Combat Protein Powder Review – Is This MusclePharm Protein Worth Buying?

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By Scot Mills

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If you’re looking to get big, strong, lean, and powerful, you’re going to need LOTS of protein, and MusclePharm is here to help. They produce quality pre-and-post-workout formulas to power you through your gym sessions and give you the building blocks to recover. 

This includes their Combat Protein Powder, which they claim will fuel your muscles and performance for hours. 

Can it really boost your physical performance? Let’s find out in this Combat Protein Powder review!

About Combat Protein Powder

Protein is protein—or is it? For those who train hard, you need the type of quality and absorption that goes beyond what a single protein source can provide. That’s why MusclePharm’s formula includes 3 forms of whey along with casein and egg white protein. 

They claim it tastes great, which the artificial flavorings used in it should help with (yeah, maybe…), and it goes beyond the status quo of most single-source protein powders.

In other words, it’s more than just a can of whey protein!

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

Combat Protein Powder Benefits

Fuels Muscles & Performance for Hours

By combining multiple proteins that metabolize at different rates, Muscle Pharm brings you a formula that can fuel your performance for longer than most single sources of protein can. While one type may be absorbed nearly instantly, another may take hours longer so that it’s in you when you need it. 

It also contains amino acids that are not only the building blocks your body needs to produce more protein, but ones such as L-leucine act as potent antioxidants to help you recover more quickly so that you can do it all again sooner. 

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Easily Mixes in Cold Water or Milk

Since snorting protein powder isn’t a great idea—at least for most of us—you need the next best way to get it in you and to work as quickly as possible. That’s why Muscle Pharm makes sure their product dissolves easily in your favorite beverage, which should be water, but can also be milk to further increase your protein consumption. 

This not only helps the consumption of Combat Protein Powder to be a pleasant experience, but it also means you can more readily absorb the product. 

Contains Digestive Enzymes and Fiber

Merely getting protein into you is just the start since you also need to metabolize it. That’s why Muscle Pharm includes the enzymes lactase, which helps you digest milk products, and protease, which helps improve your overall digestion. 

There is also a bit of inulin in the product, which, being soluble fiber, bulks up in you, keeps you feeling full, and works to remove waste while providing the probiotics in you the nutrients they need to keep themselves and you healthy. 

Combat Protein Ingredients

Combat Protein Powder Ingredients

Combat Protein Powder includes 25g of protein include 3 different why protein forms, casein, and egg white protein, along with a variety of other ingredients. Below we will take a thorough look at the ingredients found within Combat Protein Powder’s formula and what they are used for.

Combat Protein Powder Supplement Facts

Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Isolate, Whey Hydrolysate, Micellar Casein, & Egg Albumin (25g)

By combining 3-forms of whey protein, you get the benefits of concentrate, which is a more complete form that includes energizing carbs and fats; isolate, which breaks it down to just the protein molecules; and hydrolysate, which takes it a step further by unbinding the protein molecules for even more rapid uptake. 

There is also casein, which is another type of milk protein, and egg white protein—both of which further diversify Combat Protein’s blend so that there is less of a need to use yet-another protein source to meet your daily needs. Since these different types and forms of proteins all digest at different rates, this helps the product work in a fashion similar to a time-released capsule, just without the capsule. 

Inuline (1g), Protease, & Lactase

Your body needs to break down and absorb proteins and other nutrients, which is helped along by the inclusion of lactase to enhance your ability to digest milk products, and protease, which further helps your digestion. 

Protein is also a very poor source of fiber, as in, it doesn’t contain any, which is rectified at least somewhat by the inclusion of inulin, which is a type of soluble fiber. Since it’s soluble, it absorbs fluids and bulks up to not only help you feel full but to work as something of a scrub brush in you to move waste along. 

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine

To further enhance the workout benefits of their product, Muscle Pharm also includes three essential amino acids in their formula (being essential means your body doesn’t produce them, and they need to come from an outside source). 

This includes l-leucine, which not only acts as a powerful antioxidant but is necessary for formulating Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, in your cells. This is important since that’s the stuff that carries energy through your cells. 

Another is l-isoleucine, which may be necessary for producing hemoglobin, which is the pigment in your blood that carries oxygen. This means it helps energize you, and it also may be beneficial in lowering blood sugar while revving up your exercise performance.

Finally, there’s l-valine, which essentially expands on what l-leucine and l-isoleucine do since they’re all interrelated. These amino acids also go along with what’s in the protein mix since protein is made up of amino acids. By boosting your essential amino acids, you’re also boosting your body’s ability to produce androgens, energy, and muscle, all of which align quite nicely with your goals!

Artificial Flavors and Sweeteners

Okay, so perhaps we’re more interested in health performance than in flavor, though not everybody is. Even so, why does this stuff need to be in here? Sure, it’s great that they don’t load things up with sugar—something we do extend our kudos for—though what’s wrong with either sugar alcohols, stevia, or other non-glycemic sweeteners? Unlike the sucralose that sweetens Combat Protein Powder, these sweeteners don’t produce chloropropanols in you, which are a potentially toxic class of compounds. Additionally, if you really want to avoid artificial sweeteners, there are other protein options out there that don’t include them, such as Naked Whey and Aloha Protein Powder.

Does Combat Protein Powder Work?

Whether you’re a gym rat looking for the ultimate mixture of quality proteins to boost your androgens, power your workouts, and help you recover faster, or anyone else looking to add more protein to their diet, this product can work well for you. This includes athletes of all types, as well as anyone needing something to slow their digestion and get them over the hump of their workday without resorting to snacking. 

But as mentioned, while we appreciate a lack of added sugar, we would prefer healthier sweeteners than what Muscle Pharm insists on using, or even just omit sweeteners altogether and allow the user ad what they would like. We’d like to suggest savory flavors, although even we may raise an eyebrow over something like a beef stew smoothie, so maybe another solution would be good. 

Combat Protein Powder Usages

Who Is Combat Protein Powder Best For?

Sure, while the screaming imagery and “combat” designation of this product all point toward it being geared toward the mega-macho, it can be used by almost anyone looking for more protein. This includes dieters who will appreciate the product’s addition of inulin which, along with a sharp dose of protein, helps slow digestion to a crawl, and other athletes such as cyclists, swimmers, and runners who need the increased muscle recovery and hormone balance a high-protein diet can bring. 

Claims vs. Reality 

Muscle Pharm claims their protein blend is easy to mix, formulated for athletes and other active people, and that it will fuel your muscles and performance for hours, which we can see no problem with. It does include a variety of protein types and forms with varying absorption rates so that it stays in you working for longer and more effectively than can a single source. 

Plus, while we would like to see either a natural low-glycemic sweetener or none at all, they at least avoid dumping in a bunch of sugar in it just to help the medicine go down.  

Is Combat Protein Powder Safe?

While the product contains mostly compounds that are essential to your health, the consumption of whey protein can have negative effects on kidney health, especially for those with compromised kidneys, and a high protein diet is also associated with kidney stones. This means the product should be avoided by anyone sensitive to it or who has been diagnosed with kidney damage or disease, and for the rest of us, remember to consume LOTS of water, minerals, and pH balancing substances such as apple cider vinegar along with it. 

Some may also have allergies to certain proteins or be otherwise sensitive to ingredients in the product. 

Other than that, we all need protein, and who knows—some may even need their daily source of artificial flavors and sweeteners?

Do we need to mention that the last statement was in sarcasm? Good. 

Where To Buy Combat Protein Powder

At around $1-per-day, Combat Protein is already reasonably priced, and you can save further when you order the larger sizes, of which only the 4-lb container was available when we checked. Still, with the cost of the 2-lb container being $26.99 and the 4-lb $44.99, there are savings to be had from an already-decent cost. 

Combat Protein Powder Website

Along with Muscle Pharm’s website, Combat Protein is widely available both online and through traditional retailers who carry protein supplements. This includes iHerb, Amazon, and good old Walmart, along with many other corporate and independent retailers.

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