MegaSporeBiotic Review – Do Spore-Based Probiotics Really Work?

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By Leslie Waterson

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MegaSporeBiotic Review

Do you take a probiotic? Many people struggle with gut health issues, but luckily adding a probiotic supplement can do wonders for your stomach, gut, and overall health. 

For our review, we are going to take a closer look at MegaSporeBiotic; a probiotic made to help your gut health. How do this probiotic’s ingredients really measure up? Is it truly worth the cost? We’ll find out in this complete MegaSporeBiotic review.

Let’s jump right into it!

About MegaSporeBiotic

MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic supplement from Microbiome Labs, a supplement company that focuses on producing supplements designed to provide optimal health and protection for our gut. What separates Microbiome Labs from other supplement companies is their dedication to research they allocate the majority of their profits into research, and that’s how they forge new frontiers and bring new insights and development into the supplements industry.

MegaSporeBiotic is a probiotic supplement that is 100% spore-based and contains a broad-spectrum probiotic that was clinically shown to help in maintaining healthy gut function.

Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic

According to the company, MegaSporeBiotic reconditions our gut by promoting microbial diversity within it and maintaining helpful and healthy gut bacteria. Aside from that, MegaSporeBiotic does not require refrigeration and has a 5-year shelf-life – this is how resilient the probiotics of MegaSporeBiotic are!

To further see what MegaSporeBiotic can do and how it works, let’s check out its ingredients section.

MegaSporeBiotic Ingredients

Unlike some probiotic supplements that include a large variety of probiotic strains, such as 24 Strain Probiotic, MegaSporeBiotic has specifically chosen 5 main strains to use within its proprietary probiotic blend: Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Indicus HU36, Bacillus Subtilis HU58, Bacillus Clausii, and Bacillus Coagulans. Let’s take a deep look at each of them.

MegaSporeBiotic Supplement Facts

Bacillus Licheniformis

Bacillus licheniformis is known for producing key important compounds such as bacitracin, one of the common antibiotics we have. This antibiotic can withstand enzymatic degradation, which makes it very effective and beneficial to our gut. Aside from bacitracin, Bacillus licheniformis can also produce proteases that aid in digestion and absorption of protein.

Finally, Bacillus licheniformis produces a full spectrum of B vitamins, including biotin and folate. B vitamins are essential vitamins since each of them plays a major role in making and keeping us healthy.

Bacillus Indicus HU36

Bacillus Indicus HU36 is a probiotic strain that is very rich in carotenoids. Bacillus Indicus HU36 can produce the following carotenoids: lycopene, astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that is notable for its benefits for our heart health. Astaxanthin is also an antioxidant that can promote heart health, skin health, endurance, and other health benefits.

Beta-carotene and lutein, on the other hand, are both known for their benefits to our eye health.

Aside from being rich in carotenoids, Bacillus Indicus HU36 was demonstrated to survive a harsh gut environment. This allows it to produce and deploy its carotenoids at the proper site in our gut. On the other hand, typical carotenoid supplements won’t survive the gut environment well, making them relatively less effective.

Bacillus Subtilis HU58

Bacillus Subtilis is mainly known for its ability to produce around 12 strong antibiotics. These antibiotics are fierce fighters against harmful bacteria; thus, Bacillus Subtilis can provide us potent protection against such pathogens. But there’s more to this probiotic strain!

Bacillus Subtilis HU58 is shown to produce an enzyme called nattokinase. These enzymes are shown to help reduce our cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and excessive clotting through fibrinolysis.

Like Bacillus Licheniformis, Bacillus Subtilis HU58 can also produce a full spectrum of B vitamins, including vitamin K2.

Bacillus Clausii

Bacillus Clausii is one of the most common and well-known probiotic strains that was used for different applications in bacteriotherapy. For the past 50 years since it was used for pharmaceutical purposes, Bacillus Clausii proved to have high efficacy and tolerability.

Bacillus Clausii is mostly known for its role in supporting our immune function. Hence, it provides us with added protection against harmful pathogens and other foreign substances and materials.

Bacillus Coagulans

Bacillus Coagulans was used for health purposes in humans for a relatively long period.

What makes this probiotic strain unique is that it has the properties of both the Bacillus and Lactobacillus species. This makes Bacillus Coagulans capable of producing L-lactate, which is shown to provide more effective results on our gut defense and immune stimulation.

Bacillus Coagulans also play a vital role in absorbing certain nutrients, including dietary fats, and it also supports our immune system.

MegaSporeBiotic Benefits 

Here are some of the benefits of MegaSporeBiotic – or put it the other way, here are the things that separate MegaSporeBiotic from other probiotic supplements:

MegaSporeBiotic Bottle

1) Can Survive The Harsh Gut Environment

MegaSporeBiotic can survive our harsh gut environment because the Bacillus spores used in the supplement are naturally designed to survive these harsh environments to begin with.

The Bacillus spores of MegaSporeBiotic can survive a harsh gut environment thanks to their biphasic life cycle. This life cycle makes Bacillus spores capable of transitioning from the dormant phase to the active phase relative to their environment.

When they sense that the environment is harsh, they coat themselves with their endospore and other natural outer shells that are resilient against heat, pressure, lack of oxygen, light, and other outside factors. Hence, it can survive our harsh gut environment, and once it is on its proper site, these Bacillus spores can do their work.

2) Good For Digestive Issues

While probiotic supplements are naturally made to promote gut health and resolve gut issues, what makes MegaSporeBiotic different from other probiotic supplements is its capability to survive harsh environments. This makes MegaSporeBiotic more effective compared to a typical probiotic supplement.

Aside from that, the spores used in MegaSporeBiotic are multi-functional, meaning they can carry out and support a wide variety of functions in our body.

3) Rich In Nutrients

As we had seen a while ago in the ingredients section, MegaSporeBiotic’s Bacillus spores can produce certain nutrients and compounds, namely: B vitamins, biotin, folate, and carotenoids – lycopene, lutein, beta-carotene, and astaxanthin.

While they may not sound much, each of these nutrients and compounds plays a major role in keeping our gut and overall health in optimal shape. It is worth noting that two of these Bacillus spores can produce a full spectrum of B vitamins since B vitamins play essential roles in our health.

Aside from producing nutrients and potent compounds, the Bacillus spores of MegaSporeBiotic can also produce certain antibiotics that are shown to be effective against harmful pathogens.

4) Provides Immune Support

Finally, MegaSporeBiotic can provide immune support, which is also very important – and a feature that is not necessarily shared by typical probiotic supplements.

Our immune system is important because it protects us against sicknesses and diseases by fighting off harmful pathogens and other harmful foreign materials. Simply put, if our immune system is weak, we are more susceptible to diseases. Hence, getting added support for our immune system is very important.

Is MegaSporeBiotic Safe?

Like other probiotic supplements, MegaSporeBiotic can cause digestive side effects such as gas, bloating, and gut discomfort if you’re new to it or took too much dosage than your recommended dosage. This happens because probiotic supplements interact with our gut area, so having gut-related side effects is quite reasonable.

Nevertheless, should you experience these side effects, stop your intake until you are fully comfortable again, and take a lower dosage the next time you use the product again. If you experience serious or continued discomfort after taking the supplement, discontinue its use, and consult your doctor.

Other than the side effects, so far, I don’t see any negative side with MegaSporeBiotic. This supplement is simply effective, mainly thanks to its resiliency!

MegaSporeBiotic Capsules

Final Verdict – Should You Give MegaSporeBiotic A Try? 

Considering that MegaSporeBiotic is highly effective, potent, and resilient against environmental factors, I would highly suggest that you check it out! So, it’s a big yes from me!

MegaSporeBiotic For Adults

Where To Buy MegaSporeBiotic

If you want to try out MegaSporeBiotic, you can do so on their official website. You can also order it from Amazon here

Microbiome Labs MegaSporeBiotic Website


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