1UP Pre Women Review – Can This Women’s Pre-Workout Give You A Boost?

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By Alexa DaFonte

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1Up Pre Women-Review

Pre-workouts are extremely popular supplements these days. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply like going for the occasional run, a pre-workout can be a great addition to your line up.

One of the popular pre-workouts on the market right now is 1UP Pre Women, a pre-workout designed specifically for women. In this article, we will review 1UP Pre Women and go over the pros, cons, price, where to buy, and most importantly, whether or not it’s worth your money.


What Is 1UP Pre Women?

1UP Pre Women is a fitness supplement manufactured by 1UP Nutrition, a fitness supplement company founded by Vadim Mordovin and John Hilton, who are fitness enthusiasts and training coaches who decided to create supplements to help people in their fitness journies. You can read more of their story and what they want to achieve. 1Up Nutrition’s supplement line also includes 1UP WHEY Protein and 1Up Nutrition Her BCAA.

1UP Pre Women is a fitness supplement dedicated to women that promise to promote focus, energy, pump, and endurance. 1UP Pre Women is specifically made for women with tailored ingredients. They also have 1UP for men, and both supplements have a few differences in their ingredient content.

If you are wondering what’s with ingredients, this is where you will mostly see the raw truth about a supplement. Supplement marketers can tell you the amazing things their supplement can do, but the ingredients will mostly tell you if the marketers are telling the truth or not.

The ingredient section is also the way to see whether the supplement will likely work or not. Do not just rely on product descriptions telling you how the supplements will work – always check the label.


So, without further ado, let’s dive into the key ingredients of 1UP Pre Women.

1UP Pre Women Ingredients

Now, when you are looking at ingredients, you don’t necessarily need to look at everything on the list. If you have time, go for it. But if you don’t, going over the top ingredients can help you understand if the supplement will work or not. We will go into depth with the key ingredients that play a role in 1UP Pre Women.

For 1UP Pre Women, the key ingredients are:

  • Citrulline
  • Caffeine
  • Beta-alanine
  • L-Theanine
  • Eria Jarensis Extract (N phenethyl dimethylamine) and DMAE


1) Citrulline (5,000mg or 5g)

Citrulline can increase the blood levels of arginine, which in turn increases the production of nitric oxide in your body. Once this happens, your circulation will improve, delivering more oxygen to your muscles as you work out – something that benefits performance.

Aside from that, citrulline can help you get that extra boost of energy that you are looking for!

2) Caffeine (312.5mg)

Caffeine is one of the key ingredients to this pre-workout. It helps give your body a boost of energy when you need it and can help you stay energetic longer. Not only that, but caffeine has tons of other health benefits that can benefit you as well.

There is only one problem here: 1UP Pre Women’s caffeine amount is relatively high, and anyone who is sensitive to caffeine may find this supplement unusable simply because of high caffeine content. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you may want to take caution when buying or testing out the supplement.

3) Beta-alanine (3.2g)

Beta-alanine has a plethora of benefits that specifically help your workout routine, such as helping you fight fatigue. This supplement can help you stay energetic as you undergo intense anaerobic exercises by limiting the amount of lactic acid build-up on your muscles.

Unfortunately, 3.2g is quite a low dosage compared to the suggested amount by research, which is around 4g to even 6g. It would be better if 1UP Pre Women’s beta-alanine is maxed to its optimal amount as possible.

4) L-Theanine (50mg)

L-Theanine is a well-known compound for its relaxation benefits, of course, among other health benefits! It is, therefore, a vital component of the stress-suppression factor of 1UP Pre Women.

5) Eria Jarensis Extract (N phenethyl dimethylamine) (125mg) and DMAE (60mg)

If citrulline and beta-alanine are big upsides for 1UP Pre Women, Eria Jarensis Extract (N phenethyl dimethylamine) and DMAE are, unfortunately, its big downsides. This is because these two compounds are known to be dangerous to our health. They were even banned on some pre-workout products in the past, and the FDA declared it as unsafe for human consumption. We will discuss the downsides to these supplements below.

1UP Pre Women Advantages And Disadvantages

Just by looking at the ingredients, you can already sense the possible pros and cons of the supplement. We will dive into both the advantages and disadvantages below, as well as expand even more on the ingredients include.


1) Citrulline and beta-alanine are great ingredients 

Again, citrulline and beta-alanine are some of the best ingredients in the 1UP Pre Women supplement. The benefits they can bring during your workout sessions are just some of the things you would want to get from your workout supplements.

2) The product shows each of its ingredient content and conveniently groups them based on their purposes

Some companies have the bad habit of hiding their ingredients’ amount by packing them into what they usually call “propriety blend.” Under this, you will not know how much of a certain ingredient is inside the supplement – so, you’ll never know if you are optimally dosed, under-dosed or over-dosed. For 1UP Pre Women, you will know how much of an ingredient are you getting from it.

1UP Pre Women’s ingredients are labeled in a way that you will see which supplement will do specific functions – for example, which ingredients are used for energy-boosting and which are for endurance.

3) Formulas are specific for women and men

Although we never discussed 1UP for men for this review’s purposes, it is still good to think that 1UP Nutrition took the time to differentiate the ingredients, mostly in terms of dosage and amount for each ingredient, for men and women to address their different physiological needs.

If you want another pre workout for women, check out our Powher Pre-Workout review.


1) Contains two potentially lethal compounds

As mentioned in the ingredient section, Eria Jarensis Extract (N phenethyl dimethylamine) and DMAE are two potentially dangerous compounds, so this one is a big downside for 1UP Pre Women. This is especially true, considering that the FDA declared these two substances are harmful for human consumption.

2) The caffeine dose can be too high for some people

The caffeine content in this pre-workout can sometimes be too much for some. It includes 312.5mg of caffeine, which can simply be too high for some people. If you are caffeine-sensitive, you may want to take caution or totally back off from using 1UP Pre Women.

3) A bit expensive

1UP Pre Women is currently discounted at $43.99 (the original price is $54.99!). The supplement, while promising to help boost your workouts, is a bit pricey for a pre-workout.

4) Some key ingredients are not optimally dosed

Some key ingredients like beta-alanine, as we discussed above, are not optimally dosed. This is unfortunate, as the supplement would be exponentially better if they only optimized these key ingredients.

Is 1UP Pre Women Safe?

One possible side effect that can occur from taking this supplement comes from the high caffeine content. Some possible side effects of too much caffeine intake include nausea, diarrhea, palpitations, insomnia, and even anxiety.

Other than that, there is possibly no side effects that will come from 1UP Pre Women – but keep an eye on Eria Jarensis Extract (N phenethyl dimethylamine) and DMAE!

Should You Buy 1UP Pre Women?

As I’d like to recommend 1UP Pre Women, the two harmful compounds prevent me from doing so. Nevertheless, aside from those two harmful compounds, 1UP Pre Women can actually work great – although if you are caffeine-sensitive, this supplement may not be for you.

Where To Buy 1UP Pre Women

If you want to try out 1UP Pre Women, you can buy it from their official store. It costs $50 for 25 servings, so it’s on the more expensive side for a pre-workout.

1UP Pre Women Website

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