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Hair ReVital X Review – Does it Actually Work?

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If you are balding or have thinning hair, it can be embarrassing. You’re probably willing to try a wide range of products to return your hair to its natural state. There are three kinds of baldness treatments. First, there are pharmaceutical remedies that have been shown to work in lab tests. Second, there are herbal supplements that have lots of anecdotal evidence, but no lab results.

Third, there are snake-oil products. These products are mostly designed to separate you from your money. They make grand promises but don’t deliver any results. These are the baldness treatments that everyone wants to avoid. How do you know if a treatment is snake oil?

We reviewed the Hair ReVital X Hair Regrowth Formula to see if it’s a beneficial supplement or snake oil. What did we discover? Read on to find out!

Hair ReVital X
NOTE: We currently recommend Viviscal over Hair ReVital X. Here’s why

What is Hair ReVital X?

Hair ReVital X Hair Regrowth Formula Products

Hair ReVital X is a combination of pills and a topical treatment for baldness. Its main ingredient is sawed palmetto extract. It also contains some other herbal supplements to treat baldness. The ingredients in Hair ReVital X are legitimate herbal treatments for baldness.


  • Saw palmetto has been shown to have an effect similar to finasteride, proven drug treatment for baldness


  • this supplement is costly – you could buy generic saw palmetto and proven drug treatment for the cost of Hair ReVital

About Zenith Labs

Hair ReVital X is made by Zenith Labs, a supplement manufacturer based in Illinois. It makes a wide range of herbal supplements promising to treat a variety of conditions. All of their products contain several different extracts combined for maximum effect.

Hair ReVital X Ingredients

Hair ReVital X Hair Regrowth Formula Supplement Facts

The main ingredient in Hair ReVital X is sawed palmetto. It also contains four herbal blends to counteract other causes of baldness.

  • Anti-genetics blend consisting of nettle leaf extract, pygeum bark extract, l-methionine, rosemary extract, and carthamus thistle extract. This blend is supposed to counteract genetic drivers of the hormone imbalance that causes baldness.
  • Regrowth extender blend that includes vitamin A, phytosterols, pantothenic acid, and zinc. This blend is intended to cause your hair follicles to spend more of the time growing new hair.
  •  Healthy hair blend with L-cysteine (an amino acid), vitamin B6, folic acid, and biotin. This blend helps your hair grow healthier and look better.
  • Deep absorption blend made up of butylene glycol, lecithin, and capsaicin to help the nutrients be absorbed.

How Does Hair ReVital X Work?

Hair ReVital X Hair Regrowth Formula Results

It’s well established that the leading cause of baldness is too much of a hormone called DHT. Too much of this hormone causes hair follicles to stop growing hair. Saw palmetto reduces the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Blocking this conversion keeps your hair follicles healthy and growing hair.

The prescription drug finasteride prevents baldness by blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This is a well-known and clinically proven effect. Saw palmetto has not been clinically proven to have the same impact, but many users report good results.

Not all cases of baldness are caused by DHT, so saw palmetto (or pharmaceutical treatments) don’t work for everyone. If you’ve already tried the chemicals and they failed, saw palmetto won’t work either. You need to look elsewhere for baldness treatment.

You should know that taking Hair ReVital X is a long-term project. It takes about two months for hair follicles to put on a noticeable growth of hair. For any baldness treatment, you need to take it for at least sixty days to find out if it works. 

The baldness drugs are criticized because, once you start taking them, you can’t stop. If you do stop, the baldness not only comes back – it makes up for a lost time. You’ll lose hair at an even faster rate for a while after stopping. That’s true of saw palmetto, too. Once you stop taking it and the DHT-blocking effect wears off, your hair is gone.

Safety and Side Effects

Saw palmetto is generally recognized as safe for most people. However, there are a couple of side effects you should be aware of. First, since saw palmetto impacts the conversion of hormones, you should not use it if you are pregnant. It can interfere with the pregnancy, so it’s best avoided.

Second, saw palmetto may cause blood thinning and some people. Don’t use it if you are already taking an anticoagulant such as warfarin. Also, you should stop using it if you seem to bruise more easily or have any bleeding that will not stop. If you have surgery scheduled, let your doctor know that you are taking saw palmetto; it might be best to stop taking it before you go under the knife.

Where to Buy Hair Revital X

Hair ReVital X Hair Regrowth Formula Website

Hair ReVital X is available at The price is $49 for a one-month supply, $117 for a three-month supply, or $198 for a six-month supply. Warning: the website is one massive wall of text, and the order links are near the bottom. If you decide to order, it’s probably best to open up a search bar and find the word “order” on the page to get to the button.

NOTE: We currently recommend Viviscal over Hair ReVital X. Here’s why

Hair ReVital X: Is it Worth it?

This is a product to skip, for a couple of reasons. First, it’s expensive. A three-month supply of generic saw palmetto extract costs about ten dollars at Amazon. If you want to try saw palmetto to treat baldness, you can do it for a lot less than Hair ReVital X charges.

Second, it’s not a sure thing. Herbal extracts aren’t clinically tested, so there’s no solid proof it will work. If you are really concerned about baldness, you will get much better results if you use a proven pharmaceutical treatment. 

Minoxidil is available over-the-counter and costs between $15 and $40 for a three month supply. Finasteride is a prescription treatment for baldness that’s even cheaper. It can be as low as nine dollars a month.

Your best bet for baldness treatment is a proven drug instead of saw palmetto. These don’t work for everyone, but neither will the supplement.

Hair ReVital X Review
  • Ingredients
  • Effectiveness
  • Cost


Hair ReVital X by Zenith Labs is a revolutionary product well formulated with proven ingredients to make use of this solution in daily life. It prefers to oral as well as topical to get both the benefits for reinvigorate your follicles and kickstart the hair growth simultaneously. Read our review to find out.

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