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By Leslie Waterson

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Essential oils are getting more popular these days. In addition to aromatherapy and massage oils, they are used for hair and skin care. Lots of different plant oils are available. Different oils promise different effects. There are oils to treat dry scalp, dry hair, dandruff, thin hair, and more. It seems like the best impact would come from using different oils. 

You could buy a host of different products to get that result, or you could look for a combined product. There are combined products that offer a full range of benefits. That makes it easier to choose, but how do you know which ones are any good? 

We looked at one combined oil product, Hair Envy 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Vitality Extracts. (We’ll just call it Hair Envy for the rest of the article.) We will take a look at this oil and let you know how it stacks up. 

Hair Envy

What is Hair Envy Essential Oil?

Hair Envy is a blend of essential oils and carrier oil. It’s designed to condition, thicken, smooth, and moisturize hair. It also moisturizes and invigorates your scalp. Hair Envy is an excellent treatment for brittle or damaged hair. It contains a blend of fifteen different essential oils – more on that later. The oils have been diluted in a carrier oil as well.

Hair Envy Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Product


  • The blend of essential oils provides a full range of benefits
  • Treats a wide range of conditions
  • Leaves hair feeling healthy and looking shiny
  • Subtle, pleasing aroma


  • Expensive compared to similar products
  • A blend of so many oils means you don’t get the maximum benefit of any single oil

About Vitality Extracts

Vitality Extracts is a wellness company that focuses on essential oils and diffusers for aromatherapy. Their main products are essential oils for overall wellness. Hair Envy is just one part of a much broader essential oil line. They promise a 100% happiness guarantee on all their products. 

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Vitality sources ingredients from all over the world. They try to work with small farmers as much as possible. Vitality is committed to supporting local communities in preserving generational farmland.

Hair Envy Ingredients

As we said, there are fifteen different essential oils in Hair Envy. They are:

  • Avocado oil for dry, brittle hair and sheen
  • Castor oil for dry scalp and longer hair
  • Argan oil for stronger hair and split ends
  • Jojoba oil for moisturizing and conditioning
  • Amla oil stimulates growth and slows hair loss
  • Lavender oil for faster growth
  • Eucalyptus oil for overall hair health
  • Rosemary oil for thicker growth and dandruff
  • Lemongrass oil for overall hair health
  • Tea tree oil for sheen, dry scalp, and lice control
  • Juniper berry oil prevents hair loss and strengthens brittle strands
  • Spanish sage oil promotes overall hair health and slows hair loss
  • Cedarwood oil for dry scalp and dandruff control
  • Thyme oil for irritated skin, especially eczema
  • Geranium oil for moisture and scalp health

That’s a potent blend that promises a lot of benefits. 

How Does Hair Envy Work?

Since plants can’t move, they have to protect themselves in other ways. They produce chemicals that fight germs or repel insects. These chemicals often have distinctive smells – think of the piney scent of rosemary or the soothing aroma of lavender. Essential oils are extracts of these defensive chemicals. 

The chemicals can be extracted and concentrated using a variety of different methods. The extracts are what we call essential oils. In addition to the lovely aromas, we can also get the health benefits of these oils. 

Hair Envy drops

Hair Envy has taken the extracted essential oils from the plants listed above and combined them. You can boost your hair’s health by using the combined oils either as a scalp treatment or as a hair conditioner. To treat the scalp, you just need to put a few drops on your scalp and massage the oil in. Let it sit for five to ten minutes and rinse it out. You’ll feel the benefits in no time. 

To condition your hair with Hair Envy, you mix five to ten drops with your favorite conditioner. Blend the oil with the conditioner and apply it to your hair as you usually would. Make sure you get your hair covered from root to tip. Leave it in, and the oils will work for you all day. 

Is Hair Envy Safe?

Essential oils are a natural product, but that doesn’t mean they are a hundred percent safe. Remember, these are defensive chemicals from plants. Some essential oils can cause rashes or provoke allergic reactions. You should always be careful when using essential oils.

The most significant risks of essential oils come from using the undiluted oil on your skin. Since Hair Envy has been diluted, it is a much safer product. Still, make sure not to leave Hair Envy in your scalp. Rinse it out as the directions indicate. Also, be aware of the ingredients. If you object in the ingredients listed, don’t use it.

Where to Buy Hair Envy

Hair Envy Website

Hair Envy is available from Vitality for $39.95 for a 30 ml bottle.

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Is Hair Envy Worth the Money?

Is Hair Envy worth the cost? That depends. The product is an effective, natural solution for hair care. It certainly is on the pricier side when compared to other essential oils, but part of what you are paying for is the unique blend of therapeutic grade oils. You could get undiluted oils on Amazon for cheaper, but you would have to create your own unique formulation.

Our advice? Start with the 30ml and see how you like the results. If you are happy with the product (as many customers have been), you can purchase multiple bottles at a time. While a single bottle will run you $39.99, you can get 3 bottles of Hair Envy for $99.99 ($33.31 each) or 6 bottles for $149.99 ($24.99 each). The volume discount is well worth it if you plan on making Hair Envy an essential part of your haircare routine.

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