Cognitiva Review – How Does This Nootropic Compare?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Cognitiva Review

Searching for a nootropic supplement that meets your needs and standards can be a difficult task. There are hundreds of different brands and products to choose from, all of which come with different benefits and ingredients. 

Simply reading a label or website for its claims can lead to unwanted results and even harm to your body. Many companies will stretch the truth when it comes to these claims, when in reality their ingredients under-deliver every time. 

When deciding between different nootropics, you should have the peace of mind in knowing that the supplement will do what it’s supposed to do. To help you narrow your search down, let’s take a look at a mysterious supplement called Cognitiva. How does Cognitiva stack up to other nootropics, such as TruBRAIN and OptiMind? We’ll take a look at Cognitiva’s ingredients, advantages, disadvantages, and more.

NOTE: We currently recommend Mind Lab Pro over Cognitiva. Here’s why

What is Cognitiva by Nutra75?


Cognitiva is a nootropic supplement made and distributed by Nutra75. If you’ve come across this product, you will likely find that information on the product is difficult to find. Most of the information will be found on their sales pages, which might be disguised as a blog or review of the product. 

Looking at their official website, you’ll see that the supplement is designed to give your brain a powerful boost to perform at maximum level. They claim to be clinically proven to perform better than adderall, provigil, and piracetam. They also claim to use 100% all-natural ingredients in Cognitiva.

The claims are plentiful, with Cognitiva being intended to help users:

  • Increase performance at work and school
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Promote happiness and success
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Enhance your memory and information-retention
  • Increase mental energy and alertness
  • Improve overall brain health
  • Protects neurons and improves signal transmission
  • Could potentially build new neurons and pathways
  • Increase blood flow to the brain
  • Receive nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids

Cognitiva also makes sure to include that their formula is clinically tested for safety and effectiveness in an expert-certified laboratory environment. They make it very clear that their product is 100% pure and natural. 

The real test will come when you look at the ingredients, which can tell you exactly what you’ll get from this product.

Breaking Down the Ingredients


Here’s where things can start to get a little fishy for potential buyers. Cognitive doesn’t list the ingredients in their formula. All they do mention is that the formula is purely made of 100% all-natural ingredients.

 What could just be a blessing in disguise, could also be a nightmare waiting to happen. It’s very difficult to get a good read on a nootropic supplement that doesn’t list what’s in it. It’s bad enough when companies list the ingredients, but not the dosage of each ingredient. 

Cognitive gives you nothing up front, in regards to the ingredients. What they do give you is an offer and a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So, what’s the offer?

By filling out a simple contact form with your first name, last name, street address, zip code, city, state, phone number, and email, you will be given a risk-free trial. This way, you can try it out for yourself. 

As for the ingredients, they remain a secret and Cognitiva’s reasoning is to “hide it from competitors.” 

Dosage, Packaging, & Pricing


Strangely enough, you’re fresh out of luck if you were hoping to at least walk away with how much this product will cost you. Yeah, they’re keeping that a secret, too. Show of hands, who would like to purchase mystery ingredients for a mystery price?

But, hey! I can share with you something. According to their website, the bottle appears to hold 60 capsules and actually has a sleek design. Mostly white with blue and silver visuals, the bottle is very simple — opposed to their sales pages — and doesn’t contain quite as many claims (from what I can see). 

Of course, that is only true if what they show on their website is what you get with the risk-free trial. Keep in mind, they don’t exactly specify what you get with the trial. They could send you a lump of coal for all we know. 

Pros vs. Cons

Nutra 75 Cognitiva Pros and Cons

From a review standpoint, Cognitiva doesn’t make it very easy to talk positively about what they are selling — if they’re even selling anything. I would say “Hey, you get something free,” but I’m not even entirely sure what you get. 

Cognitiva is going to be one of those products where you try at your own risk. It might be something you just have to dig a little deeper into knowing that there’s a possibility you don’t even physically try it. 

Who knows if they even list the ingredients on the bottle they give you!


  • I guess the only pro here is that there’s a slight chance that this is a great product if they deliver, but you have to trust that they do


  • Don’t know the ingredients
  • Don’t know the dosages
  • Don’t know the price
  • Marketing techniques are fishy to say the least

Claims vs. Reality

Like we mentioned earlier in the review, Cognitiva wasn’t shy about making bold claims about this product. To summarize the claims they attached to their product, let’s look at the benefits real quick:

  • Brain performance
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Happiness
  • Focus and concentration
  • Memory and information-processing
  • Mental energy and alertness
  • Brain health
  • Neuron transmission signal and neural pathways
  • Blood flow and oxygen to the brain
  • Vitamins, nutrients, and amino acids

If you do in fact get all of this when you take Cognitiva, then that’s great. Unfortunately, they don’t give you anything to build your confidence before purchasing.

Are There Better Alternatives?

To be honest, any nootropic supplement that accurately lists their ingredients — along with the proper dosage amount — would likely qualify as a better alternative to Cognitiva. With that being said, I would definitely suggest one of my all-time favorite nootropic supplements on the market today. 

Mind Lab Pro delivers an excellent product with proven results. They use a powerful blend of nootropic ingredients and vitamins that are clinically proven to work — and we can confirm this. Utilizing citicoline, phosphatidylserine, bacopa monnieri, lion’s mane mushroom, Maritime Pine Bark Extract, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamin B6, B9, B12.

They accurately list the dosages as well, allowing us to further confirm the results you’ll receive based on real studies and research with the ingredients. The supplement will surely boost your cognitive function in every way, both short-term and long-term.

NOTE: We currently recommend Mind Lab Pro over Cognitiva. Here’s why

Final Verdict

There are some really, really great nootropics out there that will give you real results immediately. They won’t break the bank, won’t harm your body, and can be a nice compliment to your current diet and nutrient intake. 

Cognitiva is not one of those nootropics. Any company that puts the customer at risk by not releasing proper information — while also stating that it’s risk free — is a company that should just be forgotten about. 

You are much better off going with a product like Mind Lab Pro where you know what you’re getting. 

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