Onnit Total Human Vs. Athletic Greens – Which Is Best?

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Onnit Total Human Vs Athletic Greens

If you’re buying supplements, sometimes you can end up with a boatload of bottles and packages. It might start off as one, but then you look for more and more supplements until, before you know it, your cabinet is filled with them. 

Not to mention, this can get pretty darn expensive too. 

But this is why “total package” supplements are so intriguing; after all, they provide a potential way to get everything you’re looking for, all in one supplement. 

And no, we’re not talking about your traditional multivitamin; we’re talking about products that go above and beyond the generic multivitamin and include many more ingredients.

Among these supplements, two that seem to stand out are Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens. 

While these definitely do differ in terms of what they offer, they’re both examples of “total package” products to a T.

But which one is best? If you want to find out, continue reading this comparison of Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens. 

Onnit Total Human vs Athletic Greens: Overview

  • Both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens have vitamins, minerals, herbs, superfoods, and are very well-rounded
  • Key ingredients in Onnit Total Human that aren’t found in Athletic Greens are nootropics, calming herbs, and omega-3s
  • Yet, Athletic Greens has some things not seen in Onnit Total Human, such as probiotics and generally a higher amount of superfoods
  • Both supplements may have benefits for energy, immunity, nutrition enhancement, stress, antioxidant effects, and overall health
  • Onnit Total Human offers additional benefits for cognition and sleep not seen in Athletic Greens
  • Both products are expensive, costing at least $3/serving for the regular price
  • Onnit Total Human is the overall winner, but Athletic Greens is solid in its own right

About Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens

Before we get into the actual comparison of Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens, let’s first take a look at what these supplements are all about. 

Onnit Total Human

onnit total human

Onnit Total Human is a combination of some of the best and most effective products from Onnit, all wrapped into one. Or shall we say two, since they include both a day pack and night pack. 

Onnit is a very well-known and reputable brand created by Aubrey Marcus. 

Some of the features in Onnit Total Human include select vitamins and minerals for optimal performance. Moreover, Onnit Total Human has many other ingredients that go beyond your typical multi, including amino acids, herbal ingredients, nootropics, and fatty acids, in order to target a wide range of bodily systems and health concerns. 

Athletic Greens

athletic greens supplement bag

Athletic Greens is one of the most popular superfood supplements out there. It has over 75 ingredients, all advertised to deliver the most comprehensive nutrition and health benefits in one daily drink. It is featured by vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, adaptogens, functional mushrooms, probiotics, and more for total health and wellness. 

Plus, they have revised their formula over the last 10 years to create the best possible product. All in all, Athletic Greens is designed to only include well-researched and science-backed ingredients to deliver the highest possible levels of health.

Comparison – Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens

Both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens share some common features, but there are also a number of key differences. 

That’s why we’ll go over the ins and outs of both supplements as we continue this comparison of Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens. 

Below, we’ll go over the exact ingredients and formulations, dosages, safety, quality, pricing, benefits, and other key factors. All in all, this will help determine which supplement can be crowned the winner. 

There is also a table with all of the main features listed in a side-by-side format, so you can quickly reference it for a quick comparison. 

Now, let’s get on with this comparison of Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens!

Onnit Total Human

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Onnit Total Human

  • Benefits sleep, anxiety, brain function, and more
  • Formula includes omega fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility

Comparison Table

Here’s a table listing some of the main features of Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens: 

Product: Onnit Total HumanAthletic Greens
Vitamins Yes: C, D, E, K2Yes: C, E, K2
B-Complex VitaminsYes; generally higher dosesYes; moderate doses
Essential MineralsYesYes
MushroomsYes (6)Yes (2)
AdaptogensYes (2)Yes (3)
AntioxidantsYes (3)Yes (2)
SuperfoodsOnly 2Numerous (over 7-gram blend)
Krill Oil/Omega Fatty AcidsYesNo
ProbioticsNoYes; 7 Billion CFU
Calming/Sleep HerbsYesNo
Price (30-Day Supply)$137.95$99
Product FormPills (16 per day)Powder (1 scoop)
Return Policy90 Days60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Supplement Formulation

Onnit Total Human contains 10 different “sub-supplements,” each with multiple ingredients. And Athletic Greens has 75 listed ingredients. So, it’s safe to say that these are some pretty complex formulas.

Let’s get into the similarities and differences, as well as unique aspects of each.

onnit total human vs athletic greens supplements


Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens have a wide range of vitamins

One of the key differences is that Onnit Total Human doesn’t have any vitamin A, whereas Athletic Greens has a solid dose of this vitamin. It’s involved in eye health, antioxidant function, and many other things.

On the other hand, Onnit Total Human includes vitamin D, but this isn’t found in Athletic Greens. Vitamin D deficiencies are quite common and are associated with lower mood, poorer immune function, and even decreased bone health.

Taking a look at the B-Complex vitamins, it’s clear that both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens included all of these at solid dosages. Plus, both of them have high amounts of biotin. 

Onnit Total Human stands out more for its exceptional vitamin B6 and B12 content, but both of these have high amounts of most B-complex vitamins. These may assist with energy, brain health, cognition, and metabolism, among other things.

Next, Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens both have a high dose of vitamin C, well above 100% DV, but Athletic Greens does contain more overall. 

As for vitamin E, both supplements have a solid dose of this antioxidant vitamin, with Athletic Greens at the highest dosage.

Lastly, both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens have vitamin K in the form of vitamin K2, which is often hard to get. It’s involved in blood clotting, bone health, to name a couple. 


It’s clear that Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens have their fair share of minerals too. 

Perhaps the most unique aspect is that Onnit Total Human includes strontium for bone health; and this isn’t found at all in Athletic Greens.

Other minerals found in Onnit Total Human that aren’t in Athletic Greens are boron and iodine. 

Boron is important for hormonal health, bone strength, and other functions. And iodine is known for its role in thyroid function and metabolism, to name a few.

The only mineral found in Athletic Greens that aren’t in Onnit Total Human is sodium, so this likely doesn’t play much of a big difference.

They both have many of the same minerals, including copper, manganese, potassium, chromium, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, zinc, phosphorus, and selenium. 

In general, these minerals aid in bone, brain, heart, and muscle health. Plus, they are important for enzymes and hormonal function. 

And in terms of dosages, Onnit Total Human generally has higher amounts of these compared to Athletic Greens. 

Functional Mushrooms

Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens also include functional mushrooms, but Onnit Total Human has quite a few more in their formula. 

In Onnit Total Human, you’re getting cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, reishi, maitake, shiitake, and Agaricus blazeii. Whereas in Athletic Greens, you’re only getting reishi and shiitake. 

In general, functional mushrooms help with immunity, energy, digestion, and inflammation, while also offering potential metabolic and antioxidant effects. 


Adaptogens are some of the best herbal substances for balancing stress levels. And they can often aid aspects of physical and mental performance, such as cognition, fatigue, strength, power, endurance, and even hormonal levels. 

Looking at the labels, it’s clear that both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens have Rhodiola and ashwagandha; two of the most powerful adaptogens in the world. 

But Athletic Greens also included Siberian ginseng, which is often used for energy enhancement, increased endurance, and to fight fatigue. 

Specific Antioxidants

Both Athletic Greens and Onnit Total Human have specific antioxidant compounds in their formulas too. 

In Onnit Total Human, they include lysine, quercetin, and alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). 

Athletic Greens also has ALA along with CoQ10. 

All in all, these compounds help to fight off inflammation and free radical production, which can lead to an overall healthier and more energetic state. 

Major Formulation Differences

While we’ve discussed some differences so far, there are also a few more specific things that stand out in terms of formulation differences. 

Many More Superfoods in Athletic Greens

For example, Athletic Greens includes a substantially higher number of superfoods compared to Onnit Total Human. 

athletic greens supplement facts

Athletic Greens has a blend weighing over 7 grams that consist of spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, alfalfa, broccoli, bilberry, spinach, kelp, acerola, and many other superfoods. 

Yet, Onnit Total Human just has spirulina and chlorella. 

As such, Athletic Greens likely provides substantially more polyphenols, antioxidants, and other phytochemicals for overall health and wellness. 

Omega Fatty Acids in Onnit Total Human

Another major difference is that Onnit Total Human has omega fatty acids, whereas Athletic Greens doesn’t. 

total human daypack supplement facts
total human night pack supplement facts

Specifically, Onnit Total Human includes krill oil in both their day and night packs, which provides phospholipids, EPA, and DHA (as well as the antioxidant, astaxanthin). 

Specific Nootropics in Onnit Total Human

Also, Onnit Total Human includes specific ingredients for brain health and cognitive function, while Athletic Greens doesn’t. 

In Onnit Total Human, they have Alpha Brain, which contains tyrosine, theanine, oat straw extract, phosphatidylserine, alpha-GPC, bacopa, and huperzia. 

These may help to increase dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine, and other neurotransmitters involved in mood, cognition, memory, and brain health. 

Relaxation Ingredients in Onnit Total Human

Another thing in Onnit Total Human that’s not seen in Athletic Greens is a relaxation blend.

In Onnit Total Human, they have their tranquility blend (found in New Mood), which has valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, and jujube, which work to increase GABA levels and promote calmness, relaxation, and sleep quality. 

Plus, this blend has tryptophan and 5-HTP, which work together to increase serotonin and melatonin. This may increase mood and well-being while also supporting sleep quality. 

Probiotics in Athletic Greens

The final major difference worth noting is that Athletic Greens has probiotics, whereas Onnit Total Human doesn’t. 

In Athletic Greens, you get over 7 billion CFU from Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. These can increase the number of good bacteria in the gut and promote overall gut health while enhancing digestion and minimizing digestive symptoms.

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Benefits

Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens each have a wide variety of potential benefits. However, there are also some benefits that are likely unique to each product too. 

In general, both Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens may deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved immune function
  • Easier time meeting nutrient requirements
  • Decreased stress
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
athletic greens increased energy

Onnit Total Human also has some unique benefits that you might not get from Athletic Greens, including:

  • Better sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Enhanced cognition, memory, and brain function
  • Omega-fatty acid nutrients
  • More benefits for bone health

But Athletic Greens may offer some unique benefits not seen in Onnit Total Human, such as:

  • Enhanced digestive health
  • Higher total antioxidants and plant phytochemicals
  • Greater intake of superfoods (esp. fruits and vegetables)

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Customer Feedback and Reviews

Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens are both highly rated by the many consumers that have purchased these supplements. 

On their websites, Onnit Total Human has a 4.6 average rating out of 1,300+ reviews. 

onnit total human reviews

And Athletic Greens has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on their website, based on over 20,000 reviews.

athletic greens reviews

On Amazon, Athletic Greens has a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on nearly 3,000 reviews.

And on Amazon, Onnit Total Human has a 4.6 overall rating with almost 3,500 reviews. 

So, it’s safe to say that these products are highly rated overall. 

Customers for Onnit Total Human report increased energy, focus, and daily performance. Some people also noticed improved sleep, better memory, and enhanced overall well-being. 

For Athletic Greens, users most often noted increased energy and improved digestion. As well, many customers simply felt better and had higher levels of well-being.

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Other Considerations

When deciding between Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens, other things to consider include brand reputation, return policies, product form, dietary restrictions, safety, and benefits, among other things. 

Brand Reputation

If you had to pick one of these based only on brand reputation, you really couldn’t. 

After all, both companies are greatly respected in the health and wellness space.

Onnit has been around for 12 years, and Athletic Greens has been in business for 12 years as well (both created in 2010). 


In regard to return policies, Onnit Total Human has a 90-day return policy, whereas Athletic Greens has a 60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy. 

Product Form

Another thing to consider is the form that these products come in, and the feasibility that comes with that.

athletic greens juice

With Onnit Total Human, you have to take 16 pills per day (8 during the day and 8 at night). This is potentially a turn-off for people who hate taking pills.

In contrast, Athletic Greens comes in a powder form; and you just take one scoop per day mixed into water or another beverage. 

Dietary Restrictions

As for dietary restrictions, Onnit Total Human does contain fish and shellfish, but it doesn’t seem to have any other allergens (although they don’t specifically list any other things that it’s free from). 

Athletic Greens is more specific in their listings. Specifically, Athletic Greens is gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free, and has zero added sugar. It is also non-GMO and free from herbicides, pesticides, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners.


Onnit Total Human is made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility. 

Athletic Greens is made in New Zealand in a TGA-certified facility. It is also NSF Certified for Sport.

Benefit Preferences

Also, whether or not you should get Onnit Total Human or Athletic Greens depends on the benefits you’re looking for.

Onnit Total Human is more of an all-around health and wellness supplement, but it also has specific ingredients more for the cognitive and brain health side, along with sleep support too. 

Athletic Greens is more generally viewed as a superfood supplement with benefits primarily geared towards energy and gut health.

Of course, these supplements also offer a number of similar benefits, but these are some ways that they differ.

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Value

It’s also important to consider the pricing and value of each of these products.

Onnit Total Human

Overall, Onnit Total Human is pretty expensive. Their 30-day supply costs $137.95 ($4.60/serving); their 60-day supply costs $275.90 ($4.60/serving); and their 90-day supply costs $413.85 ($4.60/serving). 

onnit total human value

However, you can save 25% on the 30-day supply, lowering it to $103.46 ($3.45/serving); and 15% off the 60- and 90-day supplies, lowering those prices to $234.52 and $351.77 (both at $3.91/serving)

Still, the lowest price you’ll pay is $3.45, and the highest is $4.60 per serving.

Onnit Total Human

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Onnit Total Human

  • Benefits sleep, anxiety, brain function, and more
  • Formula includes omega fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility

Athletic Greens

With Athletic Greens, you can either purchase pouches or travel packs. 

athletic greens value

A one-time purchase for the pouches costs $99 ($3.30/serving). But you can also purchase a single monthly subscription, which costs $79 ($2.63/serving), or even a double monthly subscription, which costs $149 ($2.48/serving). 

The travel packs have the same purchase options. The one-time, single monthly subscription, and double monthly subscription prices are $109 ($3.63/serving), $89 ($2.97/serving), and $169 ($2.82/serving).

Value Summary

Overall, Athletic Greens is cheaper. But in terms of value, these products are very similar. Yes, Onnit Total Human is more expensive, but it also offers a wider range of potential benefits, so it doesn’t seem like any one of these is significantly more valuable than the other.

Onnit Total Human vs. Athletic Greens: Which is Better?

We came into this article talking about total package supplements; ones that offer the most bang for your buck and deliver the widest range of benefits.

And with this in mind, Onnit Total Human seems to be the overall winner. 

After all, it offers many of the same benefits as Athletic Greens (e.g., energy, immunity, gut support) while also offering additional benefits, such as cognitive function, sleep, memory, anxiety reduction, and more specific sports performance ingredients.

Of course, if you’re just looking for a superfood supplement, Athletic Greens is probably the best option specific to those needs.

But if you want a complete, all-around supplement, Onnit Total Human is the best choice. 

I really wish I could outright say that one is always better than the other. But everyone has unique needs, preferences, and goals. And with two high-quality supplements, such as Onnit Total Human and Athletic Greens, making a decision isn’t always that simple.

But after reading this article, you should be able to decide which one to pick based on your situation. If you are still looking to learn more about each, though, you can also read our full review of Onnit Total Human here and our full review of Athletic Greens here.

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