Best MCT Oil Powder – Top 3 Choices Worth Buying

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Best MCT Oil Powder

Coconut oil has grown in popularity over the last couple of decades, and for good reason. As years passed, coconut oil has been widely regarded as a superfood because it is rife with healthy natural fats that can help your body in a variety of ways. The secret, however, is that this oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, commonly known as MCTs.

While coconut oil is still well-known, MCT oil has been sneaking up in popularity in recent years as well. This then becomes an intriguing issue: What is MCT oil, exactly?

In this guide, we’ll take you through what MCT oil powder is, what it can do for your health, and we’ll give you our picks for the absolute best MCT oil powder.

If you’re new to MCT oil and you want to try it out, keep reading to learn more! If you’d rather skip to our top MCT oil powder picks, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this guide. Otherwise, let’s begin!

MCT oil in a bottle

What Is MCT Oil?

MCT is a chemical compound that is entirely composed of a glycerol backbone along with the attachment of three fatty acids. The attached fatty acids may have different numbers of carbon atoms in them. In other words, the lengths of medium and long-chain triglycerides tell us the number of carbon molecules attached.

Now, this begs the question: Why is medium better than long?

This is because MCTs with six to eight carbon molecules are rapidly digested by the body which it considers as a source of clean fuel for the brain and body. This means that the medium-chain triglycerides give your body sufficient energy without the need for necessary ingredients like added sugars or processed ingredients.

In contrast, long chains with ten to 12 carbon atoms attached, tend to be metabolized longer and as a result, they are stored as fats along the way.

How Does MCT Function?

Compared to the LCTs, MCTs can travel to the liver and this happens at instantaneous speeds using it as energy. Furthermore, it can be turned into ketones, traveling from the blood to the brain, and from there; it serves as a substitute energy source to glucose, with the same efficiency and effectiveness.

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The following are the main types of medium-chain fatty acids, mainly defined by the length of their aliphatic tail:

  • Caproic acid or hexanoic acid (C6)
  • Caprylic acid or octanoic acid (C8)
  • Capric acid or decanoic acid (C10)
  • Lauric acid or dodecanoic acid (C12)

Where Does MCT Oil Powder Come From?

MCT oil is made from coconut or palm kernel oil. These sources both contain MCT. Getting the MCT oil from them is an entirely different story.

This is because a process called fractionation is employed. What this process does is separate the MCT from the original oil and concentrating it in the process. This distillation process leaves you with MCT oil or MCT oil that is turned into MCT powder.

MCT Oil Powder Benefits

There are many different benefits to adding MCT oil or MCT powders to your day-to-day consumption. MCT has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, but especially amongst those who are on the keto diet. This is because both coconut oil and MCTs are useful for those trying to kick their body into ketosis. You can purchase regular MCT or reach for a keto MCT oil instead. Both are effective and both work well!

MCT Oil pouring

Now we know that medium-triglycerides are a type of fat that is commonly found in coconut or palm kernel, let us go to the most exciting part: What are the potential health benefits of MCT oil?

1. Regulate Your Digestive System

With the help of MCT, your gut health will drastically improve. This is done by killing detrimental bacteria without harming the good ones in the gut. As a result, diarrhea and fat indigestion are prevented.

MCTs also help in restoring proper digestive functions in the body especially those who have prior experience in gastrectomy.

2. Help Fight Seizures

People who engage in a high-ketogenic diet are less likely to experience seizures as studies have shown. It is also shown to help children fight epilepsy. What is more surprising is that a keto diet that incorporates MCT instead of LCT gives more assurance to combat seizures.

Adding MCT oil or MCT powder to your diet may be able to help protect you from seizures.

3. Improve Cognitive Health

The consumption of MCTs on a regular and guided basis may lead to better and more focused thinking. Remember that the brain is mostly composed of fatty acids and since MCTs improve gut health, this necessarily equates to brain functioning.

The production of ketones by the MCTs also fuels the central nervous system much more than the LCTs do. The reason is that the former can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier without so much restriction.

4. Lower The Risk Of Diabetes

Compared to LCTs, MCTs are beneficial to those who have diabetes because they can initiate the lowering of blood sugar levels and in return increase insulin sensitivity.

The insulin-sensitivity body makes a difference. This is also a crucial factor in preventing diabetes for those who are at high risk. Further, consuming MCTs help in maintaining body weight or reducing it, another factor that contributes to diabetes.

MCTs can also fuel fat loss by putting your system into ketosis. This helps balance out your blood glucose levels as well as boost your brain health.

5. Increase Exercise Performance

The fact that MCTs can increase energy levels and at the same time burn fats they can, in return, excessively boost workout and exercise performance for athletes and bodybuilders. As studies have recently shown, consuming MCT oil before exercise can lead to better workouts and increases lean muscle mass.

Frequently Asked Questions About MCT Oil Powder

Is MCT Oil Better Than MCT Oil Powder?

Both forms of the MCT make great dietary supplements and they help in maintaining the body to function the way it should be. The MCT oil, in its nature, is slightly more concentrated as compared to its variant form, the powder. This is the reason why it is recommended to take a full serving of food so that an upset stomach is avoided.

MCT powder, the oil counterpart, is the recent version. In terms of its concentration, it makes up between 50-80% of MCT oil with the other derivatives being starch and milk proteins.

To answer the question, research has supported that MCT powder is much more effective compared to the oil because of how the body interacts and responds to the powder.


Does MCT Oil Powder Help You Lose Weight?

MCT oil powder has the potential to promote weight loss. This claim is supported by a study where researchers found a lower rise in triglycerides and glucose upon the consumption of the oil powder which equates to the feeling of fullness. Other studies buttressed this claim as the MCT oil powder showed overwhelming results in helping reduce body weight and waist circumference.

As a recommendation, to get the most of the weight loss MCT oil powder brings, pour a packet of MCT oil powder into your morning drink, you will feel longer and fuller brought about by the MCT.

What Do You Mix MCT Oil Powder Into?

The MCT Oil Powder can be used in a variety of ways. It is perfect to add in any cold drinks you like simply because it is tasteless. You can also add it to your favorite pre-workout drink, smoothie, or protein shake. All the benefits of the MCT oil powder are attainable without altering the taste of your drink.

For cooking, it is perfect in salad dressings, soups, or even in mayonnaise, bone broth, and baked goods.

Best MCT Oil Powder

Now, we come to the best types of MCT oil and MCT oil powders. The following 3 choices are the ones we highly recommend for your MCT oil needs.

1. Perfect Keto MCT Powder

Perfect Keto MCT Powder

If you are someone who wants to get the most out of MCT oil but want to try a powder, then Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder might be the one you are looking for. It is made with MCTs naturally derived from coconuts. It can be mixed with other drinks adding a smooth and easy-to-digest sensation.

This keto MCT oil provides users with a powerful punch of energy. This powder perfect keto supplement will help boost your day-to-day energy, increase the effectiveness of your workouts, and even provide you with mental clarity.

Many customers love to add this keto MCT product to their coffee. You can either stir it into your coffee or blend your coffee with it as well. The powder absorbs easily and is taste-free!

Here is one of the reviews made by a customer: “I can actually FEEL a difference when I consume this stuff. That’s HUGE because, for 99% of all the millions of nutrient tabs, lotions, and potions I have consumed over several decades, I don’t feel any different–at all.”

Rating: Five Stars and reviewed in the United States


2. Garden of Life MCT Oil

Garden of Life MCT Oil

Another on the list is the Garden of Life MCT Oil which contains medium-chain triglycerides naturally found in coconut oil which is quickly digested by the body. This oil is organic, unflavored, and easy to mix with any drinks of your liking.

This organic MCT oil is one of the best MCT options on the market. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free, low carb, and comes with little to no known side effects. Some refer to it as liquid gold, and for good reason. When you first start taking the product make sure to slowly work your way up to the full dose. This way it’s easier to digest and process.

Here is one of the reviews made by a customer: “It melts quickly like brewing with cold water, and it tastes good when used with coffee, much like drinking a latte”

Rating: Five Stars and reviewed in the United States


3. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane Oil

Brain Octane Oil is a product made by Bulletproof, which was created by biohacker Dave Osprey. This brain booster provides users with quality MCT, high-quality fatty acid, and caprylic acid triglycerides. The caprylic acid triglycerides come from refined coconut oil.

You can add this liquid MCT oil to your coffee, smoothies, or even energy bites! It’s easy to digest, considered “keto MCT,” and is non-gmo.

Rating: Five Stars and reviewed in the United States


Should You Give MCT Oil Powder A Try?

If you are looking to increase your level of healthy fats, balance out your blood glucose levels, or are seeking appetite control, adding these powerful medium-chain triglycerides to your diet may be beneficial. These supplements are great to add alongside low carb diets, ketogenic diets, or even to your post-workout shakes. They’re versatile, taste-free, and offer a plethora of benefits.

Most of these products are Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, making them fitting for just about any diet! If you’re unsure about using MCT powder or keto MCT, try just adding coconut oil to your diet first. An easy way to add coconut oil is to add it to your coffee by blending it in. It will add in the extra fats without you having to buy an MCT oil supplement.

MCT oil capsules

Hopefully, this article helped you decide whether or not you want to add organic MCT oil, MCT powders, or even keto MCT oil powder to your diet. While the jury is still out on the best MCT oil, try some options out for yourself! We suggest trying for someone for at least a few weeks before making a decision on it. There really aren’t any side effects to this supplement, so using MCT is considered safe.