Bowmar Nutrition Protein Review – Can This Whey Protein Help You Build Muscle?

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By Scot Mills

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Bowmar Nutrition Protein Review

Bowmar Nutrition is excited to bring you their brand of supplements that have been tested and selected for you. Within that comes their Bowmar Nutrition Whey Protein powder, which they claim can help you build lean muscle and keep the cravings at bay. 

The question is, does this whey protein powder truly measure up to the claims? We’ll find out in this complete Bowmar Nutrition Protein review. Let’s dive right in!

About Bowmar Nutrition Protein

Bowmar Nutrition Protein is made and produced by the supplement company, Bowmar Nutrition. With an aim to make high-quality supplements that deliver, Bowmar Nutrition has produced a variety of popular options, including Bowmar Greens, Bowmar Collagen, and the one we’re talking about now – Bowmar Nutrition Protein.

Some swear by it, others swear at it, though most bodybuilders love whey protein’s high-quality nutrition and rapid uptake. It is, of course, a complete protein that provides all 9-essential amino acids, and Bowmar Nutrition produces theirs in whopping 17-flavor choices, and too bad if you’d prefer plain and clean.  

In other words, unless you like flavors like “Birthday Cake” or “Frosted Cookie” and don’t mind a little hydrogenated palm kernel oil in your “healthy” supplement, you’re out of luck. 

Bowmar Nutrition Whey Protein

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Benefits

Helps Build Lean Muscle

Let’s keep this simple: muscle is made of protein, and you need to add more protein for it to grow. But if you’re muscles can’t easily uptake your chosen form of protein, your guns don’t go from big-to-bigger quite as fast—you with us?

That’s why easily digestible whey protein is the go-to protein of so many gym rats, bodybuilders, and folks interested in chiseled, muscular features. 

Bowmar Nutrition Helps Build Lean Muscle

Keeps Hunger at Bay

Even fast-digesting protein takes longer to digest than simple carbs, which means it helps you feel fuller longer. 

Plus, the “Birthday Cake” flavor has a little hydrogenated palm oil—now THAT oughta take a while to digest!

Good Source of Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Processed Wheat Flour, Artificial Flavors, and Artificial Coloring in Every Color of the Rainbow!

Just in case you haven’t yet noticed, Bowmar Nutrition isn’t too worried about keeping things clean, natural, and organic. Instead, they include some very not-so-awesome ingredients in all flavors but the Natural Vanilla, which is not only spared any artificial flavors or colors but also isn’t some horridly sweet-sounding flavor either. 

In other words, it’s the only flavor we personally would even consider here. 

Seriously, it’s protein for building muscle—does it really need to taste like a birthday cake, s’mores, or pancakes with syrup? Good gophers, let’s hope not…

Bowmar Nutrition Protein Ingredients

Okay, so by now most of us have a good idea of what whey protein can do for us so far as adding lean muscle, so let’s have a look at the other ingredients in Bowmar Nutrition’s product.

Unfortunately, though some ingredients are okay and even healthy, others, not so much. 

Though “All-Natural Vanilla Bean” is the one flavor that actually lives up to its name, the other 16-flavors are best left to those willing to consume every red, yellow, and blue dye-number-whatever known to man. Sure, some don’t mind, though we do. 

Bowmar Nutrition Whey Protein Supplement Facts

Does Bowmar Nutrition Protein Work?

As far as simply working, Bowmar’s offering is on par with other whey protein concentrates on the market. The base ingredient is, after all, whey protein concentrate, which let’s hope, isn’t scraped off the floor of a slaughterhouse or something. Mostly we can expect certain standards to be upheld in our modern market, so let’s hope nothing came from any nefarious regions, though Bowmar Nutrition isn’t exactly the most transparent company we’ve ever reviewed either. 

But with so many other proteins on the market at similar price points that also avoid using some of those more undesirable ingredients, who cares if it doesn’t taste like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory? It gets the job done. Some top options include The Protein Works Whey Protein 80, High Impact Whey Protein, and Gnarly Whey Protein. There are even whey protein products such as Muscle Feast Whey Protein that are not only from pasture-raised cows, but are the same cost as Bowmar’s.

Who is Bowmar Nutrition Protein Best For?

Anyone not afraid of a little FD&C yellow #6, yellow #5, blue #1, red #40, etc., should love this formula. Though the all-natural vanilla is clean enough for our thumbs-up, the other 16 contain quite a bit of ingredients we don’t like.

This is, after all, a supplement meant to help build your body. This means that the ingredients in it are what you’re building your body out of, and when those ingredients include such substances as hydrogenated palm oil (just a little bit, mind you…), you have to stop and think just what you’re made of. 

Other than that, anyone who needs extra protein in their diet and isn’t lactose intolerant can benefit from this product. 

Bowmar Nutrition Protein For Bodybuilding

Claims vs. Reality

Even though we don’t like the artificial flavorings and colorings, processed wheat flour, or hydrogenated oils that make up some of the flavor’s ingredients, that doesn’t mean others won’t mind. 

That, and Bowmar makes no attempt to hide anything from you or make any claims that aren’t true. Bowmar makes no such outlandish claims, nor anything else other than that they’d love to sell you some Whey Protein. 

Is Bowmar Nutrition Protein Safe?

Those who are lactose intolerant may not be able to use whey protein in its concentrated form, and those with kidney or liver damage should speak to their physician before supplementing with whey protein. 

Excess consumption can also cause gastric upset, farting, and nausea, so don’t use too much. 

Where to Buy Bowmar Nutrition Protein

At $39.99 for the 2-lb tub, Bowmar Nutrition Protein is in the ballpark of a good value, assuming you like all the weird flavors and ingredients. That’s good, since there are no discounts we could see on Bowmar Nutrition’s site, or even the usual subscription program most online supplement retailers offer these days.

Bowmar Nutrition Whey Protein Webiste

Along with Bowmar’s site, Whey Protein is widely available through Amazon and many independent online retailers. 


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