WODPAK Review – Is This NF Sports Multivitamin Worth Buying?

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By Scot Mills

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NF Sports is a company that believes your body is capable of incredible feats and makes it their mission to help you push past your boundaries. They do this by supplying you with supplements, such as their popular NF Sports Hydrate, made from natural ingredients that are proven by science to fuel your performance.

This also includes their multi-pack multivitamin, WODPAK, that goes beyond your basic multivitamin and includes a full spectrum of what you need to stay fit, healthy, and active.

Is this supplement as great as it sounds? Let’s find out in this thorough review of WODPAK!



WODPAK isn’t your normal multivitamin, though it starts with one. From there, it adds minerals, antioxidant support, full-omega fish oil, vitamin D, and an obsessively huge amount of vitamin K, which may or may not be such a good thing. 

WODPAK does give you a full supply of compounds your body needs and does so in convenient packets that make remembering your vitamins like remembering to bring spending money. Though NF Sports doesn’t disclose sources of ingredients, they do feature a generous return policy and appear to have enough integrity not to try to slip us any test tube vitamins. 

Let’s hope not anyway…


WODPAK Benefits

Supports Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Fish oil, antioxidants, and vitamins such as niacin all work hard at keeping the bad cholesterol in your blood to a minimum while promoting the good stuff. By reducing inflammation, boosting your intake of healthy fats, and keeping your energy levels up and you active, WODPAK can help lower your cholesterol levels to where they need to be….or stay where they are if you’re already doing fine. 

Antioxidant Support

If there’s one thing you need to do for your health, it’s reducing inflammation and the oxidative stress that causes it. This will help keep you lean, reduce brain fog, and keep your heart ticking like a well-oiled machine. 

That’s why WODPAK not only delivers the antioxidant support of its Richberry blend, but vitamins such as E, C, and others also act as potent antioxidants. 

And that’s not to mention the roles of minerals and omega oils, which just continue the party when it comes to reducing inflammation to leave you feeling energetic, focused, upbeat, and healthy. 

Boosts Immune Health

When it comes down to it, your immune health is your health, since without it, you’re left straddled with illness, disease, and slow wound healing. That’s just one of the reasons a quality multivitamin is recommended each day, though NF Sports goes further with theirs by adding fish oil, antioxidant support, and the vitamin D your body needs to stay healthy. 

And of course, this, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help your immune health stay strong and functional, so eat your veggies, get some sleep, and be sure to hit the gym on a regular basis. 


WODPAK Ingredients

WODPAK includes quite the large variety of ingredients within its formula, including multivitamin ingredients, minerals, richberry, and omega-3s. Let’s take a closer look at each main ingredient below.

WODPAK Supplement Facts


Of course, the “bread and butter” of good health are vitamins and minerals, and WODPAK delivers a full spectrum of vitamins that cover between 100% and 667% of your daily needs along with most of your daily minerals.

For instance, you get plenty of “expensive pee” with up to 667% of your B-complex and vitamin C needs, with the oil-soluble mix is staying mostly around 100%. 

But what concerns us is the company’s odd need for so much vitamin K (we assume that what’s in the multi is K1 since the mineral blend indicates K2), which some feel isn’t such a good thing. With 300 mcg of vitamin K, WODPAK’s amount is much higher than most multivitamins. For comparison, Smarter Multivitamin includes only 80 mcg, and PatchMD Multivitamin Patch includes just 100 mcg. Though there is evidence of recommended amounts of some oil-soluble vitamins such as vitamin D being too low, there is also the possibility of vitamin buildup and toxicity since, unlike water-soluble vitamins, excess oil-soluble vits don’t just “rinse through you.” 

But there is no upper limit established for vitamins K1 & K2, which also tend to be an “underrated” vitamin that’s responsible for things like transporting calcium to bones to keep them strong. It’s also an anticoagulant, making it something to avoid if you’re on blood thinners or similar medications. 

Even so, we get a bit leery over the idea of such heavy supplementation of an oil-soluble vitamin that a healthy diet alone should deliver enough of, and until we see what science has to say about using this much of it, we’re going to stay leery. 

Other than that, while we’d like to see sourcing information, the multivitamin delivers most of what you need, and adds the antioxidant support of lycopene and lutein along with black pepper extract to improve absorption. It also includes most of your mineral needs, with the minerals+K2 finishing things off…mostly. 

Minerals + K2

For bone health, heart health, immune strength, and wellbeing, along with many other benefits, NF Sports includes a mineral and vitamin K2 blend to complement its other components. By including vitamin K2, you get the benefits of knowing calcium is being put to work keeping your bones strong and healthy, and for bone health, muscle relaxation, and a great sleep, a healthy dose of your friend magnesium is also included. 

Something we’re curious about, though, is with all the vitamin K2 provided in both the mineral packet and the multivitamin, why only around 20% of your daily needs in calcium? True, you can get enough calcium through the right diet, though foods rich in calcium, such as eggs and leafy greens, also tend to be rich in vitamin K, so this formulation just seems a bit lop-sided to us. 

Any explanations, NF?


Though many vitamins and minerals act as potent antioxidants, it’s the-more-the-merrier when it comes to compounds that reduce oxidative stress in the body. 

And when it comes to the richest sources of antioxidants, where better to go than berries? They contain loads of antioxidants such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol to reduce inflammation, increase your immune health, so bring ‘em on! 

Of course, we’d prefer berries sweet off the vine on a warm summer’s day, but hey, you can’t have everything all the time, which is why this component of WODPAK is such an important one. That said, how about a bit more information about what makes up this Richberry blend? Is it the full berry, or an extract? Strawberries? Raspberries? Schnozzberries? 

And just how much antioxidant support does this component really deliver? Though it says 250 mg’s, is that 50 mgs of pure berry antioxidants, or 50 mgs of such along with 200 mgs of filler?

Answers, we need answers!


It’s important for everything from brain health to skin health, and the Standard American Diet (SAD) lives up to its acronym by being waaaay too light in them, which is why supplementing is a good idea for many of us.  

Granted, a healthy diet that includes grass-fed meats, fresh wild-caught fish, ghee butter, and other sources of good fats can deliver what you need. The problem is that animals raised on grain, as are most commercially raised cattle, deliver an imbalanced supply of omega 6’s, and not enough of the 3’s a grass diet will produce.  This means that not only are the cattle less happy without their pasture time, you also end up consuming fats that produce inflammation, brain fog, and bad cholesterol rather than the omega 3 fatty acids that do the opposite. Add some deep-fried foods to your order, and you’re setting yourself up for a short, obese life which again, only takes the right kinds of fats to reverse. 

On the other hand, this capsule also adds another 38 IU of vitamin E to the 30 IU delivered by the multivitamin, which again has us leery over the idea of oil-soluble vitamin buildup. 

Vitamin D3

Okay, so one oil-soluble vitamin that science should take another look at and re-establish RDA’s is vitamin D, which evidence is starting to show many of us get far too little of. This is especially true of those living in northern climates and other areas that don’t get much sun, as well as those who don’t eat enough fatty fish or other sources of it. 

And for those reasons, WODPAK includes a whopping 5000 IU of vitamin D3 along with everything else to keep your immune strength, hormone health, mental acuity, and bone health all at their peaks. 

Does WODPAK Work?

Though we prefer low-dose food-based multis and most of our nutrition coming from our diet, it’s generally a good idea to add a multivitamin and perhaps fish oil, minerals, and antioxidants to your regimen, particularly if your diet is on the SAD side. This is especially true for those who are on the go and eating poorly, since WODPAK not only gives you what you need nutritionally but has the convenience of individual daily packets as well. 

So yes, as most vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants do, WODPAK works.


Who is WODPAK Best For?

Today’s food supply falls short of the nutritional density of yesteryear due to many factors, including soil depletion, use of synthetic fertilizers, genetic engineering and hybridization, shipping times, and time on store shelves just to start. Add in our modern diet of unhealthy fats and loads of vitamin-and-mineral-depleting sugar, and we have a nation of people who could use this product. 

But if you already follow a healthy diet that doesn’t skimp on the fruits, veggies, and healthy fats, you may not need all of what WODPAK delivers, which could add up to unhealthy levels of some compounds. If this is the case with you, perhaps consider a low-dose multivitamin such as Mega Food’s Men’s or Women’s whole foods multis. They’re food-based for maximum bioavailability, and you can also take it as a one-a-day to further reduce your risk of vitamin toxicity AND cut the cost down to around $15-per-month. This doesn’t include the omega capsule, which, if you’re eating right, you shouldn’t need, though if not, this leaves plenty of room in the budget to add it.   

But for those not getting enough vitamins, minerals, good fats, and antioxidants, WODPAK is a great place to start your journey to better health.


Claims vs. Reality

NF Sports claims vitamins, minerals, good fats, and antioxidants are good for you…and they’re right! That, and many of us are SADly lacking these elements in our diets, leading to much of the chronic illness of today. 

So yes, just as NF Sports tells us on their website, WODPAK can indeed help you manage your cholesterol, fight free radicals, and boost your immune health so that you can perform at your best. 

Plus, NF Sports has enough confidence in WODPAK and all their products that they offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee on them. 


Those on anticoagulants such as Warfarin should not use this product due to the high levels of vitamin K, and anyone pregnant, nursing, or on medication should consult with their doctor before using this product. 

Mostly though, it’s safer to use this product than not, and the only side effects you’ll feel will be better health, focus, energy, and neon yellow pee—how cool is that? 


Where to Buy WODPAK

Okay, so at first, $54.99 for a month’s worth may seem a tad steep, though you’re getting more than one supplement, and instead, getting 5. Though we still have no idea of the origins or true quality of the product’s ingredients, this still makes it a relative bargain over having to purchase multiple supplements. 

Additionally, you can sign up for regular delivery of the product and cut your cost by 30% to a mere $38.49, which, along with the generous 30-day money-back guarantee, makes the value of this product go way up. 

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Add in the convenient packets that eliminate lots of pill bottles to fumble through, and now yer talkin’!


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Scot Mills is a nutrition writer who uses his unique skills and passions for natural products to share his research with others. Along with over twenty-years of experience working in natural industry sales, Scot graduated at the top of his class as a business major, and is a member of the Sigma Beta Delta honors society for his outstanding scholastic achievements. Scot specializes in using the latest scientific research to review supplements objectively. When he isn’t writing or hitting the gym, Scot can be found enjoying nature on epic trail runs, hikes, and mountain bike rides.

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