Redcon1 MOAB Review – Is This Supplement Worth It?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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Redcon1 MOAB Review

Natural anabolic supplements are increasingly in popularity today as a lot of gym-goers want to see quicker muscle-building results, but without all the harmful effects of steroids or synthetic anabolics. 

Now, while these natural alternatives won’t give you the results of steroids, the right product can be a great complement to your diet and exercise routine to help pack on muscle and gain strength.

So, in this article, we’re reviewing a supplement called Redcon1 MOAB to see if it’s truly a natural anabolic supporter. Continue reading our Redcon1 MOAB review to check out the ingredients, science, possible benefits, and what our ultimate verdict is.

About Redcon1 MOAB

MOAB, which stands for “mother of all builders” is a muscle-building, anabolic powder created by Redcon1. This company offers many other nutritional and workout supplements including: 

Redcon1 MOAB contains unique compounds such as HMB, HICA, and epicatechin to upgrade the body’s natural anabolic mechanisms while also improving workout performance. 

Redcon1 MOAB

It can be taken anytime, but they say to take it pre-workout to enhance workout performance and supercharge the muscle-building effects of your workout to a greater level than just the workout alone.

And unlike steroids or synthetics, MOAB is all-natural. You don’t have to cycle it, nor do you need to worry about liver toxicity or dangerous side effects.

Redcon1 MOAB Benefits

MOAB is designed to offer a few pivotal benefits for lifters, including:

  • Enhanced Muscle Growth
  • Faster Recovery
  • Better Pumps & Workout Performance
Redcon1 MOAB Benefits

Enhanced Muscle Growth

If you’ve been in the gym for a while, you know that gaining muscle is a slow, sometimes tedious process. 

Well, Redcon1 MOAB claims to speed up that process and enhance muscle growth, but only by using all-natural ingredients and no steroids whatsoever. Specifically, MOAB contains HMB, epicatechin, and HICA, which are designed to deliver unique anabolic, anti-catabolic effects in the body, such as upgrading mTor, decreasing myostatin, and elevating muscle protein synthesis. 

Altogether, these effects may lead to greater muscle growth and enhanced strength. 

Faster Recovery

Redcon1 MOAB is also advertised to speed up your recovery so you can hit the gym more often and see faster results.

HICA and HMB in particular are meant to bolster muscle protein synthesis while also halting muscle protein breakdown. And it’s these anti-catabolic, anabolic effects that may slash your recovery times from even the toughest of workouts.

Better Pumps & Workout Performance

MOAB also claims to give you better pumps and overall workout performance. This is mainly due to epicatechin, which they say increases nitric oxide and blood flow. 

So, when taken before a workout, it may enhance muscle pumps, endurance, and overall workout performance.

Altogether, MOAB is quite a unique supplement with powerful advertised benefits.

But is it truly a natural anabolic powerhouse? 

Keep reading to find out!

Redcon1 MOAB Ingredients

Redcon1 MOAB contains four main ingredients:

  • Calcium HMB
  • HICA
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (90% Catechin)
  • AstraGin
Redcon1 MOAB Supplement Facts

Calcium HMB (3,000mg)

Calcium HMB (which stands for hydroxymethylbutyrate) is a metabolite of leucine, which itself is one of the most anabolic amino acids. It’s also worth noting that this form provides a significant amount of calcium (520mg) which is generally important for muscle and bone health.

HMB can increase mTOR and has other anabolic effects which increase muscle protein synthesis. At the same time, HMB has anti-catabolic effects that can prevent muscle protein breakdown, even in people who don’t exercise!

Overall, HMB seems especially beneficial for older adults, but it can also have benefits for strength and muscle mass in athletes and gym-goers, too.

Plus, the dose in MOAB is right in line with the evidence.

HICA (1,000mg)

HICA (which is short for hydroxyisocaproic acid) is similar to HMB because it’s also a leucine metabolite. 

Therefore, it’s thought to have similar pro-anabolic and anti-catabolic effects as HMB and may help to improve recovery and build muscle, as this study shows. There are other muscle-building supplements that use HICA too, such as Ghost Size

However, there isn’t nearly as much research on HICA as there is on HMB. 

Green Tea Leaf Extract (300mg)

MOAB includes green tea leaf extract, which in here is standardized to contain 90% epicatechin. And epicatechin is a flavonoid compound with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Some research shows that epicatechin can also decrease myostatin, which is important because myostatin inhibits muscle growth. So, decreasing this compound could potentially lead to greater muscle protein synthesis and overall muscle mass. 

There needs to be a bit more evidence, but right now it does seem promising. 

Additionally, epicatechin can increase nitric oxide levels, which improves blood flow and may also enhance exercise performance.

AstraGin (50mg)

AstraGin is a trademarked form of astragalus root and Panax ginseng. These two herbs have been used for many health benefits, such as for energy, digestion, and decreased inflammation.

This specific trademarked form is designed to enhance the bioavailability of the other ingredients, mainly by helping to digest and assimilate the bioactive compounds in the other ingredients. 

Does Redcon1 MOAB Work?

All things considered, it seems likely that Redcon1 MOAB will offer support for muscle growth. 

Likely the main ingredient with the most benefits is HMB since it’s the most well-researched AND is put in at a high dose. But HICA and epicatechin definitely have some potential anabolic effects too; there just needs to be more clinical studies before we can really say that these are great ingredients.

When looking at the MOAB formula as a whole, it likely can increase muscle protein synthesis, slow muscle breakdown, and ultimately give you a little bit faster muscle growth.

This isn’t to say that we think MOAB will help you add 10 pounds of muscle in a matter of weeks. That just isn’t the case.

But when combined with a proper diet and resistance training plan, MOAB may very well help you gain a little bit more muscle and strength compared to diet and exercise alone.

How Does Redcon1 MOAB Compare?

Redcon1 MOAB is quite a unique supplement because it acts as a natural anabolic, pre-workout, and recovery supplement all at the same time. It has many positive aspects, such as research-backed ingredients, effective doses, a fully transparent label, and it’s a well-trusted company.

Also, it seems to go above and beyond regular HMB supplements by including HICA (another leucine metabolite) and epicatechin. And this combo may provide more anabolic effects than just HMB alone.

Another supplement that’s designed to have similar effects as MOAB is Transparent Labs Creatine HMB. it doesn’t have as much HMB per serving (1,500mg), but it also has 5g of creatine and 500IU of vitamin D. So, Transparent Labs Creatine HMB definitely has a good formula to support muscle growth, strength, and performance. 

Ultimately, Redcon1 MOAB seems a little better for enhancing muscle growth specifically, whereas Transparent Labs Creatine HMB may have the edge for strength and athletic performance. So it really just depends on your goals and preferences. Creatine HMB is also cheaper than MOAB at $49.99 for 30 servings versus $64.99 for the same supply, although MOAB has a bigger subscription discount.

Another one to take a look at is Ghost Size, which is also advertised as a pre-workout, particularly for gaining muscle mass. This formula has creatine, betaine, and beta-alanine to enhance strength, endurance, and overall workout performance, along with epicatechin to potentially enhance muscle growth even further. 

When comparing the two, Ghost Size seems a little bit better as a specific pre-workout whereas MOAB seems a bit better specifically for muscle-building and recovery. But both supplements still deliver benefits in both those areas, so it ultimately depends on your unique goals and preferences.

Who is Redcon1 MOAB Best For?

Redcon1 MOAB is best for anyone who wants to enhance muscle growth, reduce muscle breakdown, and speed up recovery.

So, it’s potentially a great option for both male and female athletes, lifters, and bodybuilders, especially when combined with a healthy diet and consistent weight-lifting regimen.

Redcon1 MOAB Bottles

How to Take Redcon1 MOAB

Redcon1 MOAB comes as a powder. The serving size is one scoop. Just mix it with 8 to 12oz of water and take it about 30 minutes before working out. 

Is Redcon1 MOAB Safe?

MOAB should be safe for most people to take. Some of the possible side effects are:

  • Digestive side effects
  • Muscle cramps
  • Changes in blood sugar

Redcon1 MOAB is made in the USA in cGMP, FDA-registered facilities. It is third-party tested by ABC for purity, safety, and potency. Also, Redcon1 is a well-trusted company and many of their products are trusted and used by the US Military.

Also, MOAB is safe for drug-tested athletes to use. It is free from major allergens although it contains some artificial flavors and sweeteners. 

Where to Buy Redcon1 MOAB

You can buy MOAB on the Redcon1 website.

Redcon1 MOAB Website

There are 30 servings (30 scoops) per container. It’s available in two flavors:

  • Grape 
  • Cherry Lime

The regular price is $64.99 ($2.17/serving), but you can save 30% with their Subscribe & Save option, which brings the price to $45.49 ($1.52/serving). 

This is on the higher end for a supplement in this category but still within reason. And you get a higher dose of HMB compared to most other supplements so ultimately it seems that the value for the price is solid.

redcon1 moab

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Redcon1 MOAB

  • Formula includes Calcium HMB, HICA, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and AstraGin
  • Third-party tested by ABC
  • Benefits muscle growth, recovery, pumps, and workout performance

Redcon1 MOAB: Is it Worth it?

To sum it all up, we’d say that Redcon1 MOAB is a solid natural anabolic supplement. It includes research-backed ingredients, especially HMB, to help lifters build more muscle and enhance recovery. 

While the benefits probably won’t be HUGE, it still may give some lifters and bodybuilders the extra edge they need to build muscle and gain strength a little quicker than normal. And often, it’s those small benefits that really count and add up over time.

FAQ: Redcon1 MOAB Review

Is MOAB safe for athletes?

Yes. MOAB doesn’t contain any banned substances or any synthetic anabolics.

Do I need to cycle MOAB?

No. None of the ingredients in MOAB require a cycling period.

When can I take Redcon1 MOAB?

It’s designed to be taken before a workout for best results. But they say it can truly be taken any time of the day for muscle-building support.

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