Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketones Review – Are They Worth It?

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By Thomas Youngerman

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If you’re familiar with the keto diet or any type of low-carbohydrate diet, you may be aware of the term ketosis. Ketosis is a natural bodily state that all low-carb dieters strive for in which your body burns stored fat instead of carbohydrates. Hence the reason for lowering your carb intake—to burn that fat reserve for energy and lose weight. Once your body enters ketosis, it becomes easier to stay there and reach a state of ongoing weight loss.

Health and nutrition technology has come a long way since the original inception of the low-carb diet, and now there are many supplements out there that assist with weight loss and ketosis efforts. Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Base is one such supplement. Just what does the Exogenous Ketone Base claim to do?

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base

Purpose of Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Base

Perfect Keto’s chocolate, peach, vanilla, salted caramel, and coffee-flavored supplement exists mainly for one purpose: to help you reach ketosis and stay there. Think of it like a little push when you’re climbing a hill—it’s not necessarily enough to get you to the top on its own, but it surely makes it easier.

The ketosis-accelerating blend of ingredients in the Exogenous Ketone Base helps to boost your energy and metabolism, allowing you to succeed more easily with your low-carb diet. 

Ingredients and Their Functions

It’s a positive thing that the Exogenous Ketone Base does not contain too many ingredients. That means there aren’t a bunch of fillers or unnecessary add-ins to counteract the beneficial ingredients—or those whose names are too long to look up. Perfect Keto keeps it pretty simple. 

BHB. The main ingredient in Perfect Keto’s supplement is beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, which is what makes up the “exogenous ketone” part. “Exogenous” refers to something that is produced externally; in this case, it’s the ketones introduced into the body rather than those created by it. The BHB, also known as BHB salts, is a beta hydroxy acid that gives your body energy and fuel for ketosis. By introducing external ketones, your system is automatically boosted toward the ketosis it would achieve eventually once carb intake is reduced for a few days.

Natural Sweeteners. With all-natural, zero-carb sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, Perfect Keto’s supplement stays healthy and carb-free without sacrificing flavor or raising blood sugar. 

Magnesium. A mineral that’s been proven beneficial in many ways, magnesium can’t be overlooked in the Exogenous Ketone Base. Not only does magnesium help with anxiety, heart health, headaches, muscle cramps, and restful sleep, it regulates your blood sugar and improves digestion—both important when on a low-carb diet. Magnesium also boosts metabolism, along with a host of other benefits, which is why it’s included in this Perfect Keto formula.  

Calcium. One of the minerals that can be lacking in the keto diet, calcium works hand in hand with magnesium to build strong bones. Since there’s no dairy allowed on the keto diet, calcium intake can be low, so one scoop of Exogenous Ketone Base contains 600mg calcium to balance things out.

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Base Ingredients

Perfect Keto Claims and Effects

When it comes to ketosis, metabolism, and weight loss, a supplement company has to be careful about the wording of its claims. While there’s the usual This statement is not approved by the FDA-type disclaimer, a company needs to be sure not to mislead customers as far as what the product actually does.

Perfect Keto seems to do a good job of keeping its claims balanced and reasonable. While a ketone supplement may indeed promote weight loss and assist with ketosis, it’s not likely going to be enough to cause massive weight reduction on its own.

That said, the Exogenous Ketone Base can definitely be a helpful tool for ketosis and the keto diet. It takes a good two days to reach the state of ketosis, and that can feel like an eternity to low-carb dieters—especially if you’re experiencing hunger, cravings, or other side effects. 

Some have even experienced what feels like “flu” symptoms on the keto diet, which are typically caused by the change in eating habits. When your body is addicted to carbs and accustomed to burning them for fuel, it’s a big change in metabolism to switch to burning stored fat. As with any type of addiction, withdrawal is tough, and if Perfect Keto’s supplement helps reduce symptoms, then it could be worth its weight in gold.

The fact that the Exogenous Ketone Base assists your body into ketosis is, of course, a good thing. And the fact that it helps you stay there is even better. But just as dieting and workouts achieve better results in tandem, this supplement is really designed to complement a low-carb keto diet. It may get you into ketosis temporarily, but the combination of it with the consistency of the keto diet will keep you there in the long run.

Since Perfect Keto doesn’t claim to be a miracle solution, it gets a gold star here. 


Perfect Keto recommends taking its Base supplement on an empty stomach, mixed with coffee, nut milk, or a smoothie—or even just with water. Several customers have mentioned that it even tastes better mixed with water than with anything else, which is a surprise.

The supplement would be ideal on the go before a workout, as a quick breakfast, or even as a midnight hunger control drink. It might even be good in a shaker cup at your desk when you hit the midafternoon energy crash, helping you get through the rest of those reports. 

For those who practice intermittent fasting, the Ketone Base could be a good meal replacement option as well. 

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Aside from its main benefit of helping to usher the body into ketosis, Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Base lists a handful of positive side effects. 

  • Boosts energy levels
  • Minimizes hunger and cravings
  • Fuels the body for workouts
  • Sharpens focus and mental clarity
  • Minimizes keto “flu” symptoms
  • Prevents energy crashes and lows
  • Can serve as a meal replacement

Overall, the ketone supplement sounds pretty beneficial for a host of reasons. Are there any negatives to this fat-burning supplement?


While the upsides do seem to outweigh the cons of Exogenous Ketone Base, some users do report a few less-than-ideal results. Several claim that the supplement’s taste is enough to prevent them from purchasing again, while others cite stomach upset and nausea as a main negative. 

I have personally tried the salted caramel and chocolate flavors and I was a fan of both of them.

For many customers, the price is somewhat of a bummer—specifically, the size of the canister for the price. A 15-day supply ($39.99 on leaves you ordering twice a month, so if you’re looking for real and continuous results, you’ll have to stay on top of it. However, it may be a small price to pay if it actually works for you.


Perfect Keto knows its stuff, and if you’re looking for a supplement to your low-carb or keto diet that makes things a bit easier, the Exogenous Ketone Base is it. If you approve of the cost and the taste, it will likely help you achieve the results you want.

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