WonderCow Colostrum Review – Is It A Worthy Option?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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WonderCow Colostrum Review

One of the trendier supplements out there today is colostrum. It’s advertised to deliver many benefits, such as better gut health, improved immunity, and better recovery, among other things.

For these reasons, there are becoming more and more colostrum supplements available today. And in this article, we’re covering one called WonderCow Colostrum to see just how effective it is.

Keep reading this WonderCow Colostrum review to learn about the ingredients, benefits, safety practices, price, and if it’s ultimately worth using!

About WonderCow Colostrum

WonderCow Colostrum is a colostrum powder supplement designed to restore and revitalize overall health and wellness due to the many natural compounds present in colostrum, such as peptides, growth factors, and immunoglobulins.

WonderCow Colostrum

The colostrum in it is sourced only from humanely raised cows from the USA. And WonderCow Colostrum goes through a low-temperature processing practice to ensure that all the nutrients found in colostrum maintain their potency and integrity. 

WonderCow Colostrum is unflavored and designed to be easily mixed with water, milk, your favorite drink, or even with yogurt and smoothies, so it’s very versatile too. 

WonderCow Colostrum Benefits

WonderCow Colostrum Powder is advertised to offer several benefits, owing to the presence of many nutrients and other bioactive components.

The main claimed benefits are:

  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Enhanced Gut Health
  • Healthier Skin
  • Improved Exercise Performance & Recovery
  • Sleep Support
WonderCow Colostrum Powder Scoop

Strengthened Immune System

WonderCow Colostrum claims to strengthen your immune system, mainly by the immunoglobulin compounds that naturally occur in colostrum. 

Additionally, colostrum contains vital nutrients that enhance gut health, which may also improve immunity by bolstering the gut-immune connection.

Enhanced Gut Health

Another claimed benefit of WonderCow Colostrum Powder is enhanced gut health. Colostrum contains oligosaccharides which are prebiotics that may feed the good bacteria in your gut. 

Plus, the oligosaccharides and other compounds in colostrum may support a healthier gut barrier, which prevents leaky gut and enhances nutrient absorption and overall digestive health. It’s also designed to reduce bloating and other common digestive symptoms.

Healthier Skin

Many people try to treat the skin from the outside, but WonderCow Colostrum is actually advertised to treat skin problems from the inside out.

How so?

Well, they say that growth factors and peptides in colostrum help with cellular regeneration and reduce inflammation, which may lead to healthier skin and greater elasticity over time.

Improved Exercise Performance & Recovery

WonderCow Colostrum is also stated to help fuel intense exercise while also enhancing recovery.

The peptides and other nutrients in colostrum may be beneficial for fueling muscular performance. Additionally, colostrum has growth factors, immunoglobulins, and other nutrients that may reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress and therefore improve recovery.

Sleep Support

Lastly, WonderCow Colostrum claims to support sleep quality. This benefit is indirect, but they say that, by enhancing gut health and overall health, the body is more likely to produce optimal levels of melatonin and other hormones and brain chemicals involved in sleep. 

In turn, this leads to higher-quality shut-eye and greater next-day energy.

Overall, there are several claimed benefits of WonderCow Colostrum. But as you probably know, just because something is claimed doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true!

So, let’s keep going with this WonderCow Colostrum review to see if it really works!

WonderCow Colostrum Ingredients

WonderCow Colostrum is a pure, simple formula with just one ingredient:

  • Bovine Colostrum, which is formulated to contain at least 40% Immunoglobulins
WonderCow Colostrum Supplement Facts

Bovine Colostrum (2g)

Each serving (two scoops) provides 2g of bovine colostrum and about 800mg of Immunoglobulins, which are the important immune-supporting compounds.

Bovine colostrum (also known as first milk) is a special type of milk produced by cows in the first few days after having a newborn. Colostrum is much more nutrient-dense than regular milk and is designed to help nourish the newborn, particularly by enhancing and developing the immune system and gut, among other areas.

But what does this have to do with adult humans?

Well, the same nutrients that are beneficial for newborn cows may actually benefit us too.

For example, bovine colostrum contains immunoglobulins, growth factors, enzymes, peptides, prebiotics, and other beneficial nutrients. 

The most well-researched benefits of colostrum are enhanced immune function and improved gut health. Specifically, colostrum may reduce infections, decrease digestive symptoms, improve immune health in athletes, and ultimately make the gut and immune system stronger and more resilient.

Does WonderCow Colostrum Work?

It seems likely that WonderCow Colostrum will work, but just for some of the benefits, not all. More specifically, colostrum has been proven to improve gut health and immunity, but the other claims aren’t backed up by solid evidence yet.

Therefore, it’s unclear if colostrum can help with exercise performance, recovery, skin, sleep, or some of the other areas. 

Altogether, WonderCow Colostrum still has some unique benefits that many people are looking after. And it’s possible that by improving gut health and immune function, you could get other benefits. But we can’t claim that for sure.

WonderCow Colostrum Drink

How Does WonderCow Colostrum Compare?

There’s a lot to like about WonderCow Colostrum. For example, it’s made from humanely raised, grass-fed cows, free from antibiotics and hormones, and crafted with a low-temperature processing technique to preserve the potency of the nutrients in colostrum.

There aren’t any other ingredients in it either, so it’s a pure, clean formula. Not to mention that it’s unflavored so it has a high versatility.

Also, it’s priced quite a bit lower than some other colostrum supplements out there, such as ARMRA Colostrum. WonderCow Colostrum costs $64.99 for 60 servings (and each serving is 2g), whereas ARMRA Colostrum costs $109.99 for 90 servings, and the serving size is only 1g. 

While ARMRA Colostrum may be a bit higher in quality, you’re still getting over twice as much per dollar for WonderCow Colostrum versus ARMRA, so it’s a great budget option, while still not lacking in quality either.

Who is WonderCow Colostrum Best For?

WonderCow Colostrum Powder is best for individuals who want a cost-effective, pure colostrum powder to improve gut health, immunity, and overall wellness. 

It seems to be one of the best options for people who have never tried colostrum before due to the high quality and low price, so there’s not as much risk.

How to Take Wondercow Colostrum

WonderCow Colostrum is a powder. They say that adults should take two scoops per day, and children should take just one scoop daily.

WonderCow Colostrum Mix

You can mix it into water, milk, another drink, or even smoothies and yogurt. 

WonderCow Colostrum Powder Mix

Is WonderCow Colostrum Safe?

WonderCow Colostrum should be safe for the vast majority of people since colostrum supplements are known to be quite safe and free of side effects.

WonderCow Colostrum Powder is non-GMO, free from hormones and antibiotics, and does not contain any major allergens, fillers, additives, or artificial ingredients. It is made in a cGMP, FDA-registered facility and is third-party tested.

Some people may experience mild side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Other digestive symptoms
  • Skin rash or allergic reactions

Where to Buy WonderCow Colostrum

You can buy WonderCow Colostrum right from the WonderCow website.

WonderCow Colostrum Website

There are 60 servings (120 scoops) per container. It comes only as unflavored.

The regular price of WonderCow Colostrum is $64.99 ($1.08/serving), but you can save 15% with their Subscribe & Save option, which decreases the cost to $55.24 ($0.92/serving).

At these prices, WonderCow Colostrum is easily one of the most budget-friendly colostrum supplements out there, while still providing high quality and a good dose per serving.

Verdict: WonderCow Colostrum Review

WonderCow Colostrum is a well-formulated colostrum supplement that checks many of the boxes we’re looking for. It’s a pure formula with colostrum as the only ingredient, and is made in such a way as to preserve all the important bioactives.

Plus, WonderCow Colostrum is low-priced, sourced from quality farms, and is easy to mix into whatever you want. That’s why we think it’s one of the best colostrum supplements to try out if you want to support gut health, immunity, and total wellness.

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