Bio Complete 3 Vs. Total Restore – Which Gundry MD Supplement To Choose?

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Bio Complete 3 Vs. Total Restore

Gut health is one of the most important parts of our overall health. However, gut health is often underestimated because many think that it is only about, well, our gut and digestive health. Or, to put it in another way, they think that the only importance of taking care of your gut is to keep yourself from going back to the toilet – again and again.

However, gut health goes beyond digestive issues. Gut health can affect virtually every part of our health, including weight, mood, energy levels, skin health, and even our immune system health. That being said, we should take good care of our gut health so that not only do we keep ourselves from going back to the toilet again and again, but also to have overall optimal health.

As such, there are supplements out there that are made specifically to promote gut health. In this article, we’ll take a look at two popular choices, Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore. Both products of well-known health supplement company, Gundry MD, and while both are gut supplements, they do still have key differences. Therefore, we are going to compare them to find out which is the better gut supplement.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started with this comparison of Bio Complete 3 vs. Total Restore!

What is Gundry MD?

Before we talk about Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore, let’s first talk about what Gundry MD is.

Gundry MD is a supplements company that is founded by Dr. Steven Gundry. His mission is to “help dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.”

His mission began after he discovered some “unconventional truths about human nutrition.” Ultimately, he realized that our good microbiome (or “your gut buddies,” as he calls them) plays far more role in improving your health so long as you know how to treat them right.

The story of Dr. Steven Gundry is quite a long one, so if you’re interested to know more about how he reached his conclusions and why he made the company, you can read it on his “About” page.

Gundry MD

As a supplements company, Gundry MD not only sells gut supplements but also supplements for heart health, immune support, and weight management, among others. Their product line includes popular supplements such as Vital Reds, TriTrim, ProPlant Complete Shake, Energy Renew, and many more. They also sell skin and hair care products, olive oil, and even dog foods.

About Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3 is a gut supplement that is designed to promote an overall healthy immune system. This is achieved by promoting a healthy gut lining through by providing us with prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics. Later, we will discuss them more when we talk about their ingredients.


Here are some of the health benefits of Bio Complete 3:

  • Aid in losing excess weight, including and especially deep fat
  • Improving and eliminating digestive issues
  • Can help you crave less for unhealthy foods
  • Can help lessen your fatigue and provide you with more energy

About Total Restore

Like Bio Complete 3, Total Restore is also a gut supplement that is made to promote overall gut health by promoting a healthy gut lining. But unlike Bio Complete 3, Total Restore’s main goal is to strengthen the gut lining to avoid problems such as the leaky gut and overall weakened gut lining. This is because a weak gut lining can lead to health problems such as digestive discomfort, fatigue, and weight issues. Therefore, we should keep an eye on our gut lining’s condition.


Some of the benefits of Total Restore include:

  • Energy boost
  • Improved focus
  • Can help you calm down or have a more relaxed mood
  • Reduce bloating and gas
  • Can help in reducing cravings for “junk foods” and other unhealthy foods
  • Can support our joints

Like Bio Complete 3, we will discuss Total Restore’s ingredients to see how the supplement will work and, more importantly, if it will work in the first place.

Bio Complete 3 Ingredients

Now that we know the basic information and supposed benefits of Bio Complete 3, let’s see its ingredients to see what we are getting from the supplement and to see if the supplement can indeed deliver the benefits it promises.

According to its product description, Bio Complete 3’s ingredients include prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics, so let’s discuss the three.

  • Prebiotics – they are a particular type of fiber that is indigestible to the human digestive system. Therefore, our good bacteria feed on them. To put it in another day, prebiotics is our good bacteria’s diet. Therefore, by consuming prebiotics, we are nourishing our good bacteria.
  • Probiotics – these are live organisms. By consuming probiotics, we are adding the population of good bacteria, which leads to improved health and condition of our gut microbiome and overall gut health.
  • Post-biotics – post-biotics are our body’s butyrate level. Butyrate is a short-chain fatty acid that is produced by our good bacteria. Butyrate has powerful effects on our gut (and overall health, for that matter), and one of them is to strengthen our gut lining.

Bio Complete 3-Supplement Facts

These are the three general ingredients of Bio Complete 3. Now, let’s take a look at its actual main ingredients. They are as follows:

  • Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)
  • Sunfiber®
  • Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

Tributyrin (as CoreBiome™)

CoreBiome™ tributyrin is a patented post-biotic that helps tributyrin to reach your small and large intestines quickly and safely. This is very important because tributyrin plays a crucial role in strengthening your gut health, which in turn leads to overall improved gut health.


Sunfiber® is a dietary fiber that is prepared through enzymatic fermentation from Indian Guar Beans. Sunfiber® is clinically proven to improve mineral absorption, lower glycemic index, and support intestinal regularity, which is important for our gut health.

Bacillus Coagulans (ProDURA®)

Bacillus Coagulans is a specific strain of good bacteria (probiotics). What separates Bacillus Coagulans from other probiotic strains is that this strain can survive an extreme gut environment, which means that it can travel to your gut and bring its benefits from there. For the benefits, Bacillus Coagulans is mainly known for alleviating stomach distress and other digestive-related problems.

Total Restore Ingredients

Now that we took a look at Bio Complete 3’s ingredients, let’s now take a look at Total Restore’s ingredients with the same purpose of knowing what exactly we are getting from this supplement.

The main ingredients of Total Restore are:

  • L- Glutamine – this is an amino acid that is capable of both soothing our gut lining as well as helping us to reduce our cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • N-acetyl D-glucosamine – this compound absorbs lectins in our gut, which prevents them from sticking to our gut lining and causing some damage. Aside from that, N-acetyl D-glucosamine can also aid in easing joint problems.
  • Licorice root extract – among its other benefits, licorice root extract is shown to promote the health of our gut lining.
  • PepZin GI™ – PepZin GI™ is a patented combination of zinc and L-carnosine. This ingredient is shown to help in soothing down our gut lining.

Total Restore-Supplement Facts

Bio Complete 3 vs. Total Restore: Benefits

On the surface, both Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore have pretty much the same benefits. To begin with, both of them can produce the same benefits, such as improved energy levels and weight loss support.

That being said, they still have very distinct ingredients, which can lead to very different results – if you will observe, Total Restore’s ingredients focus on gut lining effects while Bio Complete 3 comes as a “balanced” supplement of prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics. Bio Complete 3 is made to promote immune system support by promoting gut health, especially our gut lining.


On the other hand, Total Restore specifically targets our gut lining to avoid problems such as the leaky gut.

Bio Complete 3 vs. Total Restore: Customer Reviews

Both Gundry MD’s Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore have positive reviews on Amazon. Specifically, here’s how they performed:

  • Bio Complete 3 – 4 out of 5-star rating from 1,163 reviews
  • Total Restore – 3.9 out of 5-star rating from 3,827 reviews

For both supplements, customers report that their respective supplements did work for them. In the case of Bio Complete 3, one even reported that the supplement “completely cleared up a serious, chronic Proctitis condition.”

Gundry MD’s Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore Reviews

However, there are also negative reviews. For instance, one reviewer noted that she experienced “long, messy bowel movements” after taking Bio Complete 3 (in the hopes of actually resolving her digestive problems). In the case of Total Restore, some noted that it’s ineffective and that it’s “overpriced.”

Bio Complete 3 vs. Total Restore: Price Value

Bio Complete 3 is priced at $69.95 per bottle, and you’ll find that Total Restore is the same at $69.95 per bottle. Also, both have a 90-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the supplement. That being said, there’s nothing much to compare about their price value since they have the same price and virtually offer the same product value, albeit with slight differences.


Bio Complete 3 vs. Total Restore: Which Gundry MD Gut Supplement is Better?

After we discussed the basic information and differences between Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore, it’s time to talk about which of them is a better gut supplement for Gundry MD.

To be honest, this is a tough one since both are equally good, but I’d go for Bio Complete 3. Why? Because it offers prebiotics, probiotics, and post-biotics, so you’re getting the benefits of three in one supplement. Also, its post-biotic CoreBiome™ tributyrin can be very potent and effective in strengthening our gut lining.

Still itching to learn more about each option before making your final choice? If so, make sure to check out our full review of Bio Complete 3 here and our full review of Total Restore here. Now go and get better gut health now!

Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore Supplement by Gunry MD

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