Epivar Review – Is This Anabolic Warfare Supplement A Healthy Choice?

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By Scot Mills

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Epivar Review

As a producer of hardcore products made to deliver hardcore results, Anabolic Warfare’s name says it all. No, they don’t sell you out-and-out steroids, though they do come as close as they legally can while going beyond what mere protein and anabolic BCAAs can do.

Here’s what we think of Epivar, an Anabolic Warfare supplement that combines 2-anabolic compounds to help make it one of the most potent anti-catabolic hardening formulas available. Let’s get started with this Epivar review.


About Epivar

Epivar works by helping your body produce androgens at its peak rate. It does this using 2-anabolic precursors, both of which are known to boost androgen levels astronomically.

Since both of these precursors are already produced naturally in the body—albeit, at decreasing levels as we age—they are mostly safe.

That said, one of the product’s ingredients—epiandrosterone, or Epi-Andro—is converted into DHT, which, while Epi-Andro has only low androgenic activity, produces a much greater level of androgenic activity. This also comes with many of the same risks and side-effects of steroid use, including hair loss, joint discomfort, prostate issues, and receding testes circumference. It is also banned by the USADA and should not be used continuously for longer than 8-weeks due to safety concerns.

Epivar Benefits

Super Charge Strength & Vascularity

With Epivar’s ingredients boosting your androgen levels to new heights, your vascularity and power will improve. That’s because when your free testosterone goes up, recovery time is decreased so that you can work out more often and with more intensity. This builds muscles quickly while reducing fat so that you end up bigger, stronger, and leaner.

Enhance Fat Loss & Hardening

Androgens also accelerate fat loss, particularly belly fat. At the same time, your muscles become bigger, harder, and denser.

Of course, this is assuming you’re putting in the work along with eating right, which are two essential elements of using Epivar correctly. This isn’t a magic can of spinach that will have you sprouting muscles in your sleep, and instead, you need to hit the gym regularly, work out hard, and consume a healthy and balanced diet to see results. By sticking to this formula while using this product as directed, you’re sure to see positive gains in a fairly short period.

High Absorption

Anabolic Warfare uses Cyclosome™ technology to ensure the active prohormones in their formula are nearly completely absorbable.


Epivar Ingredients

7-Hydroxy-DHEA 25 mg

While your body produces DHEA, it can also be derived from cholesterol and used as a supplement to boost levels of it in the body. It is also a precursor to sex hormones, especially estrogen and testosterone, though we produce less of it as we age.

By increasing your body’s levels of DHEA, more of it is converted to testosterone to help you build big, strong, lean, dense muscles.

Remember, though; it is a substance that has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency and others!

EpiAndrosterone 100 mg

While milder in anabolic performance than 7-Hydroxy-DHEA, EpiAndrosterone is an androgen precursor that doesn’t aromatize into estrogen, so you only get the benefits of androgens. It also has acute stimulant effects, so that you have more energy to work out harder.

It is produced naturally in the body as well as in foods such as green tea and dark chocolate, though be warned: Like DHEA, Epi-andro is also on the list of substances banned by organizations such as the WADA and USADA.


Does Epivar Work?

Used as directed along with the necessary work in the gym and nutrition, yes, Epivar will have you working out harder, more often, and with better results. Since both DHEA and Epi-andro convert to testosterone, the product takes a “double-pronged” approach to boosting your levels of it like never before.

Just keep in mind that for safety reasons, the product needs to be cycled, and should never be used continuously for longer than 8-weeks.

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Who Is Epivar Best For?

Anyone looking to add big, strong, lean muscle mass, particularly those who are older and experiencing age-related androgen decline, can benefit from Epivar.

Epivar For Anyone

Claims vs. Reality

So long as you’re willing to risk a huge prostate and small nuts, the product performs as Anabolic Warfare says it will. This includes boosting your body’s androgens to new heights to work out longer, harder, and with better results.

Is Epivar Safe?

While considered mostly safe, there is more research that needs to be done on supplementing with both Epi-andro and DHEA, and there are also some immediate side effects to be aware of. These include hair loss, acne, brittle hair, high blood pressure, prostatitis, and possible risk of cancer.

Where To Buy Epivar

While the cost of Epivar is rather steep at $70 for a one-month supply, all orders from Anabolic Warfare’s website are shipped free, and you also have the opportunity for an extra 10% off when you set up a monthly prescription with them.

Epivar Website

Along with Anabolic Warfare’s website, Epivar can be purchased at most retailers, including online and brick-and-mortar. This includes large corporate entities such as Amazon and Max Muscle, as well as smaller independent retailers who feature workout supplements.

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