Perfect Biotics Review – Is This Probiotic America Supplement Worth Buying?

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By Scot Mills

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Perfect Biotics-Review

Probiotic America researches and develops new combinations of probiotics that are on the cutting-edge. They have the mission of creating awareness of beneficial bacteria so that you and your fellow Earthlings can live better lives, which they do through awareness, education, and solutions. 

This includes their Perfect Biotics, a digestive and immune support supplement that features 9-all new strains Probiotic America says will relieve your digestive discomfort by improving your digestive health.

Is this supplement really all they claim? Is it worth the cost? Let’s find out in this complete Perfect Biotics review!

Probiotic America Perfect Biotics

About Perfect Biotics

Probiotic America claims Perfect Biotics is specially formulated with extra strains to optimize metabolism and energy support. They say it helps fight gas and bloating for a healthy bowel pattern, and the strains are also acid and bile-resistant, so more stay alive in you for better effect. 

And, unlike many high-quality probiotic blends, the 30-billion colony forming units (CFU) are all as happy being stored at room temperature as they are in you!

Perfect Biotics Supplement Bottle

Perfect Biotics Benefits

Helps Relieve Digestive Discomfort

Overuse of sanitizers, a diet high in processed foods but low in fiber, and the use of antibiotics are just a few of the reasons you may be experiencing gas, bloating, and other symptoms of poor digestive health. Unfortunately, these symptoms are more than just uncomfortable since they indicate that your digestive tract isn’t doing a good job performing its most important function: breaking down foods to deliver nutrients to the rest of your body.

Perfect Biotics For Digestive Discomfort

That’s because beneficial bacteria are needed in your digestive tract not only to break down foods and aid in the digestive process, but to battle pathogens and other unwanted bacterium in your system. Unfortunately, when your gut flora is out of balance, it allows the “bad guys” to take over, which creates rotting gaseousness rather than healthy nutritional uptake.  

Promotes a Healthy Bowel Pattern

Which is it this time: constipation, or diarrhea? When your digestive health is out of whack, so is your regularity. This may mean going days without that special morning moment, and others where you can’t get to the bathroom fast enough. 

But rebalancing your gut with beneficial bacteria strains is the safest, smartest, and most effective way to get you back on track. Yes, it may also require a change in your diet to include more fibrous whole foods along with avoiding things like hand sanitizer (hint: just washing your hands with soap and water works better and is healthier!), though doing so along with a quality probiotic blend such as this one can make a world of difference. 

Acid & Bile Resistant

The bummer about some expensive probiotics is that despite high CFU counts, only a few of those little guys may be making it to where they can be effective. That’s because your stomach environment has a pH rivaling that of battery acid, which of course isn’t conducive to the longevity of anything but the toughest of probiotic strains. 

But Probiotic America claims to choose strains that are capable of surviving such harsh conditions so that you’re not just sending the poor little buggers to their deaths. This means more of them in you doing what you need them to do, which is keep your digestive tract fit, healthy, and regular. 

No Refrigeration Necessary

Another downside to many probiotic blends is their need for refrigeration, which is something you can be free of with this product. Probiotic America tells us they do this by carefully choosing strains that remain stable at room temperature, which they further ensure the livelihood of with the use of a dark amber bottle. 

Remember, you’re not refrigerated inside, so why should your probiotics need to stay chilled?

Perfect Biotics Ingredients

Probiotics America Perfect Biotics includes 30 billion CFU within their proprietary probiotic blend. Below we will take a closer look at this blend and the strains within.

Perfect Biotics Supplement Facts

Propriety Probiotic Blend 30 Billion CFU

When it comes to CFU counts, it’s easy to think “the more, the merrier,” which, to a certain degree, is true. Yes, you do need healthy populations of various beneficial organisms to ensure your digestive health is top-notch (along with eating right, avoiding antibiotics when possible, drinking plenty of water, and other measures beyond just popping pills), though you also need strains that can survive through to your bowels, as well as get along with each other.

And yes, beneficial or not, some strains simply don’t like each other and will fight to the death inside you rather than performing the services you ingested them for. Think of this as being similar to how zoos keep their critters in separate cages since despite them all being “beneficial” to the zoo’s existence, they would kill each other if left in one common cage. 

But, while other probiotics like Feel Beauty Probiotic+ and MegaSporeBiotic may follow this train of thought and use very few specific strains, don’t let that throw you off Perfect Biotics. By carefully choosing strains for their survival rate in you—something we’re hoping includes their ability to get along with each other—Perfect Biotics is able to put nearly all of what’s in the capsules to work for you. 

This includes lactobacillus acidophilus, which helps you digest milk sugar, and bifidobacterium lactis, which goes to work deep inside you to help maintain your healthy digestion and immune system. 

Other strains include bacillus coagulans, which is an exceptionally robust strain that can very effectively survive your bile and stomach acid, along with 10-other strains all meant to rebalance (or maintain the balance) of your gut flora so that constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and the dreaded gas attacks can all be things of the past. This includes helping you either recover from or avoid a leaky gut and inflammatory bowel disease. 

In turn, you get to experience better immune health and possibly even mental acuity, since poor digestion is associated with many negative health conditions, including brain fog, obesity, and inflammation. 

Does Perfect Biotics Work?

You don’t have to be suffering from poor digestive and immune health to reap benefits from multiple probiotic strains, since they are essential to both. 

And of course, if you do indulge in a poor diet, overuse of antibiotic products, or merely live a life that’s too clean and dirt-free (yes, it’s a real thing!), this product can literally be a lifesaver. In fact, if you have constant symptoms of poor digestive and immune health, it’s in your best interest not only to add a supplement such as this one to your regimen, but to make some lifestyle changes as well. Sure, we’ve been raised to think of ALL bacteria as being bad and in need of being killed off, which simply isn’t true. 

In fact, only around 1% of bacteria can cause you illness, with the rest being either beneficial or benign, so go play in the dirt—it’s good for you! That gleaming white world of sanitization, on the other hand, may be what’s keeping you sick, bloated, and gassy. 

So yes, this product, along with a natural whole foods diet that includes plenty of fibrous fruits and veggies, water, and healthy fats can work wonders at keeping you and your gut healthy.

Perfect Biotics Benefits

Who is Perfect Biotics Best For?

While humorless men in dark sunglasses prevent us from recommending this product to young children, nursing or expecting mothers, or those on medication, the fact of the matter is that we all need beneficial bacteria. 

That said, there is little or nothing in this product that many may be sensitive or allergic to, though if you are, Probiotic America features a full 90-day money-back guarantee. 

So yes, if you’re human, it’s likely that this product will work well for you.

Claims vs. Reality

While we don’t have a full laboratory to test survival rates or effectiveness of the bacterium in this product, the fact remains that it’s pretty easy to trust the established science behind each strain. This includes the bacillus coagulans and other strains included for their survival rates, and others that can be effectively used to prevent or treat IBS and leaky gut. 

So yes, we can vouch for Probiotic America’s credibility, at least with this product. 

Is Perfect Biotics Safe?

While there’s always the chance, slim though it may be, that some may be sensitive or allergic to any of Perfect Biotics ingredients, what’s certainly worse for your health is a lack of good bacteria in you. In fact, without adequate levels of digestive bacteria, you may not only experience gas, bloating, diarrhea, and the list goes on, but illness, inflammation, and weight gain. 

That’s because your digestive health and your immune health are directly related, and without one you typically don’t have the other.

But the main side effects of a quality probiotic blend such as this are regularity, less gas pain, and the ability to remain in a social setting after a large meal. 

Where to Buy Perfect Biotics

At $39.95 for about a month’s worth, Perfect Biotics is a tad expensive, though not too horrid when compared to other quality probiotics. But you can further reduce your cost to as low as $31.56 per month when you sign up for a 180-day supply via auto-ship, which works out to be a decent, if not an average price for a product like this.

Probiotic America Website

To purchase Perfect Biotics, you can either go to Probiotic America’s site, or Amazon. So far, we do not see it available anywhere else. 

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