VitaLiver Review – Is This Supplement Worth Trying?

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VitaLiver Review

VitaLiver is an advanced liver support supplement formulated with a liquid glycerin extraction with potent active ingredients designed to support and promote liver health.

This vegan, alcohol-free supplement contains water, glycerin, and plant material as the essential ingredients in the formula. Its ingredients are potent, it has decent reviews, and the company Rejuvica claims that it has been third-party tested for efficacy and safety.

So, in this VitaLiver review, we’ll take a closer look to see if this supplement can really help promote liver health.

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VitaLiver Benefits

Helps Support Liver Health

The active ingredient in VitaLiver is a liquid glycerin extraction. This extraction incorporated potent herbs designed and formulated to provide liver health support, while glycerin offers an effective delivery system. This glycerin essentially protects the liquid herbs, helping them remain effective upon consumption.

The herbs included in VitaLiver are milk thistle, artichoke, chanca, dandelion root, and angelica root. Each of these herbs is intended to provide an effective liver detox, helping optimize liver function. This detox supplement offers a liquid delivery of essential herbs known to promote a healthy liver. This occurs due to the active ingredients in many of the herbs, like silymarin, which is known to help repair liver cells often damaged by alcohol and other toxins.

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Rejuvenates Your Body

Because of the detoxifying effects of the herbs in this supplement, the liver is able to undergo a liver cleanse, which helps promote a healthy digestive system, the removal of toxins in the body, and a boost in overall health. Because of this cleanse, many consumers may experience benefits like weight loss, lower cholesterol, more energy, and vibrant skin. This “rejuvenation” is due to a decrease in toxins and overall liver problems.

VitaLiver Ingredients

When it comes to VitaLiver, the active ingredients in this gluten-free supplement include the following herbs: milk thistle, artichoke, chanca, dandelion root, and angelica root.

To start off, milk thistle is included as it contains silymarin, a group of flavonoids that helps repair liver cells that are damaged from toxins or alcohol consumption. Artichoke similarly contains two antioxidants, silymarin, and cynarin, which promote liver health by reducing toxins and facilitating their elimination through the digestive system, thus promoting a healthy liver and good health overall.

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Chanca piedra also contains antioxidant properties known to improve liver function as well. It may help protect your liver from cellular damage often caused by free radicals. Dandelion contains polysaccharides known to reduce stress on the liver while also supporting its ability to produce bile, which also benefits the digestive system. Finally, angelica root is often used to help reduce bloating and digestive issues, which also benefits the elimination of toxins.

This supplement also contains a liquid glycerin extraction that essentially causes the ingredients to be more readily absorbed and digested in the body.

Does VitaLiver Actually Work?

VitaLiver actually contains very potent herbs that are known to boost overall health, but specifically, target liver health and functioning. The herbs in the formula, specifically milk thistle, dandelion, and angelica root are often included in liver support supplements, deemed beneficial due to their antioxidant potential.

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Many liver supplements on the market contain these ingredients in their formulas. What’s more, this supplement stands out due to the liquid glycerin, which increases the bioavailability of the herbs, helping promote good liver health in as little as two weeks. Many users definitely noticed a difference in their overall energy levels, weight, and skin health. The reviews are varied, but the supplement does not really contain any harmful ingredients, so it’s a great option for those looking to detox without any alarming side effects.

Is VitaLiver Safe?

There are not many side effects associated with VitaLiver advanced liver support, however, there are a few that are associated with some of the herbs. Some potential side effects include the following:

  • bloating
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • gastrointestinal distress
  • skin irritation
  • gallstones or gallbladder problems (specifically with dandelion)
  • angelica root may interact with blood thinners

How Does VitaLiver Compare?

This liver support supplement liquid is quite unique among plenty of liver support supplements on the market today. This is due to the liquid delivery of the nutrients in the formula, which enhances the overall bioavailability of the herbs.

Another great option for supporting liver enzyme levels is Hum Nutrition’s Wing Man. This liver detox supplement contains milk thistle, dandelion, and artichoke, exactly like the formula for VitaLiver. This supplement claims to push toxins out of the body, support regeneration, and promote bile flow. Customers claim that this supplement is effective, but there are not many reviews of the product. The price is only $18 though, so it’s a more affordable option to consider for liver support.

Another great liver support supplement is Pure Health Research’s Liver Health Formula. This supplement was created by a doctor and contains more ingredients than both aforementioned supplements. This includes ingredients like dandelion root, turmeric, beet, milk thistle, ginger, Bioperine, alfalfa, and artichoke extract. These herbs are effective and have been shown to lead to a healthier you. This product is deemed a premier natural supplement due to the promising reviews and strong absorption levels, mostly due to the inclusion of Bioperine. This product is $49 per bottle, so it is much more expensive, but it really does seem to be the most popular and effective liver health product on the market.

When it comes to liver support, nothing can surpass the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Diet changes are often needed to promote healthy detoxification and food, in general, is a superhero in terms of getting in those detoxing antioxidants.

Where to Purchase VitaLiver

VitaLiver is available for purchase directly from the Rejuvica Health website.

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A one-time purchase of VitaLiver will run you $30.60 (on sale from $44.00). You also have the option to subscribe and save 10%, which will lower the cost to $30.60.

VitaLiver is available for purchase in quantities of 1 bottle, 2 bottles, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles. They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 60-day return policy.

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