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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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mycommunity review

Have you seen the words “functional mushrooms” thrown around a lot lately? 

We’re betting yes. After all, these mushrooms are getting really popular based on the belief that they can improve gut health, boost immunity, and enhance overall wellness. 

Of course, given that there are so many of these supplements out there, it’s important to understand if they actually work and are safe to take. 

In this article, we’ll be reviewing one of these mushroom supplements, called MyCommunity, which is particularly advertised for immune health. Keep reading down below to learn all about MyCommunity and if it’s right for you!

MyCommunity Review Highlights

  • Even the most effective functional mushroom supplements take a while to give you the most noticeable benefits.
  • MyCommunity contains 17 different mushrooms, so it’s designed to provide all-around effects rather than specialized benefits from one or a couple of mushrooms
  • The formula is non-GMO, vegan, and Certified Organic
  • It comes in capsules or powder, so you can choose depending on your preference
  • There is specific research backing the MyCommunity formula, which is rare to see

About Host Defense MyCommunity

MyCommunity is a mushroom-based immune support supplement created by Host Defense Mushrooms. It’s a mix of 17 different mushrooms, including turkey tail, agarikon, reishi, cordyceps, and chaga, all of which are designed to enhance the body’s innate immune response and support year-round immune health. 

my community capsules

Plus, each of the mushrooms in this formula may contribute to overall health and wellness too, so you can optimize even more than just immune health.

Host Defense MyCommunity Benefits

Host Defense MyCommunity is mainly advertised to enhance immune health, although there are other potential benefits too.

The main benefits that may occur with MyCommunity are:

  • Improved Immune Function
  • Gut Support
  • Brain & Nervous System Support
  • Balanced Energy Levels

Improved Immune Function

The main advertised benefit of MyCommunity is improved immune function. Specifically, they state that the mushrooms in this formula support the body’s innate defense and repair mechanisms, encourage a healthy immune response, and enhance the immune system’s ability to communicate and react. 

Some of the particular medicinal mushrooms that may contribute to these effects are agarikon, chaga, and reishi.

Gut Support

MyCommunity may also promote better gut health and digestive function, especially with turkey tail and other key mushrooms. These have certain fibers that help feed the good bacteria in your gut and boost digestive health.

Brain & Nervous System Support

Another potential benefit of MyCommunity is brain and nervous system support. Mushrooms such as lion’s mane and chaga may promote a healthier brain and nervous system while also offering cognitive support.

Balanced Energy Levels

Lastly, certain mushrooms in MyCommunity may provide a natural energy boost, such as cordyceps. This can make it easier to get through your day and simply feel healthier overall.

But does MyCommunity actually provide these benefits for immunity and more?

Read on to find out!

Host Defense MyCommunity Ingredients

MyCommunity is formulated with 17 ingredients, which are all functional mushrooms (not to be confused with magic mushrooms; these aren’t psychoactive!).

Below is the breakdown of the ingredients in Host Defense MyCommunity: 

  • Chaga
  • Maitake
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Royal Sun
  • Enokitake 
  • Mesima
  • Lion’s Mane
  • Turkey Tail
  • Oyster Mushroom
  • Artist’s Cork
  • Oregon Ganoderma
  • Agarikon
  • Amadou
  • Shiitake
  • Birch Polypore
  • Split Gill Polypore
mycommunity mushrooms supplement facts
MyCommunity Capsules Supplement Facts

MyCommunity is available in capsule or powdered form, and the powdered version has a higher overall dose per serving. 

The total dose for all of the mushrooms in MyCommunity adds up to 1,050mg for the capsule version and 1,500mg for the powdered form. 

Medicinal Mushrooms

The exact nutrients in each one vary, but they all have generally similar nutrient profiles. For example, all medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which are types of carbohydrates known for their benefits to gut health, immunity, and metabolic health. 

Functional mushrooms contain several other bioactive compounds too, such as polyphenols, terpenes, and certain proteins. 

Interestingly, the MyCommunity formula has been scientifically studied too. In this study, the researchers found that MyCommunity activated the immune cells, increased host defense activation, and provided a general supportive role in immune response. 

Plus, this formula also showed anti-inflammatory effects and improved growth factors, (which help the body regenerate and return to balance).

Does MyCommunity Work?

Based on the evidence, it seems likely that Host Defense MyCommunity works for immune function and overall health. This exact formula was used in scientific studies, which showed immune-supportive, anti-inflammatory, and other benefits. 

Now, that wasn’t a clinical trial, so it’s unclear exactly how it works in humans. But given that we know the benefits of most of these mushrooms more generally, it should be safe to say that MyCommunity provides at least some benefits.

Of course, individual results will vary. And it likely takes time for this product to work. 

mycommunity powder

The dosages are also pretty low for each mushroom. However, the total dose is good (1,050 or 1,500mg), ESPECIALLY considering that each one has pretty similar effects. So, in this case, the low doses might not be that much of a problem, if at all.

How Does MyCommunity Compare?

MyCommunity is a good mushroom-based formula overall, given that the total dose is pretty good, and that they use well-researched mushrooms. We don’t often see formulas like this with specific research behind them either, so that’s a plus. 

Not to mention, it’s also Certified Organic and non-GMO, which sets it apart from many other formulas.

Onnit Shroom Tech Immune

One supplement that is comparable both in terms of ingredients and promoted benefits is Onnit Shroom Tech Immune

This supplement has eight different mushrooms, including chaga, cordyceps, reishi, and shiitake, with a total dose of 1,000mg. However, they use a proprietary blend, so the exact doses for each one are unknown, unlike with MyCommunity where you see each dose.

Onnit Shroom Tech Immune also adds various herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, and oregano, which may have added benefits for immunity, inflammation control, and overall health.

MyCommunity seems just a bit better, specifically if you’re looking for a mushroom formula, although these two are pretty comparable overall.

Who is MyCommunity Best For?

MyCommunity is best for individuals looking to naturally support immunity, control inflammation, and support overall wellness throughout the year. 

Pros & Cons


  • Good total dose
  • Backed by specific research
  • Fully transparent label
  • Moderate price
  • Save 25% with a subscription
  • Certified Organic


  • Doses are a bit low for each mushroom
  • Many different ingredients (some people might want a more specialized formula)

How to Take MyCommunity

MyCommunity comes in a powdered formula or as capsules, so you can pick based on personal preference. 

Is Host Defense MyCommunity Safe?

The MyCommunity formula is one of the safer ones out there, as far as mushroom supplements go. It’s non-GMO, Certified Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and free from fillers and all artificial ingredients. Also, it’s made in the USA in a cGMP-compliant, FDA-registered facility.

Plus, Host Defense Mushrooms is a Certified B Corporation, which just means they meet certain standards of performance, transparency, and accountability. 

The ingredient list is safe overall, although there are still possible side effects from functional mushrooms, such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Dry mouth
  • Itchiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach
  • Other digestive symptoms

Where to Buy Host Defense MyCommunity

You can buy MyCommunity on the Host Defense Mushrooms website. 

It’s available in capsules or powder form. 

The serving sizes are two capsules or a half teaspoon if using powder. 

For the capsules, you can buy a bottle with 30, 60, or 120 capsules. If you buy 60 or 120 capsules, they also give you the option to save 25% with their Subscribe & Save program. 

For the powder, it’s just available in one size (100g), which provides about 66 servings. This is available as a one-time purchase or as a Subscribe & Save, which reduces the price by 25%. 

The powder is considerably cheaper at $0.36 to $0.48 per serving, whereas the prices for the capsules range from $0.90 to $1.40 per serving. 

Verdict: Host Defense MyCommunity Review

MyCommunity is a legit, well-formulated mushroom supplement that seems able to promote immune health and overall wellness. The doses for each mushroom aren’t very high, but it’s a 17-mushroom formula that provides a good combined dose altogether. Plus, it’s backed by specific research, which has shown positive effects on immunity and inflammation. 

You can get it in capsules or powder, but the powder is dosed higher and priced lower, so that seems to be the better option for most people. 

Keep in mind that everyone responds differently to products like this. But based on the formula, there’s a good chance that you’ll see some benefits from MyCommunity, especially if you take it consistently for at least several weeks.


  • Ingredient Quality: 4.5
  • Ingredient Dosage: 3.8
  • Effectiveness: 4.1
  • Safety: 4.3
  • Value: 4.2
  • Comparison to Alternatives: 4.4
  • Company Trustworthiness: 4.5

Overall Rating:
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Jack Cincotta, MS

Jack Cincotta is a certified holistic health coach through AFPA and a board-certified holistic health practitioner through AADP. He has written hundreds of articles on nutrition and supplementation. Jack has a M.S. degree in Psychology and is passionate about researching the science behind nutrition. He often uses research-backed supplementation protocols for many of his clients to optimize results.

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