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Moov Now Review – Is This Fitness Tracker A Work Out Must Have?

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Fitness trackers promise that you will lose weight, get in shape, and look better. Everything from a $20 pedometer to the latest, most expensive new gadget from Silicon Valley is supposed to help you get in shape. Whether it’s steps, heart rate, or sleep quality, fitness trackers promise to measure what you do so that you can get better.

How fitness trackers promise to get you in better shape, most don’t offer to get you better at getting in shape. Trackers only count what you do and log your efforts.

The Moov Now fitness tracker from Moov offers a very different proposition. Instead of just tracking your heart rate and steps, it tracks all your motion. Moov promises that using their fitness tracker and app will not only help you get in shape, but it will also help you get better at getting in shape. Moov says that their Moov Now tracker will help you run, cycle, or swim faster and with fewer injuries. How well does it stack up? Let’s take a look!

Moov Now Fitness Tracker

Overview: What is Moov Now?

Moov Now is a fitness tracker that can be worn on your wrist or your ankle. It uses high-tech motion sensors to capture precise details of how your moving. It can analyze these details and make specific recommendations about how to improve your workouts.

The recommendations are delivered via headphones or your smartphone speaker as you work out. Moov promises that, over time, the coaching will lead to you getting faster and performing better at the workout. 

Moov Now Box Set

Advantages of Moov Now

  • motion sensing technology analyzes your movement patterns and finds ways to improve
  • digital coaching is configured for some of the most popular fitness activities
  • long-term workout planning has videogame like leveling which turns fitness challenges into a game
  • very affordable price
Moov Now Benefits


  • digital coaching only applies to a few activities
  • doesn’t include sleep or calorie monitoring like other trackers

Who makes Moov Now?

Moov makes the Now fitness tracker and the Moov HR heart rate monitor. Fitness products are there only business. Moov wants to replace the “no pain, no gain” workout mentality with workouts that are fun and engaging. The company seeks to leverage technology to help people work out better, not just harder.

The co-founders of Moov are a videogame developer, a designer, and a technology guru. They set out to create a wearable fitness tracker that would make getting in shape easy and fun.

Moov Now Review - Moov Logo

How does Moov Now work?

Unlike other fitness trackers, the Moov Now doesn’t focus on heart rate are steps. It uses motion-sensing technology developed for missiles to track the motion of your wrist or ankle in real-time. It translates this into workout data. It uses the workout data to generate tips that help you work out better.

The motion sensors are the heart of the Moov Now technology. They are the most precise sensors available in a wearable fitness tracker. They also register motion the fastest. Combining fast, exact measurements with cutting-edge motion capture software lets the Now understand precisely how you are moving in your workout. 

Moov Now programs are available for bodyweight circuit training, running, bicycling, swimming, and cardio boxing. The applications track your movement and help you get better at the exercise. The Moov Now also tracks standard features for these workouts like distance covered, hills climbed, and laps run or swum.

Moov promises that there motion capture data will help you get more efficient and more effective at exercising. By analyzing your movement and offering you tips, the Now tracker will make you a better runner, swimmer, or cyclist. You won’t just get more fit – your movement patterns will improve, and you’ll see wonderful gains in your performance.

The tracker sends coaching tips to Bluetooth earphones for your smartphone. These tips help you adjust your work out to meet your fitness goals. Moov also promises that following their advice will help reduce injuries from exercise.

Moov Now Motion Based

What are the attributes of Moov Now?

The appearance of the Now fitness tracker is unusual. Unlike most trackers, it doesn’t have a screen. It has a plastic band that looks like a watchband with a series of holes poked in it. Where the face of the watch would be, there is a larger area of the band. The face area is an insert with a contrasting color. The overall appearance is pleasing, but it’s a little odd.

In sport-specific modes, the Moov Now captures plenty of relevant data. For runners, it tracks cadence, pace, impact, stride length, and distance covered. Cyclists can see cadence, distance, speed, and elevation along with a live route map. Swimmers get stroke recognition, lap count, stroke rate, distance per stroke, and turn time. If you’re into circuit training, you can see exercise pace, progress, rep count, and range of motion.

Moov Now Review - Attributes

Where to buy Moov Now

The Moov Now is available from Moov for $49.95 with a black  band or $59.95 with a colored band. It’s also available from Amazon for $58.16.

Moov Now Website

Moov Now: is it worth it?

If you want a fitness tracker to measure every aspect of your day or want to monitor sleep, the Moov Now is not for you. It’s also not great if you made fitness activity is not one of the pre-programmed sports that the Moov Now coaches.

If you are a casual athlete looking to take your fitness to a new level, and you’re not already dedicated to another sport, the Moov Now could be a good choice. The audible coaching it provides can help you improve your workouts and make significant gains with your fitness.

If you already are a runner, swimmer, or cyclist (or a triathlete – all three at once!), the Moov Now is a great fit. The price is affordable for a high-quality wearable, and the results can be amazing. Using a Moov Now might set you up for some personal records.

Moov Now Orange Band

Moov Now Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Cost
  • Tracking


Moov Now is a fitness tracker that can be worn on your wrist or your ankle. It uses high-tech motion sensors to capture precise details of how your moving. It can analyze these details and make specific recommendations about how to improve your workouts. Find out more about Moov Now and decide if it’s right for you by reading our review.


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