ZemBright Mood Plus Review – Can This Healthy Directions Supplement Calm Your Nerves?

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By Scot Mills

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Healthy Directions is the premier leader in doctor-formulated supplements, natural health products, and health education and has been for over 25-years now. To achieve this, they employ the knowledge of medical doctors, naturopaths, PhDs, skincare experts, and herbalists to produce the most innovative natural health products possible.

This includes ZemBright Mood Plus, their answer to your need to balance stress hormones to keep you happy, healthy, focused, and productive. 

Does it work? Let’s have a look in this ZemBright Mood Plus review!

Healthy Directions ZemBright Mood Plus Bottles

About ZemBright Mood Plus 

ZemBright Mood Plus combines B-complex vitamins and adaptogens in a simple formula meant to restore your adrenal balance and keep you happy. They include sceletium tortuosum, AKA Zembrin, in their formula, which is a little-known African succulent with properties that can reportedly improve sleep quality while supporting cognitive function. 

This simple formulation makes it unique in a world of adrenal support supplements, which typically want you to believe that the more ingredients, the better. 

It also adds the essential water-soluble vitamins B-6, B-12, and a form of folate known as “Quatrefolic®” to the mix since they’re also important in keeping your nervous system and mental health happy and calm. 

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ZemBright Mood Plus Benefits

Promotes Positive Mood And Outlook

In case you haven’t noticed, stress is a happiness killer that leaves you cranky, on edge, and frantically unfocused. In fact, have you ever found yourself snapping and gnashing your teeth over the tiniest coffee spill or inconvenience? 

That’s not you mishandling a simple situation; that’s your stress hormones taking over! This can also leave you feeling depressed, lackadaisical, and unmotivated since why bother? Everything’s crappy when cortisol and other stress hormones are in control!

But the vitamins and herbs in ZemBright combine to calm your body’s stress response and restore balance to your endocrine system. This means that rather than flooding your system with yet more happiness-robbing cortisol, you’re instead rewarded with a calm, easy stress response without any need to blow up over sloshed coffee. 

Supports Quality Sleep

Stress hormones are uppity hormones with the purpose of energizing you so that you can either face or flee from danger. The bummer is that in our modern world, stress is a constant that never allows your body to get the relief it needs, which results in their buildup—cortisol in particular. 

Of the many health problems, this creates, ruining your sleep is one of them. Being hormones meant to rev you up and get you going, they prevent the kind of deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep you need, which is why you do so much tossing-and-turning when your days are long and hectic. This prevents you from hitting that deep, wonderful state of hibernation that’s so very beneficial to you; and instead leaves you foggy, irritable, sleepy all day, and wide-awake at night. 

But ebbing the barrage of cortisol to allow sleep-inducing melatonin to take over when it’s time to sleep changes all that for the better. It not only allows you to get your mind off that report due in the morning so that you can fall asleep in the first place, but it also helps keep you asleep so that you can enjoy the ultimate stress-reducer: deep, restful sleep that has you waking refreshed and ready to face the day. 

Helps Manage Cortisol Levels And Ease Stress

Stress and cortisol go hand-in-hand, which means reducing one can help reduce the other. Since your need to commute, take care of the kids, keep food on the table, and deal with a demanding boss probably aren’t going away anytime soon, neither is your stress.

But when you manage your symptoms from within—as in, by reducing your body’s stress hormone output—you can also more easily adapt to stress. Remember, when you’re edgy, unhappy, unfocused, and twitchy to the point it seems EVERYTHING sets you off, that’s cortisol running your life! By reducing its output, your body is able to increase its supply of other happier and helpful hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. 

Improves Focus

While it may not be a dedicated nootropic focus supplement like Formula Focus or Qualia Focus, ZemBright Mood Plus does benefit focus as well. One thing a buildup of cortisol is VERY good at doing is clouding your brain with the dreaded “brain fog.” This leaves you groping about through your day as one thing-after-another distracts you from your goals—whatever they happened to have been this morning. It’s hard to say since, after a crappy night’s sleep, you essentially sleep-walked your way into work today, so who can remember anything before noon?

But restoring your hormone balance also restores your mental acuity so that you sleep better, wake feeling refreshed, and don’t have to sound the fog horns just to guide yourself out the door in the morning. This enables you to calmly flit from task-to-task without any shiny objects sullying your efforts.

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ZemBright Mood Plus Ingredients

ZemBright Mood Plus makes use of a variety of ingredients within its formula. These ingredients include vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, ashwagandha extract, and sceletium tortuosum extra. Below we will take a closer look at each ingredient, dosages, and uses.

ZemBright Mood Plus Supplement Facts

Vitamin B6 (15 mg), Folate (as Quatrefolic) (167 mcg DFE), And Vitamin B12 (200 mcg)

To ensure your nervous system, ability to process nutrients, energy production, and mental function are all in top working order. Healthy Directions includes a boatload of vitamins B6, B9 (AKA folate), and B12 in its formula. 

And when we say a boatload, we mean it—as in, fluorescent yellow pee like you’ve never seen before!

Unfortunately, we also refer to fluorescent yellow pee as is “expensive pee” since it means you’re literally flushing what you purchased down the toilet. B-complex vitamins are, after all, water-soluble, which means whatever your body doesn’t use gets flushed away when you whiz.

No, we’re not sure why so much extra is included, though if nothing else, it can certainly “brighten up” your morning!

Ashwagandha Root Extract 600 mg

Of all the ingredients in ZemBright, perhaps the most beneficial to your endocrine system, emotional outlook, and energy production is ashwagandha—an herb known as an “adaptogen” due to its ability to adapt to your body’s energy needs by balancing your stress hormones. By doing so, it helps lower your cortisol levels, improve the quality of your sleep, give you more energy, and lower your blood sugar. 

And just in case its use in Ayurvedic medicine for the past 3000-or-so years isn’t enough to convince you of its efficacy, perhaps the findings of modern science will. By this, we mean that this scrubby little shrub native to India and Africa has been indeed proven by science to effectively help lower cortisol, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your emotional outlook, which is why it’s such a popular go-to in stress formulas. 

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract 25 mg

Another effective, though less commonly known, adaptogen is sceletium tortuosum, or Zembrin as its standardized extract is called. Like ashwagandha, it also has science behind its claims of efficacy, which include improving focus, cognitive flexibility, and cognitive speed. 

It’s also in a patented, concentrated form in Healthy Direction’s formula that they claim will significantly improve your mental acuity without any unpleasant side effects. 

Does ZemBright Mood Plus Work?

Though there are other formulas on the market containing vitamins and adaptogens which work well, ZemBright adds potency with their inclusion of Zembrin to the mix. This is fairly unique since the sceletium tortuosum it’s extracted from needs to be sustainably sourced, which requires a special export permit from the government of South Africa. 

So, while you can’t go wrong using most combinations of adaptogens, or even a single form such as ashwagandha extract alone, adding the magic ingredient known as Zembrin helps ZemBright Mood Plus do even better. 

Who Is ZemBright Mood Plus Best For?

Even if you’re not stressed to the teeth but maybe just want things to be a little easier and more energetic for you, ZemBright Mood Plus can help. This includes athletes looking for a competitive edge as well as anyone else who needs to remain calm, focused, and energized in a frenetic world. 

The product is gluten-free, though it uses a gelatin capsule, so vegans are out of luck. 

But adults looking for relief from depression, brain fog, poor sleep, and-the-list-goes-on will especially love this formula, which can have them wondering, “who was that person in my kitchen yesterday throwing a snit over spilt coffee…certainly it wasn’t me!”

ZemBright Mood Plus For Stress

Claims vs. Reality

Healthy Directions has been in business now for more than 25-years now, and they want to keep it that way, which is why rather than trying to BS you out of your money, they produce products that effectively do what they claim they will. They also back their claims with science so that just in case you don’t take the word of their medical professionals; you’ll take the word of other research scientists. 

That, and there’s a 90-day guarantee that allows you to return the product for a full refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations, so nothing to lose but depression, brain fog, and irritability!

Is ZemBright Mood Plus Safe?

While ZemBright Mood Plus contains essential vitamins along with a few plant compounds, you should still consult your doctor first if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. It should also be kept out of reach of children (talk to your doctor or pediatrician first if you’re considering it for the tots), though side effects will be mostly positive for you so long as you stay within the recommended dose and aren’t sensitive or allergic to any of its ingredients. 

Where To Buy ZemBright Mood Plus

At $24.49 and free shipping for a month’s supply, ZemBright Mood Plus starts out at a refreshingly affordable price point and expands on the savings with volume discounts that can save you as much as 44% when you order 6-or-more bottles. They also feature a full 90-day return policy just in case the product doesn’t work well for you. 

Along with their own website, ZemBright Mood Plus is available through other online retailers, including Amazon & 

Healthy Directions Zembright Mood Plus Website


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