Snap Heart Health Review – Is This Supplement Worth Buying?

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By Jack Cincotta, MS

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snap heart health review

The heart is obviously one of the most vital organs we have. And if you have a decrease in cardiovascular function, you may experience things like lack of endurance, poor circulation, and other problems.

Not to mention there are the issues of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other factors that can increase the risk of heart disease.

With all of this in mind, it’s no wonder why people are looking for supplements to boost their heart health.

And in this review, we’re taking a look at one product called Snap Heart Health to see just what benefits it may offer. Keep reading this Snap Heart Health review to learn more about this supplement’s ingredients, features, health effects, pricing, and more!

About Snap Heart Health

Snap Heart Health is a heart support formula made and produced by Snap Supplements. In addition to Snap Heart Health, this well-known health and wellness company has produced a variety of other supplements designed to fit many needs, such as Snap Nitric Oxide Organic Beets, Snap Testo Booster, Snap Nitric Oxide Booster, Snap Blood Sugar Blend, Snap BCAAs, and Snap Liver Health & Detox.

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The Snap Heart Health is featured by a blend of nutrients, antioxidants, and botanical herbs. Ingredients such as beetroot, olive leaf, Coq10, and pomegranate are designed to work together to naturally support overall heart health. And they’re also designed to target inflammation, boost endurance, and enhance blood flow.

Basically, Snap Heart Health was created to be the ultimate natural supplement for promoting total cardiovascular health and function. 

Snap Heart Health Benefits

Snap Heart Health claims to offer multiple health benefits:

  • Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Cholesterol Support
  • Enhanced Circulation
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Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Inflammation and oxidative stress can negatively affect the heart and might even increase the risk of heart disease. 

Snap Heart Health claims to provide powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. With ingredients such as CoQ10 and turmeric, this supplement may protect the heart and the rest of the body from free radical damage, leading to a healthier, stronger state.

Cholesterol Support

Many people deal with high cholesterol levels, which is also a risk factor for heart disease. 

Snap Heart Health is advertised to support healthy cholesterol levels. Garlic, hawthorn berry, and olive leaf are all put in here to help lower bad cholesterol and keep your cardiovascular system in good shape.

Enhanced Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to many issues, such as cold hands and feet, brain fog, and even worse endurance.

Snap Supplements Heart Health claims to enhance circulation and blood flow, mainly with nitric oxide boosters such as beetroot and pomegranate. 

So, will Snap Heart Health actually support ideal cardiovascular function?

Keep reading to see!

Snap Heart Health Ingredients

There are 14 different ingredients in Snap Heart Health

  • Vitamin D3
  • Magnesium
  • Chloride
  • Potassium
  • Blood Pressure Complex, which contains:
    • Olive Leaf
    • Beetroot
    • Garlic
    • Hibiscus Flower
  • Nitric Oxide Flow, which has:
    • Pomegranate
    • Green coffee
    • Turmeric
    • CoQ10
    • BioPerine
  • Hawthorn Berry
Snap Heart Health Supplement Facts

Vitamin D3 (20mcg)

Vitamin D3 is a well-absorbed form of vitamin D. This vitamin plays a role in many heart functions, such as blood pressure regulation. 

There is a link between low vitamin D and an increased risk of heart disease, but supplementation doesn’t seem to have any major benefits.

Magnesium (50mg)

Magnesium is an essential mineral with many functions. Related to heart health, it is involved in blood flow, blood pressure regulation, and controlling inflammation, among other things. 

Studies show that low magnesium intake increases the risk of heart problems. And since many people are deficient, supplementing may be beneficial. The only concern with this formula is that they use magnesium oxide, which isn’t very well absorbed.

Potassium (50mg) and Chloride (46mg)

Potassium and chloride are both included in this formula from the same compound, potassium chloride. Of the two, potassium is the most important for heart health as it often helps lower blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. 

Blood Pressure Complex (1,550mg)

The Blood Pressure Complex consists of four herbal extracts: olive leaf, beetroot, garlic, and hibiscus flower.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory effects and also help to reduce blood pressure. Plus, it may also help reduce cholesterol. 


Beetroot is loaded with nitrates, which increase nitric oxide in the body and relax the blood vessels. This leads to improved blood flow and lower blood pressure. Research shows that beetroot is highly effective in decreasing blood pressure and may even enhance exercise endurance and performance. That’s likely why it’s also used in pre-workouts, such as the one from Bloom Nutrition.


Garlic contains various healthy compounds that improve arterial function, reduce cholesterol, and enhance blood flow. There is a lot of evidence that shows that garlic can reduce blood pressure and increase circulation. 

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus flower is filled with many antioxidants, such as carotenoids and polyphenols. This may support general cardiovascular health. In fact, hibiscus has been shown to lower blood pressure and decrease bad cholesterol. 

Nitric Oxide Flow (260mg)

The Nitric Oxide Flow blend consists of pomegranate, green coffee bean, turmeric, CoQ10, and BioPerine. 


Pomegranate is rich in polyphenols that support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Plus, pomegranate decreases inflammation and enhances blood flow. This is likely also why this fruit may improve endurance as well as exercise recovery. And it’s even in some pre-workout supplements, such as Pump Serum.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are most known for the chlorogenic acids found in them. These compounds may decrease blood pressure, improve blood flow, and balance cholesterol levels. Altogether, green coffee bean seems effective for improving heart health via cholesterol and blood pressure.


Turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory compound, mainly due to the curcuminoids in it. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects may support general heart health and blood flow. Plus, turmeric also supports healthy cholesterol levels.


CoQ10 is a highly important molecule in many organs, especially the heart. It is one of the most potent antioxidants in the body and can increase the number of enzymes that decrease oxidative stress. In turn, this may lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and support total heart health.


BioPerine is a trademarked form of black pepper. It contains piperine, which enhances the bioavailability of the other ingredients. 

Hawthorn Berry (100mg)

Hawthorn berry is rich in various antioxidant compounds. It is effective for lowering blood pressure and improving cholesterol levels. Plus, it decreases inflammation and improves vascular health. This may lead to an improvement in circulation and total heart function. 

Does Snap Heart Health Work?

Snap Heart Health should likely be an effective heart support supplement.

It contains several well-studied herbs and compounds that help to increase blood flow, decrease blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and improve cholesterol levels. 

Plus, the inclusion of magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D provides people with key nutrients that they are often deficient in. But magnesium and potassium are dosed pretty low. 

Also, ideally, we’d like Snap Supplements to get rid of the proprietary blends. We can’t tell the dosages for many of the ingredients in here, so it’s hard to make any specific claims. 

But overall, Snap Heart Health definitely should at least support heart health, circulation, inflammation, and endurance. 

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How Does Snap Heart Health Compare?

Snap Heart Health fares pretty well compared to other heart supplements. It is loaded with many different herbs and other ingredients and generally includes more compounds than other heart support supplements. 

Also, Snap Heart Health is designed to support many areas of heart health. It’s possible that you’re looking for a more specific product, such as only for blood flow, or only for cholesterol support. In these cases, it’s better to go with something like Umzu Redwood (for blood flow) or CholestMD (for cholesterol). 

Also, Snap Heart Health uses proprietary blends, which makes it a little less appealing compared to other more transparent products. 

But altogether, Snap Heart Health seems to be one of the better, well-rounded heart support supplements. 

Who is Snap Heart Health Best For?

Snap Supplements Heart Health is best for people who are looking for all-around heart and circulatory support. It is designed for people who want to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, support cholesterol, and increase endurance.

How to Take Snap Heart Health

Snap Heart Health comes in capsule form. Take three to four capsules per day, with or without food. Or as recommended by your doctor.

Is Snap Heart Health Safe?

All ingredients in Snap Heart Health are generally safe and well-tolerated. There are some possible side effects, such as:

  • Upset stomach, bloating, and other digestive symptoms
  • Headache
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Anxiety or jitters (from green coffee bean)

Snap Heart Health is made in the USA in a GMP-certified,  FDA-approved facility. It is gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and free from added sugar.

Where to Buy Snap Heart Health

You can buy Snap Heart Health right on the Snap Supplements website

snap heart health website

There are 30 servings (90 capsules) per bottle of Snap Heart Health. The regular price is $49.95 ($1.67/serving). But you can choose the Subscribe and Save option to save $10, lowering the cost to $39.95 ($1.33/serving).

Subscriptions are delivered monthly.

This is a reasonably-priced supplement overall, but especially the subscription price. You won’t really find a much lower-priced product than $1.33 per serving for this type of supplement.

snap heart health

Get up to 15% OFF

Snap Heart Health

  • Formula includes vitamin D3, magnesium, chloride, and more
  • Ingredients are gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO
  • Benefits circulation, cholesterol, inflammation, and more

Verdict: Snap Heart Health Review

Snap Heart Health contains many nutrients, herbs, and other compounds supportive of general heart health and function.

Olive leaf, beetroot, CoQ10, pomegranate, and several other ingredients may work together to improve blood flow and cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and increase endurance. Overall, it’s worth looking into if you want a general heart support supplement. 

FAQ: Snap Heart Health

Does Snap Heart Health lower blood pressure?

Some of the ingredients in Snap Heart Health may lower blood pressure. This isn’t guaranteed. 

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