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gobiotix greens and reds review

Gobiotix Greens and Reds is a greens superfoods powder containing essential vitamins from fruits and vegetables. The superfood blend also includes enzymes and probiotics to support digestion as well. The company claims this superfood powder is great for detoxification, weight management, mental clarity, reducing gas and constipation, and helps you fill nutritional gaps in your diet. Although this powder looks beneficial based on its ingredient list, let’s take a closer look to see how beneficial this greens blend really is.

gobiotix greens and reds

Gobiotix Greens and Reds Benefits

This powerful blend of high-quality ingredients in this veggie supplement supposedly provides the daily essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to detox and cleanse. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more specific benefits.

Helps the Body Naturally Detox and Cleanse

The super greens formula of superfoods, fruits, and veggies in this blend help support the body’s ability to detox and cleanse naturally. Many of the ingredients, including organic kale, organic spirulina, wheatgrass, and spinach, are all packed with antioxidants, which help the body fight free radicals and toxins that lead to inflammation and disease. This natural detox and cleanse is essential to whole-body health, and really helps ensure those toxins do not build up in the body. The antioxidants can also help provide more energy and improved mental clarity too.

benefits of gobiotix greens and reds

Supports Digestive Health

This superfood blend is packed with fruits and vegetables containing fiber, which helps promote bowel regularity and overall digestion. Additionally, this blend contains 5 billion CFUs of probiotics, making it a complete probiotic multivitamin, helping provide your gut with the good bacteria it needs to thrive. The formula also contains enzymes like amylase, lactase, and lipase, which help you properly digest the ingredients and superfoods in the formula and reap the many benefits of this superfood blend.

Supports Healthy Weight Management

This super greens formula is packed with nutrients, especially fiber. Fiber helps support bowel regularity, but also helps keep you fuller for longer. This can help you potentially lose weight, when coupled with an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. The nutrients and superfoods in the super greens formula may also help curb sugar cravings as well.

Boosts Immune System

As stated, this super greens formula contains a substantial amount of nutrients like vitamin C, D, E, and A, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, iron, and many more. These many nutrients, especially vitamin C, largely help boost immune health and help your body stay in its prime health. The antioxidants also help promote the removal of harmful toxins that may be affecting proper immune system functioning. The micronutrients in the formula may also help regulate and improve blood pressure, blood sugar, and bone health as well.

Gobiotix Greens and Reds Ingredients

Gobiotix Greens and Reds contains a few different blends with a wide array of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods.

The first blend, the super greens blend, contains ingredients like barley grass, chlorella, parsley, kale, broccoli, and spirulina. These greens are packed with micronutrients and minerals designed to support digestion, immune health, energy levels, and weight management. Specific superfoods like chlorella and spirulina also provide some micronutrients and minerals you may otherwise not be getting in your daily diet.

gobiotix greens and reds ingredients

The reds blend contains a blend of fruits like elderberry, pineapple, grape seed extract, cherries, and many others. This super reds powder provides another assortment of essential vitamins and minerals designed to provide immune system support, digestion support, and whole-body health. These fruits are also packed with antioxidants that help rid your body of harmful chemicals and free radicals, while also supporting skin health. The ingredients in the greens and reds blends also provide prebiotic fiber, which helps support and feed the good bacteria you have in your gut, allowing for digestive regularity.

This greens blend also contains a digestive system formula. The enzyme blend contains digestive enzymes like amylase, lactase, and lipase, which all help your body really digest this assortment of fruits and veggies. This enhanced digestive support helps your body also absorb the nutrients more effectively. The formula also contains 5 billion CFUs of active probiotics. The many strains included in this probiotic blend supports digestion, helps your body absorb these nutrients, and really just ensures your gut has good bacteria present.

Is Gobiotix Greens and Reds Really That Healthy?

This veggie supplement is pretty healthy and effective for whole-body health. Now, when it comes to superfood powders like Greens and Reds, they are not designed to replace an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. This dairy free formula is really just intended to boost your overall health, and really just fill in any micronutrient or mineral gaps you may be missing from your diet.

This blend is packed with organic ingredients, so you know the superfoods you are consuming are coming from the best possible sources. The formula really does contain so many essential vitamins and minerals that support immune health, energy levels, digestion, heart health, and much more. Especially when it comes to digestive health, this formula is packed with prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes that really allow for proper gut health. Overall, we would say this powder is a great supplement to purchase to help enhance whole-body health, again as a supplement, not a replacement to a proper diet and lifestyle.

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Gobiotix Greens and Reds Safety and Side Effects

Greens and Reds is definitely safe for consumption. However, there are quite a few ingredients in the formula, so if you have any allergies or preexisting health conditions, you should consult with a doctor first.

This blend is gluten free and dairy free, so that is great for those with digestive issues. It also is sugar free and does not contain any harmful additives or sugars. However, due to the probiotic content, high fiber content, and fruits and vegetables in general, this supplement may cause digestive discomfort. This may include:

  • bloating
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • nausea

These side effects are not very common, still you should be weary of using really any superfood greens powder if you have a preexisting health condition.

How Does Gobiotix Super Greens Powder Compare?

Although this greens powder is very effective, there are many others on the market to consider.

A really popular greens supplement is by the brand Garden of Life. This blend contains an intense greens blend, even with a separate blend for sprouts. This superfood blend contains far more greens than Greens and Reds, however, less fruits. The formula also contains an enzyme and probiotic blend, but with only 1.5 billion CFUs, which is less than that of Greens and Reds. This powder is also more expensive at about $60, but it contains more servings overall.

Another very popular greens powder is 1 Up Nutrition’s Vegan Greens and Reds superfoods. This specially formulated powder contains a great deal of fruits and veggies like the other blends, but with a specific fiber blend, metabolic blend, antioxidant blend, and fiber. It also contains 3 billion CFUs of probiotics, which is more than Garden of Life’s powder but still less than Gobiotix’s powder. This non gmo vegan red and greens blend does contain stevia though, which may cause bloating and constipation. This powder is very highly rated and is about $55. This is more than Gobiotix, but it also has more servings.

Where Can I Purchase Gobiotix Greens and Reds?

gobiotix greens and reds website

Gobiotix Greens and Reds is available for purchase directly from the Gobiotix website for a price of about $43. It comes in two different flavors- Pomegranate Raspberry and Mango. There are also subscribe and save options for about $7 less.

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