailed down, but they also leave you feeling scattered, foggy, and unfocused. 

But compounds in Lean Joe Bean, such as L-theanine and ginseng, help balance your stress hormones so that you experience less of an influx of cortisol and other stress hormones and better production of focus-and-feelgood hormones like dopamine and serotonin. This leaves you feeling much more energized and focused on knocking out that pile of work on your desk and then some. 

lean joe bean coffee benefits

Avoid Aggressive Dieting

It’s hard to know which is more miserable: a flabby body or the constant starvation and bland foods that make up nearly every diet. In fact, think of the word “diet” as being just what it is—a 4-letter word! 

Instead, Mean Joe Bean’s Coffee allows you to graduate from “diet” to a “healthy eating program,” which is made easy by its ability to curb your cravings while boosting your energy to exercise. It also programs your hormones to bypass the whole process of loading your bloodstream with sugars for energy and, instead, tells your body to tap into all that fat just sitting around doing nothing other than making you look…fat. 

After all, it’s there for a reason—burn it!

Lean Joe Bean Ingredients

Lean Joe Bean includes chromium picolinate and a proprietary blend for its formula. You may notice that, unlike many other weight loss supplements, such as Instant Knockout and RazaLEAN, that use caffeine anhydrous within their formula, Lean Joe Bean includes ingredients such as green tea extract and black tea instead that contain caffeine for boosting energy.

We will look closely at all the ingredients and their uses below.

lean joe bean ingredients

Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg

Chromium is a mineral that helps insulin perform its duties, which include regulating the metabolic process and breaking down fats, proteins, and carbs to provide cellular energy. 

This helps lower your blood sugar and reduce your cravings so that weight loss isn’t quite the chore you’ve come to think of it as being. 

Dark Roast Coffee (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

Mmmm, coffee (kwaw-fee)—is there any better way to greet the day? And not only is it flavorful and soothing, but it’s also loaded with healthy antioxidants and energizing compounds to help you perform your best. 

Green Coffee (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

Before being roasted to a tasty darkness, coffee beans are green and have a different chemical makeup than roasted beans. This means more antioxidant and possibly weight loss benefits, though studies are still inconclusive. 

But it does lower the effects of free radical damage in your body that can lead to weight gain, and it also adds yet more caffeine so that you have even more energy to hit the gym. 

Garcinia Cambogia (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

This tart tropical fruit contains compounds that may inhibit body fat storage. It is one of the latest Dr. Oz weight loss crazes, though more research needs to be done about it like so many of his latest weight-loss miracle herbs. 

But there is evidence that it may help with short-term weight loss, and it may also help boost exercise performance, though again, there’s not a lot of scientific evidence of this in humans, so much as there is in rats.

Green Tea Extract (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

Another common addition to weight loss supplements is green tea, which contains energizing caffeine and calming L-theanine, and some potent antioxidants. 

This helps green tea be a go-to for clean, calm, smooth energy, and a positive sense of well-being. Without this and a few other hormone-stabilizing components of Lean Joe’s formula, you would be left with enough caffeine to make a horse fly and all the side effects of over-caffeination. 

You know, like grumpiness, scattered thoughts, jitters, insomnia, and stinky pits! 

Ginseng Extract (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

Ginseng is an energizing herb that can help balance your stress hormones for the better. It also boosts exercise performance and gives you smooth, crash-free energy and a calm sense of well-being so that you spend less time in a caffeine fit and more time being calm, focused, and productive. 

L-Carnitine (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

This amino acid plays a critical role in transporting fat to your cells to be used as energy, which clearly makes it an attractive addition to a weight loss supplement. It is stored mainly in your muscles and helps slow your cells’ aging while warding off illness. 

It also shows promise in helping you burn more fat, though as with any fat-burning compound, it only works when you do—as in, when you eat right, exercise, and get enough sleep. 

As long as you do all that, Lean Joe Bean and its L-carnitine can help do the rest!

Super Citrimax™ (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

This patented extract of the garcinia cambogia tree (and sometimes hibiscus) contains concentrated forms of hydroxy citric acid, chromium polynicotinate, and gymnema sylvestre, all of which help your body metabolize energy. 

Chromax® (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

This patented picolinate form of chromium has a higher bioavailability than other forms. This helps improve its efficiency at managing your body’s insulin output, energy metabolism, and antioxidant response. 

Paullinia Cupana (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

This common addition to natural energy drinks and weight loss supplements has many beneficial properties. It’s antimicrobial, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, and energizing and contains a natural form of caffeine. 

It’s commonly referred to as guarana, and along with improving focus and workout capacity, it can also help you metabolize more fat. 

Black Tea (Propriety Blend 11.5g)

Just to be sure, Lean Joe’s formula includes enough caffeine to have you gnawing down trees like a beaver, he adds black tea

Plus, black tea is another source of polyphenols, which are the potent antioxidants found in many plants, and it may work at helping you lose weight in a way you may not expect: through your gut bacteria. 

In fact, studies have shown an increase in gut bacteria that are beneficial to weight loss and lean muscle mass during a 4-week animal study, which also shows promise for humans. 


Does Lean Joe Bean Work?

Based on its ingredient profile, we are convinced that Lean Joe Bean works to boost metabolism, energy, and focus.

Lean Joe’s brew will not only get you wired to the teeth like no other; it will do it with less risk of the jitters, caffeine crash, or other unpleasant side effects of boatloads of caffeine. 

It can also help you burn more fat, though whether you take your supplements in a capsule or drink them brewed in hot water, you still need to do your part. This means eating a healthy, balanced diet, staying well hydrated, getting enough quality sleep each night, and exercising. 

Once you do all that, adding Lean Joe’s Beans to your morning routine can be just what you need to make it all work and work well. 


Who Is Lean Joe Bean Best For?

If you love coffee, aren’t sensitive or allergic to its ingredients, and have pounds to lose, Mean Joe Bean may become your go-to weight loss supplement. It’s best for those over the age of 18 who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, and anyone on medications should also consult with their doctor before using this product. 

But athletes, office workers, and others who seek the kind of clean energy Lean Joe provides will love this brew, and it can be enjoyed either hot or cold with whatever you use in your regular coffee (which it should replace, by the way—assuming you don’t have superhuman tolerances to caffeine!). 

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Claims vs. Reality

Though the claims of ingredients like green coffee beans having any additional effects on weight loss over any other caffeinated beverage are questionable at best, there are other ingredients in Lean Joe’s Beans that are proven to help light up fat. 

It’s also nice to know that despite this product hardly being unique ingredient-wise in the vast world of weight loss supplements, it is unique in that it’s a tasty, comforting cup of coffee that you can enjoy in place of your regular coffee. 

But, while it does contain premium dark roasted Arabica beans, connoisseurs of freshly brewed coffee will not be happy to find it’s only available in a powdered instant form.

Granted, others who don’t want to take the time to grind beans, heat water, and man or woman the French Press will love the convenience, though we’re hoping Lean Joe expands on the forms their product comes in to include fresh whole beans for us coffee snobs. Organic would be nice too.  


Is Lean Joe Bean Safe?

As you likely know, caffeine has its share of side effects, including jitters, irritability, scattered focus, and increased cortisol levels. Though Lean Joe does their best to counter these side effects with ginseng and green tea, there is still the chance that you may experience these. 

Plus, there is a diet-load of caffeine in this product, which means there may be some tossing-and-turning in store if you don’t adjust your other caffeine intake. This includes forgoing your regular coffee or tea in favor of this and avoiding sodas (which you should be doing anyway), energy drinks, chocolate (sorry!), and many workout supplements and fat burners

Where To Buy Lean Joe Bean

As with far too many weight loss products, this product works, but at a cost—as in, $39.95 for 24 sachets. While yes, this is still on par with what Starbucks charges for one of their foo-foo lattes or cappuccinos, many of us avoid Starbucks for this very reason.

You can buy multiple boxes, however, you save 20% only when you use the subscribe and save option on the website.

When considering the price, you do have to factor in that the ingredients in Lean Joe Bean are far more beneficial than most of what’s in a Starbucks’ double-macchiato-almond-milk-zip-o-ccino, which better justifies the cost of this product. 

where to buy lean joe bean


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