IdealLean Protein Powder Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Everybody knows about protein. This important macronutrient is one of the essential substances our bodies need to function properly. Without protein, you couldn’t gain muscle and your body’s cellular structures would be unable to repair themselves.

There are a ton of protein shakes out there, like 310 Shake and Shakeology. A lot of them claim to help you lose weight, curb the appetite, and gain more muscle from workouts. Generally, you mix these powders in water and drink them before or after a workout. The idea is that protein helps your body burn fat during exercise and helps with muscle growth after exercise. 

IdealLean is a protein workout powder that is marketed specifically to women’s nutritional needs. IdealLean claims that their “deliciously smooth” shakes are uniquely designed to help women in a market where protein supplements are usually designed for men. 

Today we are going to cover IdealLean protein powder and cover its ingredients, who makes it, what the pros and cons are, and whether it is any better than other protein powders out there.

IdealLean Protein Powder Product

What Is IdealLean Protein Powder? 

IdealLean Protein Powder Bottle

IdealLean is a pretty standard protein powder that claims to be uniquely designed for women and their workout goals. 

First off, this claim is inaccurate. Several studies show that men and women both require similar amino acids and concentrations for optimal muscle growth. So any protein product claiming to be just for women is probably misleading. 

That being said, IdealLean seems to have a few things going for it. It has a pretty solid list of ingredients that are common in protein powders and a large quantity of mostly 4 and 5-star reviews. Each serving has 20 grams of whey protein, which is the only source of protein in the mix. Each glass of the mixture only has 80 calories too, so you can take it without screwing up and calorie counting routine you are on. 

IdealLean also has a solid list of amino acid supplements, the building blocks that makeup protein. A lot of workout supplements focus too much on proteins and don’t give enough attention to the ever-important amino acids. 

Unfortunately, like so many supplement companies out there, we were unable to find any scientific backing to Idealean’s claims. This is not particularly surprising given that the FDA does not validate claims on products labeled as “dietary supplements,” but it’s still something we do not like to see. You’d figure after a company has been around for more than 5 years they’d have more than customer reviews to rely on. 

Speaking of, IdealLean has a lot of customer reviews, the majority of which are positive. The only consistent issue we found as the taste. Again, this is not particularly surprising for protein supplements but bad taste is a major con in our book. 


  • Decent ingredients
  • Affordable
  • A large number of servings per bottle
  • Mixes in 15-30 seconds
  • Can work as a meal replacement drink


  • Taste is not great
  • Not clear how effective it is
  • No evidence except customer testimonials

Who Makes IdealLean?

IdealLean is made by IdealFit, a workout clothing and supplement company for women. IdealFit was started in 2002 in Utah with the goal of helping people achieve health and wellness. In 2015, the IdeaFit store was launched. IdealFit says it is built on “principles of creating a high-quality product designed to help women realize their ideal selves.”

IdealFit has a pretty solid branding and a large well maintained website, both of which reflect positively on the company. They claim to be the no. 1 woman’s nutrition company in the world which is quite a tall claim we were unable to verify. 

That being said, IdealFit has a stellar Trustpilot account and their profile is loaded with positive reviews. Most reviews speak highly of the company’s good shipping and delivery policies while also about their products. 

How Does IdealLean Work?

IdealLean Protein Powder Workout

IdealLean works like most protein powders. It is chock full of biologically accessible whey protein that contributes to the muscle regrowth process after workouts. A lot of people don’t realize that when you are working out, you are literally creating microtears in your muscles. When these tears get repaired post-workout, more muscle mass is created. Protein powders give more protein so this repair process happens more effectively. 

Simply mix a scoop of IdealLean with an 8 oz. cup of water and you have a nutritious pre or post-workout shake. The main flavor is chocolate but they have some alternate flavors. 

IdealLean Ingredients

IdealLean has a simple roster of ingredients. The main ones are whey protein and cocoa powder for taste. All the rest of the ingredients are for keeping the product in powder form and increasing bioavailability. 

Whey protein is an extremely popular protein source for workout powders as it’s cheap to make and moderately effective. 

Although whey protein is effective, pretty much every workout powder out there has whey protein, so it’s hard to see how IdealLean is unique on that front. The other ingredients are hardly unique either which makes us skeptical that IdealLean actually stands out among competitors. 

Is IdealLean Safe?

The only side effects that IdealLean has are the normal ones associated with protein powders. Drinking too much could cause bloating and indigestion. Protein powders also have a tendency to initially cause upset stomach until you acclimate to drinking them regularly. 

Where To Buy And Cost

IdealLean Protein Powder Website

You can buy IdealLean directly from IdealFit’s website or you can buy it from online third-party retailers like Amazon. It does not seem to be available in physical retail stores at this time. 

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IdealLean: Worth It Or Not?

In a world inundated by protein powders, IdealLean probably falls squarely in the center of the spectrum; effective but not particularly unique or special. In that sense, there is no harm to buying it, but if you stuck around and did some more product research you’d probably find a better alternative. At the very least, IdealLean is pretty affordable. 

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