Wonder Arms Review – A Look At This Total Workout System

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By Leslie Waterson

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Wonder Arms Review

Working out is a must for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle and strength. Many people are even looking to work out at home as opposed to going to the gym. Some of them may not have the time to spend an hour or two or spend an arm and a leg on monthly fees. But what if you want something that is simple and will work very well for your routine? What if you wanted a simple arm workout that will build strength while toning and sculpting your arms? Thankfully, you can do that.

The Ontel Wonder Arms Total Workout System is made for giving you sculpted and toned arms while helping you build up a lot of strength in your upper body. It is the best alternative to going to the gym while giving you almost the same workouts that you can crank out on a machine.

Ontel Wonder Arms Total Workout System

What Is Wonder Arms?

What makes the Wonder Arms Total Workout System different from others is that it has resistance bands. You get up to four bands that come in varying levels of resistance. Switch it up so you can be able to build up your strength while gaining muscle using different levels. You can go easy and do as many reps as possible or shorten the amount when you increase the level. The resistance bands come in 15, 25, and 35 pounds. You can do the workouts at home or on the go. You can easily pack this with you on trips, especially if you are staying at a place where gym equipment is unavailable. 

Ontel Wonder Arms Total Workout


  • Gives you three different resistance levels
  • Easy to do at home or while you are traveling
  • You can do a few different workout variations
  • Much more affordable compared to expensive exercise equipment and gym memberships
  • Easy to change the resistance bands


  • Made from hard plastic

Who Makes Wonder Arms Total Workout System?

Wonder Arms is made by Ontel. The Ontel Products Corporation was founded in 1994 and is currently based in Fairfield, New Jersey. Aside from the Wonder Arms Total Workout System, Ontel also makes various products ranging from fitness equipment to household products. Most of the Ontel products are usually seen on television via commercials or late-night infomercials (among other advertising mediums). These products are distributed throughout nearly a hundred thousand retail stores nationwide and also are sold online across various vendors like Amazon. 

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What Is Included In Wonder Arms?

The Wonder Arms Total Workout System includes three resistance bands, each weighing at 15, 25, and 35 pounds, respectively. This also consists of the Total Workout system itself, along with a workout and nutrition guide. The Total Workout system is foldable and can save you some space in your suitcase if you are traveling. 

How Does Wonder Arms Work?

With the Wonder Arms Workout System, you are able to utilize four different workouts. These will focus on various areas of your body, like your back, biceps, chest, shoulders, and triceps. Depending on the focus area, it has to be in the right position. You place one of the resistance bands on the end of the Wonder Arms Workout System and get to work by pulling on the bands. You can stretch them out for several repetitions. 

Do you need to switch out the bands? No problem. You can easily detach them and replace them with another. That is the one and only way that you can increase the weight or resistance. Mix up your workouts the way you want it. Plus, you can follow the workout and nutrition guide for more workout variations. 

Ontel Wonder Arms

Is Wonder Arms Safe?

While there are no safety concerns to worry about, you may deal with some side effects that might be associated with working out. If you are coping with any muscle strain or soreness, you should consider resting for a day or two if needed. Treatment can also be as simple as placing an ice pack on the affected area and taking a pain reliever or two.

Where To Buy And Cost

Wonder Arms can be purchased either online or in participating retail stores that sell “As Seen On TV” items. Your best bet would be purchasing them online since you’ll know the availability right away. You can purchase the Wonder Arms Total Workout System on Amazon for $17.84. However, the price will vary depending on the vendor that sells it. 

Alternative Home Workout Products

Hydrow Rower

Hydrow Rower is a rowing machine with a built-in screen designed to make your workouts more interactive. It comes at a steep price, though, of $2,199.

Stealth Core Trainer

Stealth Core Trainer is an in-home exercise product that focuses on total body workouts. It also includes a training app that you can download right on your phone. You can get Stealth Core Trainer for $179.00.

Wonder Arms: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to working out your arms, then buying the Wonder Arms Total Workout System is absolutely worth it. Especially when you want simple and easy workouts that target various parts of your upper body. Strength training with resistance bands is easier to do compared to free weights or machines. Plus, Wonder Arms allows you to do multiple workouts all on one device. It’s a lot better than having to jump back and forth between workout machines at the gym. 

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