Treadly 2 Review – Is This A Game Changing Treadmill?

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By Leslie Waterson

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Treadly 2 Review

Most people wish that they could get into running, but they neither have the time, nor the will power. If you live in a bad area for jogging, then it can be tough to find the right time/place to run.

Treadly 2 is a solution for people who might not have the space to run or the desire to run outside. This portable compact mini treadmill is designed for use in tight spaces. Treadly 2 bills itself as a low-cost solution for when outdoor exercise and running may be out of the question.

A fully functional portable treadmill might sound too good to be true. Plus, with so many home workout products out there, such as BodyGym and the Hydrow Rower, how do you know if Treadly 2 is the right choice? Today we are going to cover the Treadly 2 in this review and answer some important questions about its pros, cons, costs, and whether it’s worth buying.

What Is Treadly 2?

The Treadly 2 is an ultra-thin compact treadmill designed for apartment and condo use. The entire treadmill weighs just 55 lbs., substantially lighter than your typical 200+ pound treadmill. At only 3.5” thick and 25” wide, it can be folded up and stored out of space when not in use.

The Treadly also has a collapsible hydraulic hand-bar made from sturdy metal that extends to give you extra stability when running. With the bar collapsed, the treadmill can reach just under 4 miles per hour for a nice brisk walking pace. With the bat extended, it can reach up to 5 miles per hour.

Now, that is a relatively low-speed limit, so the Treadly is not meant for high-intensity speed training. It’s more suited for when you need a brisk power walk or a light jog.  One popular niche use the product has found is giving people a way to stay mobile while working at a standing desk. The company also plans to unveil a companion standing desk in the near future.

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Treadly 2 Advantages

  • Ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Perfect for use in apartments and condos
  • Unique sensor technology automatically modifies speed
  • Extendable handlebar
  • Year-long warranty


  • Top speed is about 5 miles per hour
  • Does not work well on carpeted floors
  • Not good for high-intensity training

Who Makes Treadly 2?

Treadly 2 is made by Treadly, an exercise and fitness company based out of Bergen NJ. Treadly has been featured in a handful of high profile publications and news programs. Unfortunately, though, we could not find much info about the company online. And the website does not have an ‘About’ section.

We did find a BBB page, and they have a relatively low B- rating. The company has very few reviews, but they have a solid amount of complaints. Unfortunately, the details of the complaints are hidden, so we don’t actually know what issues were complained about the most. Normally, we take a lack of online presence as a bad sign.

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How Does Treadly 2 Work?

Treadly 2 works mostly just like a normal treadmill, but it has some really nice modifications and additions that make it that more convenient.

First off, the Treadly 2 does not use buttons to set the speed. Instead, infrared sensors in the track itself detect your feet movements and modify speed accordingly. So no matter how you run, the treadmill will change speed to match your gait. This is a really cool feature that both reduces the need for switches that can break and makes exercising simpler to pull off.

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The Treadly 2 also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite tunes while working out. The speaker is not all that special to be honest, but it is a nice feature, nonetheless. The LCD monitor near the top keeps track of your current speed, total distance, and your total amount of steps.

The Treadly is not perfect, though, as we mentioned. It has a relatively low top speed at only 5 miles per hour. Also, you can’t really use it on the carpet. Carpets with a high profile will get tangled in the track as it spins around. So you will want to stick to hard floors or carpets with a low profile.

The Treadly 2 is also noticeably quiet. The powerful motor only puts out about 6 decibels, so quiet you can barely hear it. The Treadly 2 has a maximum 250 lbs. weight limit, which should be high enough for most users. The minimalist design is attractive, and the entire treadmill weighs just 55 pounds. You also get a 1-year full-coverage warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you can get all your money back if you are not satisfied.

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Is Treadly 2 Safe?

The Treadly 2 treadmill is just as safe to use as any normal treadmill. The unique infrared sensor design keeps the speed consonant with your running speed, so there is less chance you will lose your balance. The Treadly 2 has sturdy grips that keep it stable on flat floors. As is the case with any kind of exercise equipment, there is always the chance of injury from overexertion.

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Where To Buy Treadly 2

You can currently purchase the Treadly 2 from the manufacturer’s website. It is not available in physical retail locations or other online retailers. The Treadly 2 currently costs $849. There is also a pro version that costs $949. The company also has financing options for both kinds if you are unable to pay the full amount upfront.

Final Verdict: Is Treadly 2 Worth It?

We say yes, the Treadly 2 is worth it. If you can swing the high price tag, it is an extremely useful device to have in your apartment or condo. It is lightweight, compact, and has some unique design choices that make it easy to use for light-to-moderate exercise. The only cons are the relatively low top speed, and inability to use it on non-hard or carpeted surfaces. Otherwise, though, it’s a perfect piece of equipment for when you need quick daily workouts but are tight on space.

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