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Stealth Core Trainer Review – Can This Product Shape Up Your Core?

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Stealth Core Trainer Review

A lot of people are foregoing the gym these days, but there is one major twist: they are still working out. For most, finding the time to get to the gym can be difficult. When you don’t have enough time, you learn that spending money every month on costly gym memberships is pointless. A lot of people will opt for more in-home workouts, since they can be able to do them at any time they choose. With today’s modern technology, it should come as no surprise that a lot of in-home workout products exist; and there is one, in particular, you might like. 

The Stealth Core Trainer might be one of the best in-home exercise products on the market. Especially when you want something that will work in sync with your smartphone device. You can lose fat and build muscle while your “coach” is at the other end, guiding you along for the duration of the workout. 

Stealth Core Trainer girl model

What Is Stealth Core Trainer?

The Stealth Core Trainer is a fitness product that focuses on total body workouts. Along with the product itself, you get a training app that you can download right on your phone. Whether you have an Android or an iOS tablet or phone, you can use the app for workouts alongside your “coach” who will stick with you every step of the way. Think of it like having your personal trainer, but not having to shell out so much money every month. You can play games using the Stealth Core Trainer while having fun and getting an excellent workout at the same time. In just three minutes a day, you’ll get a strong core and a very intense full-body workout that targets various muscle groups. 


  • Workouts can go on for 3 minutes a day or more
  • Targets several areas of your body
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Fun games that you can play during your workout
  • Makes for intense workouts for fat loss and muscle gain
  • Great for beginners who are new to working out


  • Requires a smartphone to use it
  • Only has two games that you can play aside from your coaching workouts

Who Makes Stealth Core Trainer?

Stealth Body Fitness Company logo

The Stealth Core Trainer is made by the Stealth Body Fitness Company. The company is currently headquartered in Bradenton, Florida. It is owned by Howie Paines and Don Brown. Their intent behind the stealth core trainer was to design a workout machine that would replace an ab workout known as the plank. The Stealth Core Trainer is the world’s first core trainer that utilizes gameplay technology for the purpose of working out. Knowing how fun and exciting playing games can be, Paines and Brown were right on the money when they were able to incorporate it with working out. 

Stealth Core Trainer Features

The Stealth Core Trainer has a few great features that are all rolled into one awesome package. It comes with a balance board that will guide you to assume the plank position. That turns out to be more comfortable compared to the usual plank where you are using your arms to prop you up. You can also use the board to perform pushups and situps. 

Stealth Core Trainer features

The real fun is when you use the app that you can download to your smartphone. You’ll be able to play a few games that are not only fun but become a guided workout as you go along. Who says you can’t have fun while working out. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a good at-home workout program like the Stealth Core Trainer. If you want to work out at home rather than the gym and want to keep it to at least three minutes a day, then this might be right up your alley.

The balance board can move at a 360-degree angle, so you are able to move it around freely in any direction. 

How Does The Stealth Core Trainer Work?

Stealth Core Trainer uses

The way it works is you follow along with the game program that is on your app. After activating it, you can play along by listening to the guided workouts as instructed by your coach. You’ll be able to do all kinds of exercises ranging from planks, situps, pushups, and so much more. After every workout you’ll feel like you’ve gone through something intense. Even if it’s just three minutes a day or more, there is such a thing as having the workout of a lifetime. This is perfect if you are crunched for time and can’t find enough of it to go to the gym. You can get your workout done anytime day or night and go just about anywhere with it. That’s right, you can easily pack this and take it with you when you are traveling. You never have to worry about finding a gym to workout in again. 

Is The Stealth Core Trainer Safe?

There are no safety or side effects for using Stealth Core Trainer. However, with every workout, there’s the potential of muscle strains and soreness. If you feel any of this at any time during a workout, it’s important to rest. You can also use self-treatment methods like ice packs or pain relievers. 

Where To Buy And Cost

You can purchase the Stealth Core Training program online through various vendors online. You can purchase it on Amazon for the price of $179.00. Remember, you might purchase it elsewhere if you are purchasing it somewhere else the price might differ. The app is free to download via the App Store or Google Play. 

Home Workout Alternatives

We like the Stealth Core Trainer, but there are some alternative home workout products that may pique some interest.

Let’s look at one home workout alternative:

Hydrow Rower

The Hydrow Rower is an at-home rowing machine. It has a built-in screen that adds to the interactiveness of this workout product. While we rate the Hydrow Rower well at a 4.3, it does have a steep price at $2,199.

Stealth Core Trainer: Is It Worth It?

If you want a great at-home workout program, then the Stealth Core Trainer is worth the investment. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a gym membership every month when you don’t have the time to workout? You can get this and follow along using the app every time you have a few minutes blocked off during the day.


Stealth Core Trainer Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Features


Stealth Core Trainer is a workout device manufactured by Stealth Body Fitness Company. It is designed to help train your core, shape up your shoulders, arms, legs, and calves, strengthen your upper and lower back, and help build overall body muscle. Read our in-depth review of Stealth Core Trainer and see if it lives up to the hype.

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