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Synedrex Review – How Does This Fat Burner Stack Up?

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Weight loss can be a struggle for many people, especially when the diet and exercise programs they’ve adopted are not enough. A lot of people will then turn to fat burning supplements. There’s a ton of fat burners on the market, such as Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate, Plexus MetaBurn, and Skald. So, how do you know which one will deliver on the promise of putting you on the fast track towards weight loss? That’s where Synedrex comes in.

Synedrex is designed to speed up your metabolism while burning fat much faster than normal methods. If you want to lose weight in weeks and keep it off, this could be the solution that will put itself a head above shoulders over the other competitors. Read our Synedrex review to find out if this is a good supplement for you.

Synedrex By Metabolic Nutrition

What Is Synedrex? 

Synedrex is a supplement that is designed to control your hunger and cravings throughout the day. Especially when you want to curb it for the purpose of preventing any over-eating. Plus, it can increase your body temperature so it burns fat fast. That’s why it is considered a thermogenic. Along with its thermogenic abilities, it can also boost your energy levels and give you sharp mental clarity all throughout the day. You’ll feel more productive and feel like you can take on anything. 

Synedrex Advantages And Benefits

  • Allows you to lose weight and burn fat fast
  • Easily boosts energy levels
  • No cravings or hunger throughout the day
  • Includes ingredients that can be found in most clinically proven supplement formulas
  • Makes workout training more intense on days when you do them
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Fights inflammations
Synedrex Burn Fat


  • Not safe to take for anyone under 18
  • Not for pregnant or nursing women
  • Contains stimulants
  • Some ingredients may trigger side effects that may be serious

Who Makes Synedrex? 

Synedrex is a product by Metabolic Nutrition. The company has been in operation for nearly 30 years and is currently based in Florida. Aside from developing Synedrex, Metabolic Nutrition has also developed other supplements. They also include drink mixes that can be used for weight loss, muscle growth, and more. To this day, they take pride in creating products that are being sold to those who want to look their best and take on a healthy lifestyle. Their products are highly rated and have received tons of positive reviews so far. 

Metabolic Nutrition Company Logo

Synedrex Ingredients

Synedrex contains the following active ingredients: Bitter orange (or citrus Aurantium), grains of paradise, yohimbine HCI, caffeine, higenamine, hordenine, Huperzine A, Naringin, N-Methylphenethylamine, L-Dopa, and Poly-Thyonine. 

The inactive ingredients include: Talc, calcium carbonate, silicone dioxide, magnesium stearate, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #40, and gelatin.

Synedrex By Metabolic Nutrition Supplement Facts

How Does Synedrex Work?

You can take one capsule per day with breakfast. After you’ve built up a tolerance, you can be able to add another dose throughout the day. But one should be good enough. As you take one per day, it will quickly go to work to burn off any fat that you might have (including what you’ve eaten). Since this also contains caffeine, it will give you a burst of energy throughout the day along with giving you mental clarity. That will definitely be helpful on days when you need to be at your best productivity-wise. It can also be beneficial on days when you need to have more energy for those intense workout days. 

Synedrex works as a thermogenic. What it does is it increased your body temperature, which leads to burning more fat. The higher your body temperature, the better the chance that you will burn fat and eventually lose weight along with it. Perfect when you are trying to get rid of the stubborn fat that can’t be gotten rid of with exercise and dieting alone. 

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It should be noted that you should take one dose per day every day for 12 weeks in order to see results. After that 12 week period, you should discontinue using. By this time, you may be able to reach your weight loss goals. 

If you are not satisfied, you can go on a 12 week regimen after a period of time has passed. Any questions or concerns about taking Synedrex or any other thermogenic must be addressed to your health care provider as soon as possible. 

Is Synedrex Safe?

Synedrex was developed in a facility that has processed common food allergens such as nuts, milk, soy, and wheat. If you suffer from allergies associated with these foods, then you will need to consider other alternatives since they may contain trace amounts. 

As for the side effects of Synedrex, some users have reported the following: rapid heartbeat, dehydration, severe headache, nausea, sweating, dizziness, increased blood pressure, and jitters. Some of these side effects may be severe. If you are experiencing other symptoms like rapid heart rate or shortness of breath, seek emergency medical help immediately.

Synedrex should not be taken by persons who are under the age of 18 and by women who are pregnant or nursing. Also, you should not take Synedrex prior before bedtime as it will cause insomnia. After all, it wouldn’t be smart to take anything that contains caffeine at tnight. 

Where To Buy Synedrex And Cost

You can purchase Synedrex directly on their website. A bottle of 60 capsules will be priced at $49.99. Synedrex can also be purchased through other online vendors. However, the price may vary depending on where it is being sold. 

Synedrex: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a fat burner that will help you lose weight fast, then Synedrex might be worth the investment. Especially if you plan on taking something over the course of a 12 week period. Synedrex is designed to help you lose up to 20 pounds or more in a short amount of time. If you want to fast track your weight loss goals, then you might want to consider taking this fat burner along with your first meal of the day.  

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Synedrex Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Ingredients


Synedrex is a fat burner from Metabolic Nutrition designed for weight management. This supplement is formulated to help in weight loss by activating the body’s metabolic rate to burn fats fast. It also has a strong appetite suppressant to stop food binging and cravings. Learn more in our thorough review of Synedrex and find out if it’s worth the cost.

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